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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 17 (Saturday 7 September 2002)
The Poor House Is Revolting
Six of the seven housemates were at war yesterday in the battlezones. With pinball machines as their weapons, the skirmish resulted in a decisive victory for the team who had come to the battlezone from the Poor House. All of the housemates who were originally from the Rich House had to change places ... and there was a lot of dissent.

Even though Lucy was the Captain, Geri and Serena had stormed into the Diary Room and demanded that the Divide comes down. The situation was at a volatile level ... but could Geri live up to her promise of bringing the show to a premature close?

Early Warning
7.05AM - Geri was awake, and was called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (f) - "Hello, Geri. On Day 8, Sim Brother told you quite clearly that anyone other than the Captain was not allowed in the Diary Room unless they are summoned there. Last night, you broke this rule by coming in here with Serena. Therefore, Sim Brother is issuing you with an official warning."
Geri (muttered) - "You'll regret it"

Geri & George
7.20AM - Geri immediately went and told George.

George - "You knew the rules of this place when you came here. Sim Brother could change them when he or she felt like it. You've broken one of them and have paid the consequences."
Geri - "I know, but it's so unfair. I don't want to be on this side. That divide has to come down."
Geri's feelings for George were growing.

George - "Geri, there are a lot of consequences to being a leader. If you feel the way about me that I think you do, you'll listen to what I say. Don't make too many waves or you'll drown."
Geri - "But as I said, Georgie, it's not fair that things have happened the way they did."
George - "Tell that to Al Bore and the Florida Simocrats."

A Change In Command
11.30AM - George spoke to Lucy and advised her to surrender her position as captain. Lucy considered this and went straightway to the Diary Room - "If someone else wants to be Captain, they can be. The team lost. I don't think it was my fault, but Geri and Serena don't see it like that.."
12.00PM - The Poor House gathered together to elect a new Captain.

Lucy - "I vote for Geri."
Serena - "I vote for Lucy." Geri glared at her.
George - "My vote is for Geri."
Geri - "I propose George."
Sim Brother (f) - "With two votes, Geri is the new Poor House captain."

The Captain's Demands
12.30PM - Geri's first move was to come back to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (f) - "Hello, Geri."
Geri - "That divide must come down. I will come in here every day and tell you to do it until it happens."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Geri - "Also, I can't eat burgers all day and every day. We want a fridge with more provisions."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Geri - "I want a change of clothes. I was going to get changed before the skirmish but missed out."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Geri - "Are you going to say anything else?" (silence) "If you want us to cooperate with you, you have to bring the divide down."
With that, Geri stormed out of the Diary Room. She was still blaming Lucy for their current status and took it out on George & Serena.
Geri - "She got us in here! Serena, you voted for her as Captain. You are two-faced!"
George - "Geri honey, just shut up! You're the leader now. Stop shouting!"

A Brief Lull
3.45PM - Things had quietened down in the Poor House a little bit. George was unclogging the toilet that he had blocked - "This looks like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks" he muttered to himself.
Geri was taking a shower and overtly posed to the camera. However, at that time, there was a temporary fault with the camera and the picture was not very clear.

Serena Decides
4.26PM - Serena was called to the Diary Room and was issued with her first warning for what she did the previous night.
SB - "Apart from that, how are you finding it today, Serena?"
Serena - "I feel sorry for Lucy. I have got closer to her over the last couple of days but I was really upset over losing the battle. I don't know what came over me turning against her and storming in here last night."
SB - "What are your thoughts about walking out?"
Serena - "No way. I want to stay. I feel I should be loyal to who I believe are my friends."

The Strike Begins
5.30PM - Over the past three hours, Geri had been working on some radical plans and told George about them..
Geri - "Sim Brother isn't listening to me. It's time to show that I mean business. We are not going to clean up or wash and we are also going on a Hunger Strike."
George - "What?! There's no way -"
Geri - "You elected me as your Captain. I am doing this for this house's benefit, not my own glory. I could be judging 'PopStars' (UK) at the moment. I am therefore going to make the most of being in here."
5.45PM - Geri went on to tell her plans to Lucy and Serena.
Lucy - "Geri, I am starving. I haven't eaten all day."
Geri - "Well, you will get Sim Brother's attention first when you pass out. You got us in here. This will get us out of here."
Serena - "But I'm starving too, Geri."
Geri - "Good. The divide will be down in hours."
6.05PM - George and Geri appealed directly to the overhead cameras.

Geri - "We could all die in here, you jackass! Bring down the divide."
George - "You can't let us live like this. Give in to her demands."

Worrying over the Wall
7.15PM - George was starting to get worried about Geri's plans and voiced his concerns over the fence to David.

George - "Power is going to Geri's head. We are on a hunger strike. The thing is, we could all be dead in a matter of hours."
David - "That would be a bit unfortunate. There will be nobody left to gossip about."

A Clash With Authority
8.15PM - Geri was called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (jej) - "Good evening, Geri."
Geri - "The divide is still up and there's no fridge!"
SB - "Geri, you were told when you came in here that attempting to kill a housemate is against the rules. As you are conspiring to kill yourself and the rest of your house by this hunger strike, you are in danger of being expelled from the series. Stop it now and nothing more will be said."
Geri - "You give me a fridge or bring the divide down and my strike will stop."
Geri stormed out of the Diary Room and immediately took out her frustrations on George who had been tidying up.

George - "Hey, this is getting too crazy, Geri. We can't die for this."

The Strikebreakers
10.55 PM - It had been a long day for Geri. She had received a warning, managed to get Lucy to resign and then replace her as leader, given Sim Brother her demands and started a hunger strike. Perhaps it was that or it a day without food was telling on Geri as she took a nap in the garden. The other three took the opportunity to talk about the situation.

Lucy was taking a stand.
Lucy - "I know she's the Captain. I voted for her myself, but this is crazy. It's only a gameshow. I'm not dying just for the sake of ratings. Yes, we are in the poor house. I don't think it's my fault we are here. We are not in a Refugee Camp. George, you lived over here under these conditions. Those who are now in the Rich House lived here. So can we. I'm hungry. I'm doing some burgers."
Lucy went ahead, fired up the barbecue and made a large plate of burgers. Just as everyone was tucking in, Geri was waking up ... and that is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • How will Geri react to the strikebreakers?
  • Will she ever get to see a fridge again?
  • What has been happening in the rich house?

  • Tune in tomorrow for more questions and some answers.


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