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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 16 (Friday 6 September 2002)
The Pinball Skirmish
George admitted he went deep sea fishing on the USS Eisenhower and thought that Sim Brother autocracy would be ideal to use from the Oval Office, which started some alarm bells ringing in the White House. David and Samuel spent some of the day looking over the fence. Because she was talking about voting strategies, Lucy received her first warning. Serena was advised not to do it again before she told the Sim Brother that she was wanting to leave.

You think that was busy? Read On.

Sleep On It, Serena
Sim Brother (sc) - "Serena, it is late on the night and this might be affecting your decisions. Please sleep on it, see how the day goes and come back tomorrow night. If you are no happier, Sim Brother will discuss this with you further."
Serena - "I understand what you are saying, Sim Brother. I just don't know if it will make any difference."
SB - "See you tomorrow, Serena."

Noises Off
2.52AM - Geri & George were in the garden playing darts. Sam was watching them from over the fence.
Samuel - "I can hear something happening outside."
George - "I don't hear nothing."
Geri - "I can hear something. It's from the Battlezones."
Samuel - "I guess we'll find out tomorrow what type of battle we are fighiting."
Sim Brother (sc) - "All housemates will come in from the garden."

Prepare to fight
9.51AM - David & Sam were the first ones up in the Poor House and were in the garden. Sam was talking about what he had heard during the night.

Samuel - "Don't count on this, but I'm pretty sure that there's going to be a battle today."
David - "What gives you that idea?"
Samuel - "There was some work going on in the Battlezones last night. When I started talking about what I could hear with George and Geri, Sim Brother told us to come back inside."
David - "I wonder what type of battle it will be."
Samuel - "We'll find out soon enough. We'll have to get prepared in case we are picked. Anything to get us back over to the other side."

Captain's Call
1.00PM - Both Nicole and Lucy had been called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (f) - "This afternoon, you will be fighting again in the Battlezones in a Three Way Pinball Machine challenge. Because the sides are uneven, Lucy will have to choose which one of her housemates will not be playing."
"Each team will have three machines, labelled 'A', 'B' & 'C' and they will be competing with their respective opponents. Each captain will have to select which housemate will be on which machine.
"If the Poor Team wins two games or more, they will all exchange places with the Rich Team.
"Whoever gets the highest score will receive §1,000 when they leave the house. They will also win a pinball machine for the duration of their stay in the house."

Choose Your Team
In the Poor House garden, Nicole had explained the rules and they were all discussing strategy.
David - "As long as we win two games, it doesn't matter if we lose one. I'm quite good. That's one thing I can beat Mr.Ericcson at. I'll play on Machine 'A'."
Samuel - "I don't know Jack **** about pinball. I'll do Machine 'C'."
Nicole - "That leaves me. I'll do Machine 'B'."
Over the Rich House kitchen table, Lucy was sorting out her team.
Lucy - "I have to bench one of your three for this challenge. Who has no experience at all of pinball?"
Serena - "I've never played a game in my life."
Lucy - "You're benched. My experience isn't much better. I'll play Machine 'C'. Who has experience with pressing buttons?"
George - "I've got the button for the USA's nuclear arsenal. I've also played 'Simtown Madness' a couple of times."
Lucy - "Good enough. Machine 'A'. Geri, that leaves you on Machine 'B'."

Sim Brother - "Will both teams go through the doorways in the north wall of their living areas and follow the pathway around. The rest will be self explanatory."

Pinball Skirmish
With three balls only, plus any from replay, the housemates knew the challenge would be as long as they made it quick and that they would have to play their best at pinball in a short space of time. Neither Sam, David and George were feeling comfortable as neither of them had slept well and had all been muttering about back trouble but the skirmish had to go ahead.

Within an hour, it was all over and Sim Brother read out the scores in ascending order of machines.

"C. Lucy, you scored 178,000. Samuel, you scored 913,250. The Poor House leads by 1 game to 0."
"B. Geri, you scored 1,632,000. Nicole, you scored 5,052,000. The Poor House leads by 2 games to 0."
There was a cheer from Nicole, David & Samuel.
"A. George, you scored 5,362,000. David, you scored 5,659,500. The Poor House has won by 3 games to 0.

"David, you are the winner of §1,000 when you leave here and a pinball machine is at your disposal for all of your time in the house."
"Lucy, George & Geri, you will proceed through to the Poor House. Nicole, David & Samuel, you will proceed to the Rich House."
Samuel - "Servo, Daddy's coming home!"

Back In Paradise
4.15PM - With a whooping and a cheering, Samuel, David & Nicole came to the Rich House. The pinball machine was already in place and Nicole couldn't resist having a go on David's new toy and Samuel had switched on his old mechanical friend.
Samuel - "Okay, Servo. I'm back. Let's see what you can do for me today."

In the Ghetto
9.00PM - George had immediately gone to bed. The other inhabitants of the Poor House were in a rebellious mood, especially Geri.
Geri - "This is madness! We can't live like this! Sam and his chronies are now living it up in luxury and we have to suffer!"
Lucy - "You're a bad loser, Geri. We all lost out."
Serena - "I didn't play and I still end up in here. It's not good enough, Lucy."
Lucy - "So what do you expect me to do?"
Geri - "Demand that the divide comes down!"

Soaking It Up
10.10PM - Samuel, David and Nicole were living it up in the Hottub. They all appeared to be quite pleased with themselves..

Samuel - "It's good to be back."
Nicole - "It's good to be here. I've been in the Poor House for over a week. You two had only been over there for a few days."
David - "Did I tell you about my six cars?" ;-)

11.40PM - The tension in the Poor House was rising. Yet again, Serena and Geri were furious with the situation.
Serena - "You couldn't lead a horse to water, let alone lead a team of housemates to victory. As a captain, you are pathetic!"
Geri - "You can blub all you want, Lucy. You lost us the rich side. We don't care any more. We are going to see Sim Brother about this."
Lucy - "B-but you can't. It's against the rules."
Geri - "You talking about rules? That's a laugh. Come on, Serena. That divide is coming down tonight."
Before Lucy could stop them, Geri and Serena had stormed into the Diary Room.
Geri - "Stop hiding behind that screen, Sim Brother! Get out of here! We are NOT going to take this lying down. I refuse to live in this ghetto. I demand the divide comes down or you'll get a situation that could bring this show to an end **** quick!"
This volatile point is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • What situation does Geri have in mind?
  • Can the show be brought to an end this quickly?
  • Is David ever going to stop going on about his cars?

    Tune in tomorrow


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