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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 6 (Tuesday 27 August 2002)
More Partying & First Love
A New Carpet
It's Day 6 in the Sim Brother House.

Geri's accident of the day before had prompted Sim Brother to completely change the carpet in the Diary Room. Producers had been rushing around frantically to find a replacement and managed to get one from Sumit Furnishings.

A Jumpstarted Party
It's 1.13AM - Lucy and Sam had got back up to try and get something out of the party before Sim Brother takes everything away. Samuel is enjoying himself. "Pizza and hot coffee, what more can a man want?" while Lucy enjoys a piece of cake from the dining table.
The housemates had not been able to let their hair down since they got in. With some others rejoining the party, there was a chance that the party could become something.

With the jukebox playing lively records, Sam cut short a lively conversation with Nicole and took the opportunity of asking her for a dance, which she she accepted.

Party On, Housemates!
5.19AM - Somewhere during the party, Samuel spilt coffee down his suit and changed it to a turquoise blue one.
Samuel - "Hey, Lucy, does this suit me?"
Lucy - "Well, it doesn't match your eyes."
David had also joined the party and enjoyed a dance with Lucy.
Nicole and Sam shared a friendly hug and when Geri got up to join the party, they all started playing charades.
Geri - "Its an operetta - "
Nicole - "HMS Pinafore !!"
Geri - "Rats! You're too good."

A New Dawn
It's 9.42AM - The housemates were all up now. The charades game was still going on when Tom got up at 7.30 and also when Serena got up 45 minutes later. It was her making a cold breakfast that caused the party to wind down. George has only been up for 20 minutes. This was the first time he was the last one to get up in the house.
Geri and Serena were mopping up the water from the broken washing machine. In the garden, Nicole and Lucy embraced. Whether it was genuine friendship or just the effects from the party was too early to tell but with all of the housemates being apprehensive about tomorrow, perhaps both of them thought it was wise to try and become friends

Girl Talk
10.13AM - Serena and Geri have started doing some of the tidying up. They are in the second bedroom but are talking quietly because Lucy has gone back to bed.
Serena - "I saw you in 'Spice World'. It was a cool film. Have you thought of doing any more?"
Geri - "I'm staying with music for now. If I get any offers, I might give it some thought. What about you?"
Serena - "I'm a tennis player. My life can be pretty dull with practicing all of the time. Anna Kournikova might try it. She's not that good at tennis."
Geri - "Dull? What about love interests? How about Sam?"
Serena - "Sam's a really nice guy. I like him a lot, but about anyone in here, there is someone else."
Geri - "Who is it? C'mon tell me!"
Serena - "If it works out, I'll let you know." ;)

David's New Shirt
David was trying to repair the washing machine, despite having absolutely no mechanical experience at all. "I hope I don't get my shirt wet", he muttered to himself.

This exclusively designed shirt was made for David to wear in Sim Brother II by "Goldsworthy Sportswear"

Thanks, Andrew. Get well soon, mate.

Serena & Tom
It's 3.13PM - After having had quite a dull lunch where George was saying how the party had been quite boring, Serena saw Tom in the garden and went out to have a chat with him. It wasn't long before the subject came around to his views about romance and women.
Tom - "Well, Serena, I'm a bit of an old fashioned guy who can adapt to change. I take relationships with time. A woman should be wined and dined and treated like a lady. Perhaps that might happen in time between me and someone in here. Who knows?" ;-)
Serena - "I'm just a young girl who's keen to learn, Tom. I think you've got a lot to offer as well as your experience and your jovial nature."
Tom - "Over the years, girls have said I am a bit of a sex bomb and I know how to kiss. I'm sure they are exaggerating. I'm just an old singer."
Serena - "Oh, you are, Tom, you are."

It's quite obvious that Serena is bowled over by Tom's charms and this was more than likely the one she was talking about.

Samuel had noticed the two of them but they did not see him.

George & Geri
It's 7.41PM. George had seen the rota and saw that Geri was down as today's cleaner. He was very annoyed to find that she was in bed. His mood had not calmed down and he chose to have a soak and was surprised when she joined him.
George - "Hold it right there, lady. You've got work to do."
Geri - "Oh, you misery, Georgie. I'm just going to have a dip. I'll scrub your back if it'll shut you up."
George - "Well, er ... if you put it like that, who am I to complain?"
Geri - "I'm a goodwill ambassador to the UN and I've got a lot of good will to offer."
George - "And where there's a way, there's a will ... well, I think it goes that way."

More Charades
8.26PM The charade game was still in the lounge. Tom's turn had not been a success - "It's a song."
Lucy - "And is it one of yours?"
Tom - "Ok, then. It's a film then. One word."
Lucy - "'Thunderball'."
Tom - "How did you know?"
Lucy - "You did the theme song."
It was now Lucy's turn.

Samuel & Tom - "ALIEN !!"
Lucy - "No, you idiots! It's 'Driving Miss Daisy'"
Samuel - "Huh?"
Tom - "I think you need some more practice, girl."

Bedtime Business
10.10PM After Lucy's turn, the charades game started to wind down. He had fixed the dishwasher and decided to go to bed. Whatever had happened in the Hottub had changed George's tune and he was happily mopping up. At 9.24PM, Tom had gone to bed alone but 40 minutes later, Serena had slipped into bed beside him.

What About My Rota?
11.54PM - Nicole confronts Geri about the Rota
Nicole - "Your name was on the rota today - "
Geri - "And it's great! You must have put a lot of work into it."
Nicole - "Er ... yes, I did. But that's not the issue - "
Geri - "I know, I know. I've been asleep. I'll make up for it by swapping with George."
Nicole - "Alright, then. But I'm not happy about it. It can't be changed as I don't have a pen."
Geri - "Leave it with me. I'll tell him. Anyway, I'm stopping you from doing what you were doing. I'll catch you later."

With that, Geri walked away leaving Nicole standing there lost for words ... and that is where we must leave the house.

The Day Ahead
With some of them expecting an eviction tomorrow, there is a bit of apprehension in the house. The housemates will be surprised as there is a game within a game that will change the way the house stands and how the housemates will relate to each other.

  • Are Tom & Serena the first romance of this series?
  • Is Nicole's being taken as a joke?
  • Is David right about a surprise eviction?

    They'll all be seeing that new carpet. That's all you will know until tomorrow.


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