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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 5 (Monday 26 August 2002)
Results, Rotas & Recriminations
Can You Fix It?
12.29AM - After getting dressed, Lucy came straight to the Diary Room.
Lucy - "Hello, Sim Brother. The shower has broken. I'm going to bed now. Please send someone to fix it before I get up."
Sim Brother (SC) - "Lucy, it is the housemates' duty to repair what is broken."
Lucy - "If I had known that when I came in, I wouldn't have bothered."
SB - "You knew that things would be different from the other channels."
Lucy - (sigh)"Ok. Whoever's on cleaning duty can do it."
SB - "Sim Brother suggests you look at the rota board and inform them."
Lucy - "I'll do that. Thankyou, Sim Brother."
After leaving the Diary Room, she immediately checked the rota to find that she was today's cleaner.

Rota Problems
It's 6.36AM. Nicole woke up at about 3AM. She was uncomfortable and tense. Despite it no longer being her day to clean, she had carried on cleaning from where she left off and was quite stressed when Lucy confronted her about the rota.
Lucy - "You should have consulted me before you did it. I didn't say I wanted to do today. Also, you didn't ask me whether I wanted to do it at all!"
Nicole - "I know. I didn't consult anyone. This way, the work gets done and everyone has a go. I've been up all night cleaning so there!"
Lucy - "Well you'd better go and fix the shower. It's broken."
Nicole - "No way!! You're awake so it's your turn."

Toilet Dash
It's 6.55AM - Nicole - "What's up?"
Serena - "Tom's in there having a bath and won't let anyone in."
Nicole - "He probably doesn't want us to see his hair dye running. I just want the toilet."
Serena - "Me too. I'll race you to the one in the garden!"
Before Nicole can blink, Serena dashes off leaving her standing.

Results & Rewards
7.41AM - The housemates were sat enjoying breakfast that David & George had cooked between them.
Samuel - "I could kill for a pizza. That's one thing I am missing being in here."
Lucy - "I miss hot coffee on a morning. I'm a grouch without it."
Samuel - (grins) "I'd noticed. Anyway, I wonder how we did."

As if reading their mind ...

Sim Brother (JEJ) - "This is Sim Brother. Here are the results of the recent task."
"On the 1st Day in the Battlezone, you were required to make §150 of Prune Pickle. You made 13 boxes of pickle, valued at §165 and passed this part of the task."
David - "But what about the second day?"
SB - "On the second day of the task, you were required to make §350 of Radish Relish. With 21 boxes, you made §356 and passed." They all cheered. "As you have proved your competance with cooking, the stove will be returned. You will get two pizzas this evening, as well as a buffet dinner this evening and a themed party of your choosing. Sim Brother wouild like to know your preferred type of themed party before 12 noon."
George - "I suggest a formal dinner party."
Nobody else seemed to have any other suggestions. However, something seemed to be on Lucy's mind.

The Rota Again
8.05AM - Lucy - "I'm annoyed Nicole has put up a rota without telling us!!"
Geri - "Something like that had to be done. I think it's a good idea."
David - "Yeah, me too."
Samuel - "As I've said before, I'm no pig. I'm not going to live in ****. If everyone does their bit, I'll do mine. Anyway, whose day is it to clean, Lucy?"

Lucy remained silent.
8.15AM - After breakfast, George talked to Nicole about what just happened.

George - "Nicole, there's some dissent about the Cleaning Rota."
Nicole - "Lucy, perhaps? She saw me earlier."
George - "Maybes you should have consulted us."
Nicole - "It's done now. If people don't like it, they can lump it."
George - "Well, perhaps it needs looking at again."

9.33AM Sam talks to Lucy about the rota.

Samuel - "There's bad vibes over this. If we're to get on together, we need to pull our weight. I'll fix the shower if it will help."
Lucy - (sighs) "Ok. I'll do it ... but under protest."
Samuel - "You've done the smart thing."
10.43AM - Lucy has been doing her part and started cleaning the rubbish. However, when Tom just dumps rubbish next to the trash compactor instead of in it, Lucy was furious.

Lucy - "I've got to clean this house today!! This house looks like a landfill without your help!"
Tom - "What's new, pussycat? It's not my day to clean."

An Accident In An Awkward Place
11.58AM - Sim Brother (SC) - "Could Geri please come to the Diary Room?"
Geri was on her way to the bathroom when she was called.
Geri - "Er .... hello, Sim Brother."
SB - "Hello, Geri. What theme have the housemates chosen for the party?"
Geri - "George said formal and nobody else said anything else. So I reckon it's formal."
SB - "And how are you today, Geri?"
Geri - "In desperate need of the - OH **** !!"
With that Geri, wet herself and burst into tears. (sobs) "I'm so sorry, Sim Brother. I just don't know how that happened. It's never happened before. I don't know what caused it."
SB - "Sim Brother understands your plight. You are not the only housemate who has developed this condition. Just freshen yourself up, Sim Brother will sort it out and that will be the last said about it."
Geri - "Thank you, Sim Brother."

The First Fire
It's 6.12PM Nicole took a nap to be prepared for the party. David, Geri, Serena and Samuel went for an afternoon skinny dip in the hot tub where travel was the subject of discussion.
Samuel - "You won't catch me going yachting. No way!"
Geri - "It's fun. You'd enjoy it."
Following his dip, Sam went into the garden to do some burgers to take the edge of his appetite. However, some burning charcoal briquettes had bounced out and set the counter on fire. However, with a conveniently available extinguisher, Sam quickly had it under control.

It's Party Time. Whoopee.
8.30PM With a costume trunk, full of formal outfits, a banquet table, a jukebox with a broad selection of songs, all is set for a formal party ... apart from nobody really seems in the party mood.
Sam was washing his Golkan beret in the bath before he was going to bed and Lucy, George, Tom, David & Geri had beaten him there.
11.48PM Serena and Nicole spent the evening talking and admiring the view from the windows. Serena had gone to bed at about 11PM. Nicole tried to do some tidying up and managed to break the dishwasher. She immediately visited Sim Brother.
Nicole - "Hi, Sim Brother. The dishwasher has broken. Can you fix it?"
Sim Brother (SC) - "Housemates should be made aware that it is their duty to carry out repairs."
Nicole - "Oh. That's great. New carpet? How come?" (silence) "Oh well, bit of a damp squid of a party. Everyone has gone to bed. Nice idea." (silence) "Oh well, that's all I wanted to say. Hope you had a good birthday yesterday. Good night, Sim Brother"

As Nicole leaves the Diary Room, that is where we have to leave the house.

— Has the party died out or might any of the house's "night owls" be able to inject some life into it?
— Will Lucy find someone else to have a moan about?
— Will David do something interesting?

You'll just have to tune in tomorrow to find out.


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