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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 1 (Friday 18 January 2002)
The Series has Begun!
Welcome to Sim Brother


Welcome to the show.

The eight celebrity contestants have now been in the Sim Brother House for a day. Over the next 12 weeks, these housemates will be whittled down through a process of voted evictions to one. During those weeks, the housemates have to live out of touch with the rest of the world.

There is no TV, no telephone, no carpool, no pizza delivery, no visitors and no trips downtown.

While they are in the house, they have to learn how to get on with all of the housemates all of the time, staying in and going through a series of weekly challenges to keep them stimulated. All the time, their life is under the control of the unseen "Sim Brother" who has the right to change the rules whenever it feels like it.

The House

The House from the Outside

Built on Lot 2 in an unspecified neighborhood is the Sim Brother House that will be the home of all of our contestants until the first eviction in three weeks. For some of the others, they will be in this house for over 80 days.

There are two fences that surround the house and contestants need to cross a bridge over a canal in order to get in or out of the house. This security is important to ensure that there is no contact with the outside world at all during their stay.

Inside View

Based as close as possible to the house used in the second series of the British Big Brother, partly due to architectural limitations, there are some minor variations. Sim Brother sees everything and therefore does not require camera runs, the housemates will be looking after pigs instead of chickens and there is no curved wall in sight.

The Housemates
The eight celebrity housemates entered the house yesterday morning. These are some details on who the eight celebrity housemates are and why they applied to Sim Brother.

ANNA is a professional tennis player who is more famous for her looks than her playing ability. She applied to Sim Brother to see if she could manage to win something and have a good time while doing it.

M.N.M. is a musician who applied to Sim Brother for the experience of living in a house with a group of strangers to see if he could become a nicer guy and learn how to get on with people without upsetting anyone or getting into a fight - often.

JENNIFER is an actress and singer and applied to Sim Brother for some free publicity as she is working on an album that she intends to release in a few months time.

TONY is a prominant politician who is very active on the world stage. He spends a lot of his time as a peacemaker, sorting out the world's problems. He applied to Sim Brother in order to have a break and be able to dress casually.

DAVINA is known to Big Brother fans as the presenter of both UK Series. She has applied to Sim Brother to see what the big fuss is all about.

JERRY is weary of recycling old plotlines such as "Sex-change satanist strippers who collect stamps" so he applied to Sim Brother in order to get new material for the next series of his TV Show.

ANNE hosts a TV Gameshow where she has a reputation of being rude to the contestants. Someone applied on her behalf to give her a taste of her own medicine. Now she is here, she can't really back out.

TOM is a famous actor who applied to Sim Brother for a change in pace and to see if winning the game was a Mission Impossible.

Day 1 - Getting to Know You

The Contestants arrived at the house at 7am (1). Surprisingly, both MNM and Anna came to the Diary Room within an hour of entering the house. MNM said he just wanted to try the chair out (2) and Anna said she just came to say hello.

Tony suggested they sit around and have a chat about their most interesting moments. He was recounting a flight from Karachi that he did not enjoy when the disembodied voice of Sim Brother could be heard (3).

"This is Sim Brother. Welcome to the house. I hope you enjoy your stay. Make yourselves comfortable as before long, you will be given work to do. Work hard and you will be rewarded."
"There is no escaping. There is no fighting. There is no negligence. There is no manipulation of the voting procedure. You have been warned. I'll be in touch."

The group continued chatting until 2:20pm when Tony and Davina decided to make dinner for them all.

The housemates spent the rest of the day familiarising themselves with the rest of the house. The "Two Annes" sorted out a cleaning rota. Anna K took it on herself to do the cleaning for the first day, although she was not too keen on cleaning out the pigs.

When Anne R was called to the Diary Room for a chat, she said she had quickly sized up her fellow housemates.

"There are a few here that do not cut the mustard, who have passed their sell-by date."

Sim Brother quickly reminded her of the program she was now on and that there would be a time later for her to make her comments known.

By Midnight, all the housemates were in bed. They had started to get to know each other and make emotional bonds. The next few days would be crucial in sorting out how close they could get and how well they would work as a team.

Custom Items
Limousines from 7 Deadly Sims, Pigs from Sims Plus.


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