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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 15 (Thursday 5 September 2002)
The Day After
The housemates have in for two weeks and just seen their first eviction. Although four of the housemates nominated Tom, there is no satisfaction among them. Tom was appointed by Sim Brother to go into the house. Several of the housemates were of the opinion that those who were selected for inclusion were "plants" from Sim Brother. This was not the case.

Serena was nervous and upset to see Tom go. Can she make friends with the rest of the housemates before Wednesday, or could she be going the same way as Tom?

Democracy -v- Dictatorship
3.12AM - David had fallen asleep on the floor in the Poor House bedroom. The other housemates were coming to terms with Tom's eviction and the realisation that their fate was in the hands of the viewing public. George and Serena had raided the fridge and made supper to be joined by Geri. The subjects of eviction and how it affected the balance of power were on their minds.
Geri - "There are four of us and three of them. Although there are more of us, they have more beds. Sim Brother might move one of us down."
George - "Without consulting us? That's undemocratical."
Geri - "We aren't in a democracy now, George. Sim Brother can decide things for us."
George - "What a neat idea! I could use it in the White House. I do what I want to do, I choose my own laws and the country has to go along with it."
Serena - "The people would not like it."
George - "Well, I wouldn't stop them from leaving."

Good Afternoon, Housemates
1.00PM - The housemates were very late in getting up. By Midday, only Nicole, David and Lucy were awake between the two houses. Geri was up before George and made her side of the bed, leaving him in there.

In the Poor House, Nicole had made burgers and over brunch, Tom was the subject of conversation
David - "Tom will be eating well at the Simfield Hilton. I wonder if he will be thinking of us."
Nicole - "He only got on with Serena, so he won't be thinking about us eating our staple diet of burgers."
Samuel - "He could be missing us and want to come back in ... but I doubt it."

Over the Fence
2.00PM - David and Sam were looking over the fence into the Rich Garden.
David - "This divide is getting me p***ed off."
Samuel - "That makes two of us. I'd just got to grips with how Servo worked before I had to come over."
David - "In the C4TV series, every week people had a chance to try again and prove which side they could be in."
Samuel - "Well, this show is on TSZ. They do things differently there."
David - "I wonder how many people watch the show."
Samuel - "We'll never know until we get out of here."

A Colourful Anecdote
3.00PM - The Poor House were all sat around the campfire. David was playing the guitar and singing.
David - "# Blue is the colour, football is the game # - "
Samuel - "Pardon me, Dave, but isn't that a Chelsea football song?"
David - "You're right, although United has a blue away strip. I think we've had strips in every colour. The club kept changing them to make more money. The worst one we had was a grey one. We couldn't see where our teammates were. That's now a collector's item. We didn't win that match. I remember when ... "
Samuel - "(Why did I open my mouth?)"

Afternoon in the Tub
5.00PM - All of the Rich House were in the hottub and talking over why they had come into the house.
Serena - "The money is not important to me. Although I want to win, I want to become the Sim Brother winner and enjoy the experience."
Geri - "It's the exposure that we are all in here for. We're celebrities and we don't want to get out of here."
6.25PM - Serena and Lucy had got out of the tub leaving George and Geri in there. Geri was asking George about the difference between the British monarchy and the American presidency.
Geri - "The Queen used to have the Royal Yacht 'Britannia'. What does the president get?"
George - "I tried deep sea fishing from the USS Eisenhower but I needed a really long line and I kept having to get off the flightdeck when a plane came in to land. That was a pain."

David's Inquiry
7.12PM - David was called to his Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "How are you feeling having not been evicted?"
David - "I am very pleased that the public didn't bench me from this game. I still want to play. I do still want to see Victoria, Brooklyn and especially Romeo, but I know they understand my being in here. Mr.Ericcson and Mr.Ferguson said they could do without me. I hope United are doing well. You can't tell me their last score can you?"
SB - "Sim Brother made an exception to the rule when you were told the news about Romeo being born. Football results are NOT an exception."
David - "Oh well, I had to ask, though."
SB - "How are you feeling being on the poor side of the house?"
David - "I don't like it much. Now I'm on Nicole's team, if I am selected to play in any of the battles, I will do my best to get forward into the other half. The team have to win. I want to win."

Be careful what you say!
9.55PM - Lucy was gossiping to Serena about Geri.
Lucy - "I think Geri is using the men in here for her own advantage. She strung Dave along. Now she's stringing George along."
Serena - "I like her but I don't trust her. We don't know what is going on between her and George."
Lucy - "It might be better if she was removed from the picture."
Serena - "Is it wise for you to talk to me about things like that?"
Lucy - "I'm just telling you how I feel."

Sim Brother - "Will Lucy please come to the Diary Room?"
Lucy - (groans) "I think I know what this is about."
Sim Brother - "Lucy, you were advised that talking about strategies is against the rules and told that if you did something like this again, you would receive a warning. Sim Brother is therefore issuing you with your first official warning."
Lucy (sighs) - "Whatever."

Sad Serena
11.45PM - Serena was called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (sc) - "Serena, at 10.05PM today, you were party to a conversation about voting strategies. This is not in direct violation of the Sim Brother rules, but it is borderline. You are not being issued with a warning but you are advised that any similar conversations will result in you receiving an official warning."
Serena - "I understand, Sim Brother."
SB - "How are you finding things in the house today?"
Serena - "I am missing Tom. He was the only friend that I had in here. I also don't know what the housemates think of me. Lucy and I have been talking a bit lately, but I don't think she trusts me. George & Geri also talk to me but I get the feeling they think I am a mole. You know I'm not. If I told them that I wasn't, they would be even more convinced that I was a mole. I can't win. I am not very comfortable over here. That is why I am thinking of walking out."

And on that note, we have to leave the house.
  • Will Serena go ahead with her plan to walk?
  • Will Samuel ever take his Golkan beret off?

    Tune in tomorrow

  • Newsflash!
    Reports are reaching the Sim Brother studios that in another famous house on Pennsimvania Avenue, George's apparent deviation towards dictatorship is causing a lot of disharmony. An "undisclosed White House source" said "If this continues, they may be no alternative but to install another President to restore the nation's faith in the Constitution".

    Stay tuned to this channel for further developments on this story.


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