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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 12 (Monday 2 September 2002)
Temporarily Reunited
Serena managed to win the first "Duel of Minds" about travel and weather answering more questions correctly than Samuel. She took Tom over with her up to the Rich House as Samuel and David went down. Serena and Tom had both received quite a frosty reception from Geri & Lucy and Samuel appeared to be distancing himself from David.

Can things get any better for David?

Read on.

Good Morning, Housemates
6.23AM - Lucy had been up for an hour before Tom got up. He had slept on one of the couches. He didn't say anything to Lucy, who hadn't got anything to say to him either. She hadn't made him feel very welcome yesterday and today didn't look as though it was going to be any different
7.20AM - Sam had just woken up. He did not appear content with the comparative squalor of the Poor House. David had slept on a recliner in the garden and was preparing breakfast. He was not comfortable with the lifestyle on the poor side either but was trying to keep himself busy.
8.30AM - All of the Rich House were up. Serena had been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (f) - "How are you finding it in the Rich House, Serena?"
Serena - "I don't feel very comfortable. Tom is fine with me, but Lucy and Geri are not making us feel at all welcome. It is like they think we are invading their territory and should not be here."
SB - "Are you going to talk to them about it?"
Serena - "I don't know. I'll see if I get the opportunity today."
Over in the Poor House, everyone was up and were sat around the bench table in the garden eating the burgers that David had prepared for breakfast. David was trying to make an effort to fit in, but once again he was going on about his cars.

David - "Did I tell you that I had an Aston Martin?"
Before anyone could reply that they had
Sim Brother (f) - "Could David please come to the Diary Room?"

Good News for David
David was called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (f) - "It is not Sim Brother's policy to give housemates news from the outside world, but in this case an exception is being made. Congratulations, David. Victoria has just given birth to a baby boy."
David - "I hope she hasn't called him anything silly like Dunstable, Godalming or Minneapolis. Brooklyn was alright as a name but -"
SB - "Your baby son's name is Romeo. To allow you to celebrate, Sim Brother is giving you and your housemates a party. Both sides of the house will be linked from 12 Noon until Midnight. However, in a manner similar to the fairytale of Cinderella, if any housemate is on the wrong side of the house when Midnight comes, the housemate will receive a warning."
David - "Thankyou, Sim Brother. That's very generous of you."
SB - "Sim Brother hopes you enjoy it, and once again, congratulations."
David immediately shared the news with the rest of his housemates in the Poor House.

David - "I'm a dad again!!"
George - "Congratulations! What has she had?"
David - "A baby"
George - "Err ... a baby boy or baby girl?"
David - "It's a boy and he's called Romeo. Also, Sim Brother has given us a party"

With that, David continued to explain the details to all of the housemates who were now listening.

Join The Party
2.21PM - The party was under way. The Poor Garden had been decorated with red decking and black walls. He was talking to Samuel - "If I could, I'd just fly right out of here."
Sam - "That might NOT be too good an idea."

Tom had changed into a Wales football top (from "Goldsworthy Sportswear") and was chatting with Lucy about the weather. For once, they did seem to have some common ground although Lucy was not opening up as Tom would have liked
Apart from wearing a black and red tennis outfit that she had changed into yesterday when she had got back to the Rich House, Serena was not in the party mood. Instead of taking the opportunity to mingle and living up to the chance to talk to the housemates who were worrying her, she was sat alone reading a book.

Geri's True Colours
3.01PM - George had got into the party spirit by dressing in Manchester Utd kit. (Roy Keane wouldn't be using it for a while) Geri was telling him about what she thought David would do.

Geri - "If he's not evicted on Wednesday, I think he might walk. After all, what good father would not want to see his new son?"
George - "I thought he was your friend."
Geri - "It's obvious his mind is on something else, and if that is the case, he's no use to anyone here."

The Party Goes On
5.58PM - Although it's his party, David is not quite in the party mood. He had been drinking quite a lot of the punch over the afternoon, going on about parenthood and his six cars. He talked to Nicole about it.

David - "I would have thought Geri would have congratulated me. I've barely seen her today. She's been talking to George all of the time."
Nicole - "It's a case of who you can trust, Dave. I don't know who to trust from one day to the next."
David - "With her behaving like that, I don't know if I want to stay. After all, I've won something already by having a son. I just wish I'd been there to see it."
6.25PM - David went to the bathroom to find that the hottub was full. Sam's remarks did not help him.

Samuel - "Don't you dare go on about your Aston Martin, David. I double-dare you. I double-double-dare you!"
David - "I was going to talk about my Range Rover instead"

8.39PM - David was talking with Nicole again
David - "This party isn't very good."
Nicole - "Don't be so negative, Davy. You got to change your clothes. You've had a good bath and met a few of your old mates from the Rich House."

David - "But they are all over there and I'm over here. It's not what I expected. Geri is behaving odd."
Nicole - "So you said. Don't worry about it. It shows what she's really like if she can't be ****ed coming over to see you."
11.52PM - David had clearly drunk too much punch and had just in a heap on the floor in the Poor Garden. At least he was on his side of the house when Midnight came around. We would see if anyone had fallen for the Cinderella Catch ...but that is where we will have to leave them for now.

  • Has anyone fallen for the Catch?
  • Does Geri have the knives out for David?
  • Who is going tomorrow?

  • You can find out in tomorrow's news from the house.

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    And finally...

    To the David & Victoria Beckham, who exist in "Real Life"

    Congratulations on the birth of baby Romeo !!


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