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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 19 (Monday 9 September 2002)
Pizzas for Everybody !!
The Hunger Strike ended. Geri tried to moderate her behaviour, managed to help put out a fire but failed to win the duel of Fitness and Endurance. Therefore, the status quo in the house remained unchanged. Would this re-invented Geri manage to get through to Sim Brother and get some of her demands? However, there is a new Sim Brother who could cause a few surprises in the house.

Early Risers
7.11AM - Nicole has just woken up. Her strenuous efforts of the day before had managed to keep the housemates in the comfortable lifestyle that they were accustomed to but had exhausted her.
Over in the Poor House, Lucy was awake and tidying up the Yard. She had been fairly silent since she had been persuaded to stand down as Captain but still felt the house should be tidy.

Breakfast Banter
8.37AM - All of the Rich House were awake and enjoying breakfast that Nicole had made. Nicole speaks to Samuel about Servo.

Nicole - "Are you really thinking of reprogramming it?"
Samuel - "Sure am. I want pizza and by tonight, it will be making pizza."
Nicole - "Just be careful."
Samuel - "Hey, there'll be no problem."

"You did your best"
10.06AM - Over in the Poor House, George and Serena are consoling Geri over losing the duel yesterday.
Serena - "It is hard being over here but I handled it before. I was fortunate enough to get across to the Rich House, but it is not impossible to enjoy yourselves over here. You did your best. That is enough for me."
However, when George tried to kiss her, she brushed him off - "I'm sorry, Georgie. I'm not in the mood."

Geri calls a Meeting
12.40PM - Geri calls the Poor House together for a meeting.
Geri - "I might have been a bit tough on you guys. That's not me. I'm quite nice once you get to know me."
Lucy - "(I'll believe that when I see it)"
Geri - "What I want to do is to improve our conditions of living. I now know that almost killing ourselves is not the best way."
George - "You're absolutely right there."
Geri - "Do you want things to be better over here?"
Serena - "Geri, I want the rules to be easier on us. We are not getting a break. Sim Brother is being unfair to us. Tell him to relax the rules a bit and give us something to cheer us up."
Geri - "When I've got dressed, I'll go and see whoever's on. I might strike lucky. I still want that fridge for us. We deserve that at least."
Lucy - "For once I agree. Good luck."

Sam gets technical
1.39PM - Sam was busy studying Servo's technical manual.

David - "How's the reading going?"
Samuel - "I think I've cracked it. Twisting a subroutine and a couple of parameters should be all that it needs."
David - "You mean you can get it to make pizza?"
Samuel - "I sure can. Servo will be making us our dinner."

A new voice in the Diary Room
2.18PM - Geri came to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (f2) - "Good afternoon, Geri."
Geri - "You're a new one. I think I know your voice as well."
SB - "What do you want?"
Geri - "We are finding things really hard. We've tried to get your attention by going on hunger strike, but that didn't work."
SB - "You'll have to try harder."
Geri - "WHAT?! We are NOT killing ourselves."
SB - "We could bring someone in who does want to go along with the rules."
Geri - "Who do you think you are?"
SB - "The new Sim Brother."
Geri - "I DO know that voice. Please make things easier for us. A fridge would be nice. Something to cheer us up would also be great."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you. Goodbye."

Making amends
2.45PM - Upon leaving the Diary Room, Geri came and apologised to Lucy.

Geri - "I've been too hard on you. You did your best for the house and I blamed you for not trying. I have just had a run in with a new Sim Brother and she sounds like a real cow. I am pretty sure I know who she is as well."

Pizza galore!
3.10PM - Samuel's work was complete and after keying in a few commands, he turned on Servo.
Samuel - "Okay, my mechanical buddy, here's your new program."

5.30PM - The program started working well and before long, Samuel was enjoying the first pizza.
However. before long, it had gone wrong.
Badly wrong.
Samuel was rather worried - "Servo, I said I wanted a pizza, not to open Pizza Hut."
Servo did not respond and carried on making pizzas.
David frantically tried to turn Servo off and Nicole came to the Diary Room
Nicole - "Can you help us out? Servo has gone crazy."
Sim Brother (f2) - "Sim Brother will get back to you. Goodbye."
Nicole - "(A fat lot of good you are)".

Error - Malfunction - Abort
5.48PM - It was when Servo was returning to his Docking Unit that David noticed the small flrey flickers of flame. And Servo burst into flames. Sam immediately rushed in with a fire extinguisher but despite his brave efforts, it did not look like he was having any effect.
Samuel looked on in dismay as in front of his very eyes. a §15,000 electronic & mechanical masterpiece turned into a worthless hulk of scorched metal and melted circuit boards and wires.

A generous suggestion
6.10PM - After the commotion and while Samuel was brushing up the remains, David and Nicole were resting in the garden.

Nicole - "I don't think Sam will be feeling too good after this."
David - "Nope. At least we've got pizza for dinner."
Nicole - "We've got more than we need. I wonder if Sim Brother will let us give some to those next door. I'll go and ask."
Sim Brother (sc) - "Hello, Nicole."
Nicole - "I was wondering as we have pizza to spare, could we give some to next door?"
Sim Brother (sc) - "If you all go into the garden, Sim Brother will collect a couple of the boxes. Can Sim Brother help you with anything else?"
Nicole - "Well ... as we've lost our cleaner, we were wondering if he will be replaced. Samuel is a bit distraught."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."

Pizzas all round
7.10PM - The Pizzas had gone down very well in the Poor House. Samuel and David were also enjoying their pizzas.
David - "I thought you had it sorted?"
Samuel - "So did I. At least we got a large supply of pizza out of it."
Sim Brother (sc) - "Would Samuel please come to the Diary Room."

Post Mortem Decision
9.43PM - Sim Brother (sc) - "Servo was a very expensive piece of machinery that was intended to serve the Rich House until the divide comes down. Due to your tinkering with its programming, it malfunctioned and was destroyed. Sim Brother had either the choice of replacing it and issuing you with another warning, or not replacing it. You should be grateful that Sim Brother has decided to go for the second option."

Samuel - "Thankyou, Sim Brother."

The End of the Day
11.51PM - The three Rich Housemates were in the hottub. Samuel had told them about what Sim Brother had said.
David - "Never tinker with technology. The furthest I have got is tightening the studs on my boots."
Samuel - "What about your cars?"
David - "I don't know how they work. I just know that they look good. The man at the garage fixes them."
11.56PM - Geri was called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (sc) - "Hello, Geri. Did you enjoy your pizza?"
Geri - "Yes, thankyou, Sim Brother. I'm so glad it's you who is on and not the one who sounds like Anne Robinson."
SB - "Your requests have been considered and this is Sim Brother's decision ..."

And that is where we must leave it.

  • Will the Poor House get any concessions?
  • Will Sam ever get over the loss of Servo?
  • Is anybody thinking about nominations yet?

    Tune in tomorrow


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