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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 18 (Sunday 8 September 2002)
Girl Power
Orchestrated by the newly elected captain, the Poor House started a revolt to bring the divide down. Her actions were extreme enough to start a hunger strike. While she napped in the garden, the other three members of the Poor House had given into their hunger. How would Geri react to find her threat to bring the show to a premature end had failed?

The Strike Ends
12.15PM - Geri was annoyed to find that the strike had been broken.
Geri - "YOU FOOLS! With your giving in, Sim Brother has won."
Serena - "We're not stopping you carry on."
Geri - "That's pointless. The protest only had effect when we all did it."
George - "Well, these burgers are subliminable. Grab one and chow down."
Geri reluctantly did what George suggested. She did not look pleased.

Living It Up
6.30AM - As part of the conditions of being in the Sim Brother house, all housemates had experimental dream monitors. Samuel's dreams showed that even when he was asleep, the luxuries of the house were foremost in his mind. As stated, the monitors were experimental and could not quite define what the dreams were. His unusual and quite bizarre obsession with Servo could be another influencing factor triggering this dream.
7.45AM - All of the Rich house were awake.
Samuel - "I think I'll get Servo to make us some steaks today."
David was not as keen on Servo's cooking as Samuel was - "It'll still probably taste like his usual slop."
Nicole was also enjoying it by having a long soak in the bath.

"Good Will" Geri
11.18AM - In the Poor House, the four housemates were gathered around the campfire. Geri was making an effort to make amends.

Geri - "Perhaps I was a bit extreme in my efforts yesterday."
George - "Perhaps? Definitely more like. None of us wanted a visit from the Gym Reaper."
Geri - "I just don't like this side of the house. I justed wanted to be out of here."
Serena - "Both George and I have been over here before. You'll learn to cope."

Rules of the Duel
12.00PM - "This is Sim Brother. Would all captains please come to the Diary Rooms." Once they have assembled, Sim Brother continues. "Later this afternoon, you will be called into the Battlezones for a test of fitness. You will be allowed to change into more appropriate clothing. You will have an exercise machine and must bench press until one of you refuses to go any further. The prize is the Rich House."
Sim Brother (sc) - "You have until when you are called to relax or prepare yourself in whatever way you choose."

Get 'em while they're hot!
1.25PM - Lucy's skills on the barbecue left something to be desired. When the basketball hoop, barbecue, counter and trash bin were engulphed in flames, panic ensued. However, the three girls of the house quickly got to work tackling the fire. It took quite a while but the fire was extinguished. Strangely enough, the burgers were not consumed by the flames.

Suggestions for Servo
2.28PM - David chatted with Samuel about food.

David - "If you want Servo to cook something useful, see if he can make pizzas for us."
Samuel - "I don't know if it can do that, but I'll give it a try."
David - "If that robot - "
Samuel - "Don't call him a robot. He is called Servo, but I'll see what I can do."

A Test of Girl Power
6.00PM - Sim Brother - "Both Captains will now proceed through the North doors into the Battlezones. Follow your routes, get into position and when the klaxon sounds, begin."

Following the same route they followed only a couple of days ago, they found themselves in the same zone but redesigned with two Exerto Benchpresses, one red and white for Geri and one blue and yellow for Nicole.

AWOOGAH! The games began.
8.34PM - All of them were proceeding well, but one of them had to give in first. Geri was in excrutiating agony and finally had to admit defeat. However, showing some uncharacteristic sportsmanship, she met Nicole at the fence and gave her a congratulatory hug.

Geri - "Well done. You deserved it."

Winning & Losing
9.24PM - Nicole immediately lay down on the couch and fell asleep.

Samuel - "Should we wake her up and tell her 'Well done'?"
David - "If she's anything like Victoria, she will be a real grouch if she's woken up suddenly."
Samuel - "Perhaps I'll thank her in the morning."

Geri came back to the Poor House to find Serena waiting for her.

Serena - "No luck, eh?"
Geri - "Why of all days did I have to get bad cramps!!?"
Serena - "You were just unlucky. Better luck next time."
Geri - "I could have won. I wanted to win so we could go back."
Serena - "You can't win them all ... and I know from experience."

Contemplative Geri
10.51PM - Everyone else had gone to bed. Geri was sat alone in the Poor House living area. She had lost the Captain's Duel and was not feeling good about it. She said to herself "Accept it, Jellywell, you're going to be here for a while" and with that she got up and went to bed.
With nobody else awake in the house, that is where we are opting to leave it.
  • Will Geri get used to being in the Poor House?
  • Will Samuel get Servo to make pizzas?
  • Could Sim Brother relax the rules?
  • You'll find out tomorrow.

    The blue & yellow benchpress comes from "Coasters" of Sim Lane. It's well worth a visit.


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