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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 11 (Sunday 1 September 2002)
A Duel of the Minds
With a revamped bathroom for the Rich House, some concessions for the Poor House, a display of a new outfit (soon coming to a boutique near here) and a generally relaxed day all around, all the housemates had a break from the usual hectic pace of Sim Brother.

However have they been lulled into a false sense of security?

Read on.

Speculation & Sleepwear
7.29AM - George had prepared burgers for the Poor House.
Nicole - "Another typical day in the ghetto, Tom?"
Tom - "Don't know yet. If Sim Brother has anything to tell me, you will be first to know. He said two days and this is the second day."
In the Rich House, even though Servo could do it, David had prepared breakfast. The Rich House were more concerned with their breakfast and their new sleepwear than any battles they would have to fight later today.

The Captain's Call
11.00AM - Both of the captains were summoned to their Diary Rooms.
Sim Brother (f) - "At 3pm today, one housemate from each team will be having a Duel of the Mind in a five question quiz. Each contestant must report to their Diary Rooms and be asked the same question. They will not hear the other person's answer."
"If the contestant from the Poor House wins, they get to choose who will accompany them into the Rich House. If there is a tie at the end of the five questions, the situation remains unchanged. If there is a tie at the end of the five questions and the Rich contestant has scored less than three during the quiz, the contestant will be joining the Poor House."
"Captains must select which housemate will fight this battle. The subjects for the quiz are Weather & Travel. Select your contestants now."
David - "Samuel."
- "Serena."

The Contender's Reactions
11.30AM - Tom immediately went and told Serena the news - "If you win, you get to go to the Rich House and get to select someone to go up with you."
Serena - "Why me?"
Tom - "I thought you were the best one for the task."
There was a similar response in the Rich House.
Samuel - "Dave, why on earth did you pick me? If the questions were about the flora and fauna of the Amazon basin, I might have a chance."
Dave - "You were the one I could think of at the time."
1.26PM - Geri was wearing one of Lucy's outfits from Alpha Taurus and spoke to David about what he had done.
Geri - "You made a poltiical decision rather than pick a random name, didn't you."
David - "Sometimes, you have to concede something in order to win. I'd rather risk Samuel than you or Lucy."
Geri - "That's sweet, David."

Duel of the Minds

3.00PM - Serena and Samuel were ready in their appropriate Diary Rooms. Neither of them could hear the other but the other housemates could hear everything from over the house speakers.
Sim Brother - "Question 1- Alto Stratus & Cumulo Nimbus are types of what?"
Samuel - "Storms"
Serena - "Snow"
Sim Brother - "Both contestants have answered incorrectly. The correct answer is clouds."

"Question 2 - Schipol Airport serves which European city?"
Samuel - "Amsterdam"
Serena - "Amsterdam"
Sim Brother - "Both contestants have answered correctly."
"Question 3- Finish this phrase. Red sky at night."
Samuel - "Sailors' Delight."
Serena - "Shepherd's Delight"
Sim Brother - "Yes, both answers are acceptable."
"Question 4- Myanmar is the correct name for which Asian Country?"
Samuel - "Cambodia."
Serena - "Burma"
Sim Brother - "The correct answer is 'Burma'."
"Question 5- When converting Celcius readings to Farenheit readings, you multiply by 1.5 and add how much?"
Samuel - "35"
Serena - "32"
Sim Brother - "The correct answer is '32'. Congratulations, Serena. You have won this first Duel of Minds by 4 points to 2. Who would you like to bring with you to the Rich House?"
Serena - "I will bring Tom."
Sim Brother - "Samuel, you have to take another housemate with you to the Poor House. Who do you select?"
Samuel - "Because he put me up for this, it has to be Dave."

The Changeover
4.30PM - Samuel goes over with David into the Poor House to be replaced in the Rich House by Serena and Tom. Sam looked as though he had taken it in his stride. David looked in a state of shock. Serena looked excited and Tom looked quite smug about the whole thing.

This change has left both houses without captains.

Alliances, Adaption & Attack
7.30PM - It isn't long before Samuel was making new alliances by offering his support to George.
Samuel - "I only brought him over because he put me up for the last task, not to be a Captain. You've got my vote if it comes to that. I don't think I'd vote for you on the outside, but inside, GW, you're da man!"
George - "As a member of the Republicrat Party, I assure you I will get the best for the people of this district."
Samuel - "Just get me some pizza."
8.00PM - David was quite depressed and spoke to Geri through the bars.
David - "I'm feeling down about being over here. I don't know if I'll even get back over there. I could be out of here in three days,"
Geri - "Don't be silly. Of course you'll be back and I'm sure the public love you. The divide won't be up forever."
David - "This is punishment for what happened the other night."
8.30PM - It wasn't just the Poor House where there was political plotting.
Geri - "If Tom thinks he is going to step into David's position, he's got another thing coming."
Lucy - "I agree. Tom is acting as though he owns the place and deserves to be over here. This side is ours. They have to realise it."
Geri - "I'm not going to make things easy for them. Hopefully, he'll be gone on Wednesday and back over there before."
11.20PM - David & Samuel were already asleep, Sam dreaming about the luxuries of having things done for him.
George & Nicole were still up and were also defending their own part of the house - "If David thinks he will be the new captain, he's got another thing going."
Nicole - "Don't you mean coming?"
George - "Coming or going, he's staying here. He's not going back to the Rich House if I can help it."

Late Night with the "Nouveau Riche"
11.49PM - Lucy and Geri had gone to bed and had occupied both double beds.
Serena was tense and Tom helped by relax by giving her a back rub.

Serena - "Mmmmm. That feels soooooo good. Thankyou."
Tom - "No. Thankyou for choosing me."
Serena - "Isn't that why you chose me to do the challenge thinking that I'd bring you with me?"
Tom - "It might be the case, but I'm not telling". ;)
Serena - "You tease!"
Tom - "And here's something else to show you how much I appreciate being back over here with you." :-x

And with this relationship looking as though it is moving up a notch, that is where we have to leave the house.

  • How will the different houses adapt to the changes?
  • How will they decide on a new captain?
  • What surprises does Sim Brother have for the housemates?

    You can find out in tomorrow's news from the house.

  • You want some more?
    For those of you who'd like to know whatever happened to Anna Kournikova who won our first series of "Sim Brother", BBSS has the exclusive interview with her in the Sim Brother house.
    Find out what she has been doing since the show and how she is getting on with some of her former housemates on the outside.
    You can't miss it!


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