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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 4 (Sunday 25 August 2002)
Strategy, Hard Work & Mud Slinging
Sam's Strategy
4.42AM - Samuel has been awake since almost 1am. While he was still half asleep and cranky, he unclogged the outside toilet, but not without almost losing the plunger. With yesterday's task starting early, a lot of the housemates were prepared for another early start and becoming as refreshed as possible. Sam and Serena were sharing a soak in the hot tub and talking about the house.
Serena - "I don't think Lucy trusts me. She's always bitching on about other people."
Samuel - "That's Household Politics and all part of the game. You need strategy and tactics. Friendships & Alliances help you avoid being nominated. A Good Public Image helps you from being evicted. Those points makes the difference from being an eviction or a winner."
Serena - "Are you sure it works?"
Samuel - (laughs) "Hell, no! It's something I've yet to try out."

Alarm & Accident
5.59AM - Geri had prepared another salad for the housemates when ...
AWOOGAH !! AWOOGAH !! "This is Sim Brother. The Battlezones are now open. Today, you must make boxes of Radish Relish to a collectively assessed value of §350."
With the suddenness of the alarm going off, George had an embarrassing accident.

A Day In The Battlezones
5.59PM With a higher target to reach, the housemates had put more of an effort in. Tom, Lucy & Nicole were hard at work for most of the day and towards the end of the afternoon, all eight of the housemates were busy in the battlezone. They did not want to lose their first task. Lucy had just sealed her last box when ...

Sim Brother - "This is Sim Brother.
"The task is now over. All housemates will now put their tools down and return to the garden.
You will be given the results tomorrow.

Nicole's Rota
10.24PM - During the day while taking a break from working on the task, Nicole had drawn up her Cleaning Rota on a board provided by Sim Brother. Now the task was over, she mounted it on the wall and as it was her duty to do the cleaning for today, she got down to work, starting with cleaning up George's accident from the morning.

She worked hard through the evening until as a combination of her duties and working all day on the task, she collapsed from exhaustion.

Lucy On Form
10.30PM Lucy took the opportunity to have a chat with Geri. Once again, she was gossiping about someone else.
Lucy - "I don't trust Sam. He's definitely got a strategy and he's in here to win and he's napping all of the time.."
Geri - "Can't say I've noticed, Luce. I think we're all out to have fun in here. It's the experience that counts."
11:58PM As the night drew on, Geri and the others went to bed. Once again, Lucy was the last one up and had a shower, but when she got out, she found a huge pool of water, a telltale sign that the shower is broken ... and that is where we have to leave the house.

— How will the house react to Nicole's rota?
— Will Lucy try and fix the shower or leave it to someone else to do?
— Have they passed the task? If so, what is their reward?

It's all in tomorrow's show.


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