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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 10 (Sunday 27 January 2002)
Testing, Confusion and Companionship
Resisting Temptation


MNM immediately called for a security guard. When one appeared, MNM got the first word in.
- Don't say a ****** thing to me, you ******! Get this gate secured right now! I don't want to leave and I don't want any other ****** getting in!
The guard closed the gate and secured it from the outside. Following that, MNM got back to the fire without saying a word to Tom about what had occurred.

Emotional Confusion

Tom had not seen what had happened. His mind was on Jennifer and he asked MNM (!) for advice on what he should do.
MNM - Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen, Tom.
This did not appear to help Tom at all and the advice made him more confused than before. When they were relieved at 07:10 by Tony & Jerry, Tom immediately came to the Diary Room.

SB - How are you feeling, Tom?
Tom - After watching the fire all night, I am tired and confused because I do not know what I want from my friendship with J-Lo.
SB - Sim Brother cannot give you relationship advice. However, your mind will probably be clearer after a shower and a good night's sleep.
Tom - I might just do that.
SB - Sleep well, Tom.

Routine Events

At 08:00am in the kitchen, Anne was annoyed that breakfast was not ready and that she had to prepare her own. When Davina told her that J-Lo and Tony were supposed to be the cooks of the day, Anne said she would not forget it.
At 10:19, MNM was still up. He was on the cleaning roster and was cleaning out the llamas.
At 12:18, Jerry came to the Diary Room and told Sim Brother that he was enjoying the task and thought the atmosphere in the house was better.
At 12:45, Tom caught Anna and Jerry having a slow dance in the toilets and asked Anna later if her and Jerry were an item. She laughed and denied it, saying that it was just a bit of fun, although she admitted that Jerry was a "very nice man".
At 1:00pm, Anne took over the Fire Watch at 1pm and was relieved at 5pm by Anna and Jerry.
At 6:30pm, Anna and Jennifer were trying to round up the llamas. The gate had been left open and they had got out.

A Shoulder To Cry On

Tony had a chat with Davina about how he was feeling in the house.
Tony - I feel powerless in here, Davina. Nothing that I say seems to matter.
Davina gave him a hug - C'mon, now. Don't worry. It's very different in here than in the outside world. You're a sweet man, Tony. I'm sure the world is a better place because you are in it.
(SB - At this point, the production team wanted to vomit)
Later on, Tony saw Davina and Jerry fooling around. He was confused and decided to sleep in the garden and keep an eye on the fire. During Fire Watch, he could have a good think.

A Quiet Word

At 10:30pm, Sim Brother called MNM to the Diary Room.
MNM - Whassup, Simbro?
SB - Sim Brother is appreciative of how you handled the incident with the gate last night. This was a test and you passed it. Sim Brother would also remind you that what goes on in here does not leave this room.
MNM - Whatever.

Late Thoughts


Tony and Davina were resting before they took over the night shift. Tom was having a good think about his relationships in the house and how to make his next move. In fact, they all had things on their mind ...

... and things were about to take an unexpected turn.


The security guard can be downloaded from The Sims Resource


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