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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 11 (Monday 28 January 2002)
Music, Romance and Confrontation
A Grand Performance
At 01:06, Tony seemed to impress Davina with his guitar playing. When she asked how he had learnt, he told her he had been in a band when he was at university.
At 01:51, MNM came out into the garden to join Tony & Davina on Fire Watch.
At 02:50, MNM started performing one of his songs

MNM - # I'm Sim Shady, please stand up #
Tony - Alright then.
MNM - Hey I didn't mean you do it for real :D

A Fine Romance?

At about 04:00, while Tony was learning the guitar chords for one of MNM's songs, Davina went inside to make something for everyone to eat. Tom went to give her some help, leaving Tony and MNM by the campfire. While they were making breakfast, Tom gave Davina a peck on the cheek

Tom - You're quite a classy lady, Davina
Davina (giggling) - What will Jennifer say?
Later in the garden, they shared a romantic hug but MNM was not impressed.
MNM - If you want to help with the fire, sit down. If you're going to carry on, go get a room.
So they took his advice and went into the Den where their embraces became more passionate.

By 08:00, Jennifer was sat on Fire Watch. She knew that Tom and Davina were in the Den and thought that perhaps her caution might have cost her a relationship. Although she did not say anything, she was hurt inside.
Jerry saw she was a bit low and came over and gave her some advice.
Jerry - I know it looks like what you might have had with Tom looks unlikely to happen, but if you're looking for romance, why not get to know MNM better?

Tony took a mid-morning nap so he can do the late shift and dreamt about travel. Sim Brother psychologists wonder if the road that appeared in his dreams was the pathway out of the house?
At 10:40, Anne and Anna were trying to cheer up Jennifer
Anne - Jennifer, remember this is a game and you play it as best you can.
Anna - I agree with Anne. There is a way to split them up and then the viewers decide whether they want them split up or not.
Jennifer - I think I know what you mean.
Anne - You can change what is happening as easily as he can if you put your mind to it. Anyway, don't worry about cleaning today. The rest of us will do it for you.
At 2:01pm, to try and put her worries behind her and try and cheer herself up, Jennifer had a long soak in the bath.

At 4:41pm, Tony told Anne that he was not happy with what Davina and Tom were up to and he thought it was political to split them up.
At 11:17pm, MNM had a direct dig at Davina but she gave as good as she got.
MNM - I don't like you, lady. If you don't get out of here, you'll get what you deserve.
Davina - I'm going to stay in this house as long as I can and nobody is going to make me leave here, least of all a tone-deaf moron like you!


"People need friends. Friends can make you laugh and are good company. In the Sim Brother house, the more friends you have, the less likely you will be nominated for eviction. The most charming and persuasive housemates are the ones likeliest to make the friends.

"In the Sim Brother house, Tom appears to be ahead of the rest. He makes friends easily and quickly and has formed two romantic relationships in a short space of time. Jennifer has come in for a lot of support since Tom made his move on Davina, and this has brought out the maternal streak in Anne.

"So far, Davina has received the criticism and not Tom. It does take two to tango but Tom was leading.

"Alliances in such a confined environment are formed and broken very quickly indeed. To Davina, this may appear to be the real thing, but the question is whether Tom views Davina as his romantic interest or one less nomination?"

Prof.Mortimer Goth
Professor of Psychology at SCU


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