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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 9 (Friday 30 August 2002)
Around The Clock With The Captains
With the effects of the divide and deciding who was going to captain their houses, none of the housemates had taken account that they had been in the house for a full week. Both of the housemates up for eviction had been busy sorting out their status as house captains that they had not had time to contemplate the fact that they were being voted for by the viewing public.

Before Dawn
2.39AM - After declaring his Captaincy, David went to bed. Geri had a meal and a shower, did some cleaning and then slipped into bed beside him.

4.43AM - Lucy was awake. After going to the toilet, she slipped into the hottub for a relaxing soak.

Getting Up
6.25AM - In the Poor House, Tom was up and was having a shower - in cold water.

6.57AM - In the Rich House, David and Sam had both just got up. Both of them needed the toilet.
Sam - "I'll race you!" As he had a head start, David had no chance.

Sam's Admission
9.02AM - Lucy has made breakfast for the Rich House. Over breakfast David mentioned that he was Captain.
Lucy - "Why weren't Sam & I consulted?"
Geri - "You were both asleep. We didn't want to disturb you."
Lucy - "You should have done."
Samuel - "Hey, we've got a leader. That's what matters. I'm with you on this one, Dave. When I was a student, I sometimes didn't do things the traditional way. I was even expelled from University for a while because of it."
Lucy - "You're kidding."
George - "That's the truth, Luce."

Tom gets psyched!
10.04AM - George is the next one in the Poor House to get up. As Tom is the only other one up, he has no choice but to talk to him.

George - "What's for breakfast?"
Tom - "I haven't made any."
George - "This isn't fair. We should get some special treatment."
Tom - "There's a battle today, Georgie. If I win, I think things will be a lot better."

Rules of the Duel
11.00AM - Sim Brother (jej) - "This is Sim Brother. Will both Captains report to their Diary Rooms?" In a minute, both captains have done that. "Your first captain's challenge is on the dartboard. You will each throw ten darts alternately in a game of 'Around the Clock'. If you score a single bull, your score counts as the number you were aiming for and the subsequent one. If you score a double bull, your score counts as the number you were aiming for and the two subsequent numbers."
Tom - "I'm a bit rusty on the terms. Which one is a bullseye?"
SB - "The double bull. The single bull is within the ring on the outside of the bullseye."
David - "So if I am aiming for the '1' and score a double bull, the next number I am aiming for is a '4'."
SB - "That is correct. The duel will begin in an hour in the Rich House living area. Tom, you will be allowed to cross the divide without being penalised."
Tom - "And if I win?"
SB - "Your team will become the Rich Team and the current Rich Team will become the Poor Team. If you lose, you will return to the poor side of the house and residency will remain unchanged."

Around The Clock
12.00PM - Tom has been allowed to come through the fence into the Rich Garden. The Basketball Hoop had been moved and replaced by a dartboard.
Tom - "It's been a long time since I played darts. The last time I think was down the Red Dragon in Pontypridd two years ago."
David - "The last time I played was in my games room at Beckingham Palace ... two weeks ago."
Sim Brother (sw) - "Best of order, housemates. Game on."
Tom - "Hey, it's the voice of Sid Waddell!"
Samuel - "Who's he?"
Geri - "He's the top British darts umpire."
SW - "David, you are to throw first."
David's first dart was straight into the outer bull. Tom matched him by doing the same. This counted as hitting 1 & 2. They both skipped to '3' for their second dart, which they easily made. They also easily made it up to "6" with five darts. The pressure was mounting when David came to the hockey.
SW - "David, you require 6."
With a deep breath, David threw his dart and it landed in the six, near the centre of the board.
SW - "Tom, you also require 6."
Tom also took a deep breath and aimed at the bull, but with a clatter, his dart hit the wire and bounced off. David now had the edge and the advantage of applying the pressure by going first.
With the next three darts, David easily moved around the clock although his 9th dart was very close to the wire. Tom was on his heels. It all depended upon David & Tom's last darts.
SW - "David, you require 11."
David took his time and the dart landed in the inner ring very close to the wire with the adjacent No.14.
SW - "Tom, you must get a single bull to draw the game or a double bull to to win."
He took a deep breath, drew his arm back and threw.
The dart landed in the 15, close to the wire on the outer bull.
SW - "Bad luck, Tom. David, you are the winner. I'm now handing you back to Sim Brother."
Sim Brother (jej) - "The Houses remain unchanged. Tom, please cross back into the Poor Garden. David, you may stay where you are."

To the Winner, the Reward
12.45PM - Geri gave David a romantic hug.

Geri - "That was great, David. I'm really pleased. I think you'll even make Lucy be pleased for once."
David - "I was just lucky, I guess. I practice a bit with the guys at Old Trafford and when I'm away with the England boys. If you want to see a really good player, Mr. Ericcson is the man to watch. I've lost thousands to him."

To the Loser, the Condemnation
1.36PM - Tom is unsure of the security of his position as Captain and asked Serena if he could still count on her support.

Tom - "Serena, I must know that I can count on you to back me up if things get difficult."
Serena - "I still think you're the one to lead us, Tom."
1.45PM - Tom was right to be suspicious. George and Nicole were not pleased that they were still in the Poor House.
George - "He goofed up and I know all about goofing up."
Nicole - "You certainly do, George. I was really looking forward to getting back over there. Now its marshmallows and burgers as our diet. Scrumptious it isn't."

Happy & Content
3.30PM - Back in the comparative paradise of the rich side, Sam was playing darts, Lucy was having a nap and Geri & David were sharing a soak in the hottub.

David - "It seemed to have turned out alright."
Geri - "I'm really proud of you, David. I wonder what will happen next."

Tom Under Pressure
6.44PM - Over on the poor side, the situation was very bleak. Tom was keeping himself busy by tidying up. He wasn't really in the mood for talking and the other members of the Poor House weren't making any moves to talk to him either. When he saw Serena drop some litter, he blew his top.
Tom - "You stupid girl, I'm not here to clean up after you! You're a slovenly mess."
This remark really upset Serena and she lashed back -"You think you're irresistable? I must have been a fool to find you attractive!"
7.15PM - Nicole & George heard this in the garden.

George - "The way Tom is behaving is out of line. I want a new election."
Nicole - "I agree. I'd change my vote."
Tom (walking in on them) - "Well, stuff it! You can have the ****** job."

With that he stormed off into the bedroom and went to bed.

Lust at the End of the Day
11.54PM Geri and David had been getting closer throughout the evening. Perhaps it was the thrill of victory that was mixing with the spirit of the events, but when they kissed, it was obvious that their feelings for each other had developed into an infatuation.

Geri - "Let's go to bed."
With Sam and Lucy talking in the garden, David and Geri were able to slip away unnoticed.

David - "Are you sure we are doing the right thing?"
Geri - "C'mon, Victoria won't mind. It's just a bit of fun."
David - "I'm just not sure."
Geri - "Well, lets just slip into bed and see where it goes from there."

And that is where we are going to have to leave the house ...
  • Will Tom regret his decision to surrender the Captaincy?
  • Will David give into temptation and spend a night of passion with Geri?
  • Why do neither Tom or David appear concerned about the voting?

    You'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out.

  • Credits
    The dartboard that can be used in the home comes from Simwardrobe


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