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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 3 (Saturday 24 August 2002)
A Sudden Awakening
Nicole & "Sim Connery"
Nicole comes to the Diary Room

SB - "Good evening, Nicole. How are you?"
Nicole - "You're a different one."
SB - "Nicole, there is only one Sim Brother."
Nicole - "Well you're definitely not the voice of Darth Vader any more. You sound like Sean Connery. Happy 72nd birthday for tomorrow, by the way."
SB - (pause) "Nicole, how are you finding being in the Sim Brother house?"
Nicole - "Apart from the mess, I think it's great being in here."
SB - "Who are you getting on with best?"
Nicole - "It's probably Tom. He's helpful, friendly and pretty good company."
SB - "And who don't you relate to, Nicole?"
Nicole - "George seems a bit aloof. I also don't trust Serena. Don't ask me why. I just don't know them as well as the others."
SB - "Nicole, is there anything you would like to bring up?"
Nicole - "Books are a bit boring. I'm not having much fun. I think a few of the others are finding it a bit boring too."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Nicole - "I thought you'd say that. We also need a cleaning rota. The house is a dump."
SB - "Sim Brother cannot do that for you. It is up to the housemates to decide."
Nicole - "Okay, okay. You're a big help. Thanks, Sim Connery."
SB - "Good night, Nicole."

During The Night
It's 2.43AM After her chat with Sim Brother, Nicole had made a salad for the "night owls" to enjoy. For the second night running, George has already gone to bed. Geri was shortly behind him. David did not want to sleep another night in the second bedroom so he chose to sleep on one of the couches in the lounge.

Just Before Dawn
5.57AM - Samuel, Lucy & Nicole have not yet gone to bed and are sat around the campfire trying to remember the words to "Bomb Lap Go Da Hogie".
Lucy - "What did Sim Brother want to see you for?"
Nic - "Just a chat. Oh, there's a different Sim Brother tonight. He sounds like Sean Connery."
Sam - "It must've been 'Jim' Brother's night off."
Lucy - "I'm going to get sleep in a bit. If Sim Brother gets us working at Noon, I need to be rested."

Nicole - "What's the **** was that!!?"
SB - "This is Sim Brother."
Samuel - "(Jim's back)"
SB - "All housemates will now gather in the gardens. The second part of your task is about to begin."

Task 1 - Part 2
SB - "Each housemate has been allocated a Boggs Home Canning Centre. These are located in the Battlezones and can be reached through the gateway that is adjacent to the barbecue. The housemates will apply yesterday's book learning making six-jar boxes of Prune Pickle. The completed boxes will be removed and assessed by an Inspector from the Simcity Farmer's Market for its quality and financial value. Today, the housemates must make Prune Pickle Boxes to a value of §150. You will be informed of today's result after all parts of the task are completed."

In The Morning
8.40AM - Tom has made a plate of burgers and is chatting in the lounge with David.
Tom - "There's no way I'm working on an empty stomach. Was your burger alright?"
David - "It was very nice, thankyou. I'm not really in the mood to do the task. I've got a good idea that I'll be leaving on Wednesday night."
Tom - "Oh really? Why not me?"
David - "Either way, someone is going. It's how it happened on C4TV."
Tom - "Whatever you say, Davey boy. It's not unusual, mind you, to think that way, but do you know for sure?"
1.01PM - After a busy morning in the battlezones, some of the housemates have taken a "time out". Sleep had caught up on Nicole who took a nap in the garden. Although George started on time, he had spent most of his morning in the Hot Tub. Geri had prepared a salad, but the messy situation in the house was getting on her nerves.
Geri - "Don't expect me to tidy all of this up."
Samuel - "Don't pick on me. I don't like living in **** either!"

Hard Work & Resting
It's 4.38PM. Despite having got off to a good start in making three six-jar boxes, Lucy stopped to eat, have a nap and take the opportunity to have a bath.

Samuel had fallen asleep on his feet and waking up in a cranky mood, it didn't get much better when he managed to clog the outside toilet.
5.59PM The time allocated to the task was almost complete. George had finished his first box ten minutes ago. Geri has just finished her first complete box.
SB - "This is Sim Brother. Would all housemates in the Battlezones put their tools down and return to the garden. This part of the task is complete."

Getting Clean & Cleaning
It's 7.50PM. With the task being over, George, Nicole and Lucy are having a soak in the hot tub.
Lucy - "George, I don't have any interest in politics or politicians."
George - "I didn't until a few years ago. Then my dad told me it could be a fun thing to do. He was right. Being the President is a kinda neat job."
Nicole - "Not wishing to change the subject, guys, but I'm going to do a cleaning rota. This place is becoming a pigsty. I know some of the others have noticed so I'm sorting one out."
Lucy - "Whatever."
George - "Hmm ... so what happens when someone won't do it?"
Nicole- "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it."

Lucy's Curiosity
It's 10.28PM - Lucy's curiosity about Serena's presence in the house has got the better of her and Lucy finally asks her about why she was not shortlisted.
Serena - "I'm not sure. I think it was because of my sporting achievements. One of the producers congratulated me for Simbledon so that might have had something to do with it."
Lucy did not appear convinced and quickly shifted the subject to Geri.
Lucy - "Do you think Geri is making a move on David?"
Serena - "Funny you should say that. I think I've seen her give him admiring glances. I'll have to pay more notice."
It's 11.54PM. Shortly after they chatted, Serena went to bed. Samuel was asleep on a recliner and the other housemates had gone to sleep in the two bedrooms. Lucy was the last one up and did some mopping up, but there did appear to be something on her mind ... but that is where we'll have to leave the house.

Tomorrow, the housemates have the final part of the task ahead of them. Also, how are they going to react if Nicole goes ahead and thrusts her rota on them?

Will we find out what is on Lucy's mind?
Is there any truth behind the rumours involving Geri & David?

Just tune in tomorrow and see.


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