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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 14 (Wednesday 4 September 2002)
The First Eviction
Welcome to Eviction Night

"Welcome to the first Eviction Night of this the second series of 'Sim Brother'. People have been voting all week for David and Tom. They have had an eventful week. Both of them had been Captains of the different Houses. Tom and David swapped places during the week. Tom got a warning for sleeping in the Poor House after David's party and found himself back in the Poor House within 24 hours. Now, with both of them in the Poor House, they are nervously waiting to see who is staying and who is going."

"Who is the first evictee?"

"Let's see what has been happening today in the house."

Sam's Theorem
We left Samuel & Lucy talking over the fence. Samuel had a theory about who he thought would be leaving.
Samuel - "I've got a hunch Tom and Serena were planted by Sim Brother. Tom's cover is blown and he's on his way out. If the other housemates get a similar idea, things could be worked out that his co-conspirator in crime gets wind of it as well."
Lucy - "If you put that way, you could be right. I can't relate to her that well. She's too quiet."

Hot Tub Gossip
6.55AM - David had been awake for three hours. He could not sleep and it was contemplating his possible last day in the Sim Brother house.

George, Geri and Serena had not been up long and were sharing an early morning dip in the hottub.

Geri - "Serena, who do you think will be going tonight?"
Serena - "Err ... I haven't a clue."
Geri - "Well, if you are undecided, who do you want to go tonight?"
Serena - "I don't really know ... but I know Tom better."

Sim Brotherly Advice
10.15AM - Both Sam & Lucy were summoned to their diary rooms.
Sim Brother (jej) - "At 12.06 this morning you were both talking over the fence. Samuel said 'If the other housemates get a similar idea, things could be worked out that his co-conspirator in crime gets wind of it as well'."
"Although this is not a direct violation of the rules discussing nominations, it is tactical manipulation. Although this does not warrant an official warning, consider this to be an advisory notice. Any similar infringements will result in an official warning for one or both of you."

A Growing Realisation
11.09AM - Over a late breakfast, Samuel was telling the housemates about how Sim Brother appeared to be flexing his muscles.
Sim Brother - "This is Sim Brother. The procedure for tonight's eviction is as follows. At 10.00PM, Sim Brother will tell all housemates to gather in their living areas. After the name is announced, the evictee will get chance to say his farewells to the Poor House and then immediately proceed through the gate in the dividing bars into the Rich House. He can quickly get changed, say his farewells to the Rich House and then will be evicted through the front door. The evictee will then be directed by security guards to the studio where he will be met for his interview."
David - "That's put a downer on things. It makes it sound so close."
Tom - "You're telling me. I don't know what to wear."
After the late breakfast, David & Tom sat around the fire and talked about facing the public vote.
Tom - "Well, it's either you or me in a couple of hours, Davey."
David - "True. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't mind going and getting to see Victoria, Brooklyn & Romeo, but I'd rather not be sent off this early in the game for that reason."
Tom - "I know exactly what you mean. I want an encore. Whatever. one of us will be going. I haven't got to know you as well as I would have wanted, but perhaps we can all meet up when we are both out of here."
David - "That would be nice, Tom. I can show you my six cars as well."

Trust No One
1.00PM - Lucy had come to the Diary Room of her own accord.
Sim Brother (sc) - "Hello, Lucy. How are you?"

Lucy - "I don't know what has happened, but I don't know who I can trust anymore. I don't want to get into trouble. I don't want to make enemies, but people I think are my friends appear to be going behind my back. I know this is only a game, but I don't like the way some people are playing this."

A Heated Situation
5.08PM - Samuel was preparing an early dinner for the housemates. Not surprisingly, it was a plate of burgers, but he'd added a special relish. The housemates never got to taste his special burgers as once again, Samuel's lack of expertise with the barbecue ran out.
Samuel - "Hey, guys, the patio's on fire."
Together, however, the housemates managed to extinguish the fire around the basketball hoop and Samuel and David tried to extinguish the fire spreading along the counter and to the trash barrel. Once it had been extinguished ...
David - "You go and sit down, Sam. I'll do dinner."

The Results Are In
10.15PM - WW - "That was what happened earlier today. It's now time to go to the house."

"Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright."
All - "Hi there, Will."

WW - "All week long, the TSZ viewing public have been voting for which housemate they wish to see evicted from the Sim Brother house. The polls have now closed. The votes have been counted, checked and rechecked with an independent adjudicator. Receiving 60.98% of the votes cast, the first eviction from the Sim Brother II House will be ..."


Time To Say Goodbye
Sim Brother - "Tom, please say your goodbyes to your housemates on the Poor Side. The gate to the Rich House will be shortly, where you can change your clothes if you wish, say your goodbyes to the housemates on the Rich Side before being evicted through the front door."

Tom first said his farewells to the Poor House and exchanged raspberries with Samuel. He walked through the gate in the barred wall, changed into turquoise jacket with navy blue slacks, said farewell to the Rich House giving a tearful Serena an intimate hug and then flanked by Sim Brother Security Guards, Tom became the first person to leave the Sim Brother II house.

The Tom Jones Interview

Will - "And here he is, our first eviction. Tom Jones." (applause and a couple of boos) "Tom, it's great meeting a man of your talent and skill. My mother is a great fan."
Tom - "Thankyou, Will."
Will - "I don't know whether to congratulate or commiserate you on being the first evictee from the Sim Brother house."
Tom - "I think it's commiserations, Will."
Will - "So you weren't happy leaving, then?"
Tom - "No. I thought I had some more good weeks left in there."
Will - "Do you have any idea who evicted you?"
Tom - "I have a few ideas, but I'll let you tell me."
Will - "You were nominated by George, Geri, Lucy & Samuel."
Tom - "Only four? I would have thought it would be more. I expected David would have voted for me. I'm wrong."
Will - "What do you consider to be your best time in the house?"
Tom - "The thing I will remember the most is forging a friendship with Serena. She was the one who I got on the best with and I hope that we will stay in touch when the series is over."
Will - "And who did you get on the least?"
Tom - "David. However, we were getting on better today. I don't think I will have left the game on bad terms with anybody."
Will - "What do you plan to do with yourself now?"
Tom - "Go somewhere warm where there are no cameras on me."
Will - "And finally, Tom, the question on everyone's lips. Were you a Sim Brother plant?"
Tom - "No."
Will - "Thankyou, Tom."

And that is where we have to leave you tonight.
How will the housemates survive without Tom?
Tune in tomorrow night to find out.


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