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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 13 (Tuesday 3 September 2002)
New Captains, New Moves
To allow David to celebrate the news that he is a dad again, the Housemates were allowed a party to celebrate and the houses were reunited for 12 hours. However, if anyone had been on the wrong side of the house at Midnight, they would receive a warning.

How many "Cinderellas" have there been?

Read on.

Caught Napping

Tom was asleep in the Poor House bedroom.
Samuel was asleep in the Rich House bedroom.
Nicole had crashed out on one of the couches in the Rich House living room.

These three housemates would receive their warnings when they woke up.

Getting to know you
12.30AM - Lucy and Serena were the only ones up in the house. Lucy was actually being quite civil to Serena.
Lucy - "I like your new outfit, Serena. Designer made?"
Serena - "Taurus Sportswear."
Lucy - "I wear some Alpha Taurus outfits myself. So how are you finding it on this side?"
Serena - "It's better than being over there. I like my luxuries."
Lucy - "You've been very quiet since you came back over."
Serena - "I felt nervous about how you'd feel losing Samuel and getting me and Tom in return."
Lucy - "Don't be silly! My grudge is more against Tom. I miss Sam but I'm sure I'll see him again. I do feel uncomfortable with changes but you don't know what is going to happen next."
Serena - "Do you think this divide will be up for long?"
Lucy - "David was the expert on things like this, but since he found the rules were not the same as C4TV's show, he stopped being the know-it-all ... and that was a relief."

David's Thoughts
5.04AM - Lucy and Serena had gone to bed. George had been up for a few hours before David was awake and voiced his criticism that he wished there had been some pizza at the party. It wasn't long before he was starting where he left off and was hitting the punchbowl when he was summoned to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother - "Hello, David. How was your party?"
David - "It was nice to be able to wet my son's head, even though I think I was talking more about my cars than baby Romeo. I found Geri to be a bit distant and that upset me. I thought she was my friend. I'm in a difficult situation. I want to see Romeo and Victoria and yet I don't. I'd like to get the double and win it for Romeo. I don't want to go tomorrow night."

Public Warnings

6.11AM - Nicole was the first of the three caught napping to wake it. When she realised where she was -
Nicole - "Oh, rats! I'm not supposed to be here."
Sim Brother (jej) - "Will Nicole please return through the gate in the garden to the Poor House? You now have your first official warning."
7.08AM - Tom was the next one to wake up. He was immediately told by Sim Brother to return to the Rich House and that he also had an official warning.
8.22AM - Sam was the last one to receive a warning and instructed to return to the Poor House.

Friendly Advice
9.13AM - David had changed back into his usual clothes. Nicole was still in her party frock.
Nicole - "Call me an old romantic but I think you should follow your heart on this."
David - "I think my heart is telling me to stick it out and wait and see. Firstly, I have to see what the public want and then what the rest of you want for me next week."

New Captains
2.00PM - Sim Brother - "Will the Rich House gather around the grey table in the garden and the Poor House gather around the table in the Poor Living Area?" They quickly assembled to wait and see what Sim Brother had to say to them next. "With the recent changes, both houses now need to elect a new Captain."

Nicole - "I nominate Samuel."
Everyone else at the table was visibly surprised.
Samuel - "I nominate George."
George - "I nominate Nicole."
David - "I nominate Nicole as well."
Sim Brother - "Nicole, you are now the Poor House Captain. Will you please come to the Diary Room to await the Captain's Choice."

Tom - "I nominate Serena".
Serena - "I nominate Tom."
Lucy - "I nominate Geri."
Geri - "I nominate Lucy."
Sim Brother - "As you are completely undecided, the Captain will be the one to sit in the Diary Room chair first. Go!" It was very close but Lucy was the first to sit down. "Lucy, you are now the House Captain. Would everyone else please leave the Diary Room."

The Captain's Choice
Sim Brother - "Nicole, the Captain's Choice is where you have to choose someone from your house to be exchanged with someone from the Rich House. You cannot choose yourself."
Nicole - "In that case, I choose George to go up to the Rich House. He has been here the longest and deserves the break."
Sim Brother - "Lucy, the Captain's Choice is where you have to choose someone from your house to be exchanged with someone from the Poor House. You cannot choose yourself."
Lucy - "I wouldn't want to. I choose Tom. I don't like him that much. He can go back to his old house and rejoin them."

On the Afternoon
4.51PM - David was telling Sam about why he applied to Sim Brother.
David - "I am in here to win. I am not ashamed to admit it. The money doesn't mean that much to me. I want to win for my wife and my two sons."
Samuel - "Congratulations, by the way. I was a bit rough on you yesterday. I'm sorry, man."
David - "Let's put that behind us. Let's all work with Nicole to get back the Rich House."

5.13PM - George and Tom had immediately traded places after the Captain's Choice. Tom and Nicole were talking in the garden.
Nicole - "How were things over there?"
Tom - "Not bad, I suppose. It's funny that I fell asleep over here last night and was punished for it and now I am back over here. I don't know why I bothered going back over there in the first place."
5.25PM - Over in the Rich House, George was getting to know Lucy.
George - "I just can't understand how things work in here."
Lucy - "Can anyone understand how things work outside?"
George - "I suppose not. I keep having to ask my advisors which country we're supposed to be opposing. I don't know whether it's Iraq, Iran or France that I should be invading."
Lucy - "Just invade them all. That way you'll know you've got the right one."
5.56PM - Tom was finally starting to be concerned about being up for nomination.
Tom - "I wonder how the public are viewing me, Nicole. Am I the sex bomb that I have sung about, do I strike like a thunderball or do they think I should be heading for the green green grass of home without a goodbye kiss from anyone? I think I'm a nice guy. I've got a lot of miles on my clock. Sim Brother asked me to come in here. I don't know why I am the first one to go, then. If it's to be, it's to be."
Nicole - "Zzzzzz"

Seductive Overtures
6.47PM - Geri was talking to George.

Geri - "I'm really glad you're over here. It's way better than being over there. Such a good looking guy like you deserves to be with us."
George - "Geri, are you trying to seduce me?"
Geri - "Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"
George - "The First Lady would have something to say if you did."

For the first time since the series began, someone sat in the Swing.

Geri - "You can forget about Mrs. B while you are in here. She's not going to come through those doors and tell you off for just a bit of fun."
George - "If she asks me questions, I can always claim the 5th Amendment like those rascals at Worldcom. She can't prove nothing."
Geri - "You can always say Sim Brother gave you a bad edit."
10.15PM - Although George had resisted when Geri tried to give him a kiss when they were in the garden on the swing, when he went to bed later that night, he did not object to her sharing a bed with him for "shared warmth".

Over the Garden Fence
11.50PM - Lucy was watering the flowers and talking to Sam over the fence.
Lucy - "Don't think I'm soft, but I'm missing you."
Samuel - "Same here, honey. It's the pits over here."
Lucy - "I wish Nicole had sent you back."
Samuel - "No way. I'd only just got here. George got a reward."
Lucy - "Geri is too close to George. I can see her tactics and I don't trust her."
Samuel - "Someone will be going this time tomorrow and I think I know who will be out of here."

And that is where we have to leave it.

  • Who does Sam think it will be?
  • Will Sam and Lucy ever get back together?
  • Is it going to be Tom or David who will be going out of the door?

    With all the Eviction News, it will be in tomorrow night's report.


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