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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 10 (Saturday 31 August 2002)
Flirting & Fashion
The Captains had duelled it out with darts. The status quo remained the same as David won and the Rich House knew that they all had at least another two days in the lap of luxury.
After the battle, Tom returned to a very stressful situation in the Poor House. All of the Poor House were uncomfortable, very stressed and Tom told George that he could be the Captain if he wanted to be.
In the Rich House, David and Geri grew much closer and slept together.

Serena's Worries
4.29AM - Serena had been napping in the garden. When she awoke, she was called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "Good morning, Serena. And how are you feeling after the upsets with Tom?"
Serena - "It was just a silly argument. We were both very tense and depressed over being on this side of the house. I only hope today that we can get things back to where they were before. I said things that I regretted. He still is a very handsome man. Oh, I know this is cheeky but could you do us a favour?"
SB - "What do you have in mind, Serena?"
Serena - "We're all a bit low on this side of the house. Tom tried very hard in the battle yesterday, but could you give us a treat just to cheer us up?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."

Rising, Reconciliation & Reward
6.02AM - The Rich House were stirring. Geri appeared to be well rested and pleased with herself. David did not look comfortable.
Lucy and Sam also appeared to have had a good night's sleep. However, it did not look like romance was still on their agenda.
6.22AM - Over in the Poor House, George had a change of mind - "I know something about erections."
Tom - "Don't you mean elections?"
George - "They're both similar. They only happen every couple of years. Either way, you're up there for for a certain length of time. The voters have got to give you a chance to prove what you can do. Hang on in there. We'll see how things are next Thursday." They both had a reconciliatory hug.
7.44AM - Sam was the last one of the Rich House to get up. David had made breakfast that all of the other housemates had been tucking into.
Tom was taking the chance to make amends with Serena - "I shouldn't have flown off the handle yesterday, love. It was a tough day for me. I was angry with myself for losing and I took it out on you. I am very sorry."
8.15AM "This is Sim Brother. All housemates on the rich side of the house now get to choose their own sleepwear and swimwear. A catalogue can be found in the Diary Room. Any one of you can collect it without being penalised. For the housemates on the poor side, you now have a bench to eat your meals at and a basketball hoop for your entertainment."

Geri on the prowl
10.45AM - When Geri swept David off his feet by kissing him, he was NOT pleased.
Geri - "Hiya, big boy!"
David - "Stop it, Geri! I can't allow this to happen."
11.15AM - Geri must have been feeling particularly amorous as when she went to give Sam a kiss, he also turned her down.
Sam - "Hey, girl, thankyou but no.thankyou"

Lucy's Request
Lucy is called to the Diary Room.
SB(f) - "Hello, Lucy. How are you finding being in the Rich House?"
Lucy - "I am very pleased to be in it. I am not entirely happy with the way that David became captain. However, he won the darts and kept us over here. I can't fault him for that. While I am here, I do have a complaint. Call it modesty but I don't like other people in the bathroom when I am taking a shower or having a bath. Could you put up a screen or something around the showers and bath?"
SB(f) - "Sim Brother is aware of your concerns and something will be done about it."
Lucy - "I'm sure I know your voice from somewhere."

While Lucy and the rest of the Rich House were otherwise occupied, additional walls and beaded doors were put up in the bathroom and the room was redecorated. Sim Brother had listened to Lucy's request.

David's Concerns
12.30PM - David came to the Diary Room

"I feel good about winning the darts yesterday, but I don't feel very good about being up for nomination. I am having regrets about what I did with Geri last night. I don't know whether sharing a bed with her was the right thing. Also, I don't know what Victoria would think about it. I am missing her, but I don't want to leave and I don't want to lose this game."

Lucy's Clothes
4.15PM - Lucy got changed into a silky blue half-length blouse and maroon slacks, part of the Exquisite Range from Alpha Tango Fashions. Geri was impressed.
Geri - "You've got some smart outfits, Lucy."
Lucy - "Thankyou. It's from Alpha Tango."
Geri - "Never heard of it."
Lucy - "He's a top designer. Anyway, you can borrow one if you like."
Geri - "Thanks. I will."

Lazy Day

6.07PM - Nicole was playing basketball, Tom had made the third plate of burgers for the day. George was having a nap and Serena had just lit a fire. All of the Rich House were in the hottub. The stress of the previous day had dissolved. The three relationships also appeared to be off the boil, however.

Early To Bed
10.09PM - In the past half hour, all of the Rich House had gone to bed. Sam was sharing a bed with Lucy, although their relationship appeared to have been toned down to friendship.
David slept in the other double bed alone. Geri was in the single bed. Whether this was guilt or just a bad night's sleep could not be ascertained.
On the Poor Side, George was still asleep on the lounger. Serena had fallen asleep on the yard floor. Tom was in bed. Nicole was the last one awake and was called to the Diary Room.

Nicole's Nighttime Natter
Sim Brother(f) - "How are you feeling about the political situation in the Poor House?"
Nicole - "Over today, I've thought that Tom deserves a second chance. He did his best. Losing caused frustration. Frustration caused him to lash out. I hope that there is something tomorrow that can help him show his captaincy and perhaps win us something."
SB - "Is there anyone you are missing in the Rich House?"
Nicole - "I was good friends with Lucy. From what I can see, she's now friends with Sam. If we meet up again, I hope we can catch up from where we left off."
SB - "How are you getting on with your housemates in the Poor House?"
Nicole - "I am finding it hard getting close to them. I am not very happy over here. I know it's only my 3rd day over here, but it is a lot harder than I expected."
SB - "How do you feel about Tom?"
Nicole - "He should still be captain. I know I sided with GW and I would probably vote for him next time around, but until you say we have to vote, I will support Tom."

And with the house already almost asleep, that is where we must leave it.

  • Will Geri manage to get David's affections back?
  • Will Tom & David remember that they are up for eviction?
  • How is Sim Brother going to turn up the heat in this chilled atmosphere?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out.

  • Viewpoint
    Professor Mortimer Goth of the SCU is the Resident Psychologist on "Sim Brother II". These are his insights on the series so far.

    "Once again, there are eight people inside the virtual goldfish bowl. This season, however, the show is faster paced and this has been exhausting for some of the housemates. An intense three day task was followed by only one day's rest before nominations, a marathon game of volleyball and the house divide finished off their first week.
    "Tom and David were nominated for eviction by the housemates. Both of them have taken on the roles of House Captain. Tom was elected democratically, David just took on the role without a majority decision. Either way, they have channelled their minds away from the forthcoming eviction to the role of leader and fighting for their team ... and also themselves."
    "There have been several close friendships formed already in the house, some to the extent of minor infatuations. Similar to those on C4TV, these relationships appear to be more for political security rather than genuine affection. There is a very high relationship potential in this house following the division into the Rich House and Poor House as any budding relationship has grown stronger and in the main, they have become tribal units.
    "The Poor House has suffered tremendously. If they had not had been given the bench to eat their meals at, any level of civility within their small group would have been completely destroyed and an explosively violent situation could have resulted. As it is, they have regained some dignity and cohesiveness.
    "The next four days will be a fascinating study as with the changes that are planned, the housemates' already complicated lives and relationships will be twisted and torn even further. Irresistable viewing.


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