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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 8 (Thursday 29 August 2002)
Leaders & Love
Rich House, Poor House
It's Day 8 - 12.07AM - Seeing the divide, Tom & George went into their garden and found another room next to the outside toilet.had been opened up.
Tom - "I reckon this must be our diary room."
George - "I thought it might have been a jacuzzi."
Tom - "I reckon this must be our diary room."
Serena has a shower - "Arggh!! There's no Hot Water."

The Rich House found that they had been awarded with a Turkey Dinner and a Servo. This meant that they did not have to clean, repair anything or even cook. All the Poor Side have to cook their meals is the barbecue. The only other food they had to eat was marshmallows that they could roast over the campfire.

Geri was really pleased with the way things had turned out and came to the Diary Room.
SB(sc) - "Hello, Geri. How are you?"
Geri - "I'm great and I'm really pleased to be on the rich side of the house. Thanks for the turkey and the servo. It will make our work a lot easier for the next week. I hope it lasts forever."

A Backyard Chat
1.47AM Serena was a bit low and had a talk with Nicole.
Serena - "How long do you reckon we will be over here?"
Nicole - "Not sure. Dave was the expert, but probably a week."
Serena - "I don't think I can cope that long."
Nicole - "Relax. Nothing lasts forever. Perhaps if we're nice to Sim Brother, he - or she - will be nice to us and give us some treats. He might even take the wall down."

"I want a rematch!"
3.08AM - Tom comes to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (jej) - "Hello, Tom."
Tom - "Hey, this is totally unfair. We played our best. It's just that Serena wasn't feeling very well and so we were effectively playing with three men." (silence) "Rejoin the house and let us do it again after we are all rested. It will be much fairer that way." (silence) "Are you listening?"
SB - "The side who won the match played the better game."
Tom - "I disagree. It's not right. Give us a rematch, then."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Tom tells George what he asked Sim Brother.
George - "It was done completely unfairly. Sim Brother should have asked us who wanted to be on the rich side and who should be on the poor side."
Tom - "Er ... wouldn't everyone want to be on the rich side?"
George - "Certain orders of Monks and Nuns take a vow of poverty."
Tom - "I don't think any of the girls in here are nuns, Georgie, and I'm no monk. Would you want to be poor?"
George - "Certainly not. I'm the President of the United Skates of Albania."
Tom - "Wherever. There must be a rematch."

Nicole Complains
7.00 AM - Most of the housemates were still asleep. Geri was napping on one of the loungers in the garden.
Samuel was having an early breakfast as the Servo takes away the plate of turkey. "Hey, I might have wanted to pick the scraps off the bones!" he exclaimed, but the Servo didn't listen.
Nicole had come to the Diary Room. "This isn't fair, Sim Brother. We want to know what is going on and when we have a chance to get back onto the rich side."
Sim Brother (jej) - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Nicole - "That's a big help. I want to know now." (silence) "Well, if you aren't already aware, half of the house are in uproar over this."
Sim Brother - "Sim Brother is aware of everything, Nicole. Sim Brother reminds you that when you came into the house, you agreed to go along with whatever rules Sim Brother imposed." Nicole is silent. "Sim Brother suggests you try and get some rest and come back later."

Sam & Servo
9.05AM - Samuel was having a look at the controls on Servo. "Now what is this supposed to do?" he muttered to himself pretting one of the buttons. Servo's motors squeaked and whirred momentarily before donning a chef's hat and producing a large plate of hydrogenated beef and vegetables. "Hey Servo, you're a smart mother******, that's right!"

Questions Without Answers
11.00AM Lucy has woken up and come immediately to the Diary Room.
Lucy - "How long is the divide up?"
Sim Brother (sc) - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Lucy - "I suppose that was to be expected. I'm not your biggest fan, but thanks for putting us on the rich side. Will we be here long?"
SB - "The two teams will be on the side appropriate to their success depending upon tasks that are set."
Lucy - "And when is the next one?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you. How do you feel about the nominations?"
Lucy - "I'm glad it wasn't me but I'm a bit sorry for the ones who are up for it. My time will come. I just want to be in here as long as possible."

Juggling With Emotions
1.00PM During the morning, Sam and Lucy appeared relieved by being in the Rich House and relaxed and were getting much closer. After talking about being in the Rich House, Sam showed Lucy that he could juggle with coffee cups and was rewarded with a big hug.

Captain, My Captain
3.00PM - The Rich Side have been told to gather together in the lounge and the Poor Side have been told to gather together around the campfire.

Sim Brother - "The Divide has been set up. Nothing must pass across the divide from the Poor Side to the Rich Side or vice versa. The instigator will receive a warning and the side the instigator is from will be penalised. Unlike other series you may have seen or heard about, your status is not reset every week. Until further notice, you will all be fighting to be in the Rich House. You are now at war. An entire team might change over. Individual team member might swap places. One team might become bigger than the other, giving it an unfair advantage. That is the way that this game has become.
"The most important person in the team is the captain. From now on, only the House Captain can visit the Diary Rooms unless instructed otherwise. The captain will fight most of the challenges. The captain chooses who he may want to play in the battles. Each team has until Midnight to select a captain.

Decisive & Divided
The Poor Side are the quickest to decide on a captain.
Serena - "I think Tom would be the best captain."
Nicole - "Of the three of you, Tom is the one I know the best. I agree."
George - "I think Nicole should be the captain."
Tom - "Throwing in my penny's worth, I think Serena should be captain."
Serena - "So that's two votes for Tom. I declare Tom the captain."
George - "(And who declared you the Arriving Officer?)"
Following the same principle, the Rich Side found one all team members had one vote for first choice and one vote for second choice. Geri had to make a stand - "As we can't decide now, let's just forget about it for now and we can decide later on."

The First Kiss
4.02PM - Over the afternoon, Samuel & Lucy became a lot closer and the first pair in the house to share a kiss. Lucy appeared to be very pleased with the result. However the big question is that is this relationship a genuine case of shared love and affection or purely for political purposes? They did not hang around for long. Both of them were very tired and went to bed for a sleep.

Poor House Protest
5.48PM - Tom comes to the Diary Room "The decor on our side of the house stinks and as Team Captain, I am ready to fight for my time to win us places in the Rich House. How do I get started?"
Sim Brother (sc) - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Returning to the group, Tom told them - "It's not going to be plain sailing, team. I think we have to fight to get what we want and the fight will start soon."

The Defeated President
5.05PM - George had not been happy with the result and was found muttering to himself. "I'm a professional politician. I was elected by millions of people to lead them. I've got experience. All Tom has lead is an audience in a couple of choruses of some of his songs. I'm convinced Tom and Serena are plants of Sim Brother, but Nicole listens to their every word."
However. George was later to eat some of those words. Nicole saw his depressive state and came over for a chat and to cheer him up. Although they didn't discuss the vote for House Captain, the look Nicole was giving showed that she was not sure about whether she had voted for the right person to be Team Captain.

Democracy? Who needs it?
11.16PM - With Sam & Lucy still in bed, David & Geri were in the hottub and left to make a decision.
David - "Sim Brother wants a captain decided and they aren't bothered voting. Alright, I'll be the captain."
Geri - "That's great! You will have my support in whatever you decide."

After finishing his soak, David got dressed and went to the Diary Room.
David - "I have decided to be Captain of this Team and have the support of the only ones who are bothered to remain awake."
Sim Brother (sc) - "The first of your battles will be tomorrow."

And that is where we must leave it.

  • What will the first Captain's battle be?
  • Is Tom's position as Poor House Captain be safe?
  • How will Lucy & Sam's relationship develop?
  • How will Lucy & Sam feel about being cut out of the decision making?
  • Are Serena & Tom Sim Brother plants or just George's imagination running away?

    You'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out.


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