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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 20 (Tuesday 10 September 2002)
Another Mind Duel
With a new Sim Brother on the dayshift, Geri and Nicole were surprised by the abrupt treatment. With a more conciliatory approach, Geri has asked for some improvements in the Poor house conditions. Just before midnight, she was called to see Sim Brother who had made judgement.

Sim Brother (sc) - "Sim Brother has consulted the psychologists in answer to your requests. Your first request for a fridge is granted. Your request for something to cheer you up has been denied at this moment. However, this might be reconsidered should the Poor House be kept clean and tidy."
Geri - "Thankyou, Sim Brother."

Presents for the Poor
5.54AM - Lucy was the first one up in the Poor House. The pizzas of the day before seem like a distant memory as once again, Lucy is back to making burgers for breakfast. It was while she was in the garden making the burgers that Sim Brother technicians dropped off the fridge.

11.01AM - To accompany the fridge, Sim Brother's generosity had stretched to providing them with a proper outdoor dining table with matching chairs.Serena had seen the fridge and prepared a salad for the house. Lucy thanked Geri - "It seemed like your demands had an effect after all."
Geri - "They said it was because of the psychologists ... but I think that Sim Brother might have a heart after all."
Lucy - "I wouldn't count on it."

Rich Relationships
12.08PM - In the Rich House, Sam was busy tidying up. In the bathroom, David told Nicole - "I am really pleased to be here and have you as my captain" and with that he kissed her on the hand, following which she hugged him in return. They appeared to be growing closer together through this brief encounter.

Captain's Call
3.30PM - Sim Brother (jej) - "Could all Captains come to the Diary Room." Once they have assembled, Sim Brother continues. "Firstly, the rules are changed. All housemates are free to visit Sim Brother without having to be summoned. Secondly, this afternoon is the second Duel of Minds. Could both captains please select one of their housemates for this five question quiz, with the subjects including Romance and Money."
Geri - "Serena."
Nicole - "David."

Duel of the Minds
4.00PM - Sim Brother (ar) - "Good afternoon, David & Serena. The subjects of your Duel of Minds today are Romance and Money. Neither of you will be able to hear the other's answers, but all of your housemates will. If Serena wins the duel, she exchanges places with David. If David wins, nothing changes. I will begin.

"Question 1 - What is the unit of currency of the Netherlands?"
David - "The Euro"
Serena - "The Euro"
SB - "You are both correct. You two seem to have done your homework but will this continue?
"Question 2 - On what date is Saint Valentine's Day?"
David - "February 14th"
Serena - "February 14th"
SB - "Once again, you are both correct.
"Question 3 - Where is the New York stock exchange located?"
David - "Madison Avenue"
Serena - "Wall Street"
SB - "The correct answer is Wall Street. Somebody doesn't follow his stocks and shares ... if he knows what they are.
"Question 4 - Which poet wrote the poem that starts 'I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er vales and hills'."
David - "William Wordsworth"
Serena - "William Blake"
SB - "The correct answer is William Wordsworth Someone wasn't paying attention in her English Literature class.
"Question 5 - What does ERM stand for?"
David - "Exchange Rates Machinery"
Serena - "Exchange Rules Mechanism"
SB - "The correct answer is Exchange Rate Mechanism. Apparently, both of you left your brains in your pajamas today. As you are both tied on 4 points each, we now go to sudden death. The first person to get a question wrong loses."
"Question 6 - Who is the Greek Goddess of Love?"
David - "Venus"
Serena - "Aphrodite"
SB - "The correct answer is Aphrodite. Serena, you are the winner and will proceed to the Rich House through the gateway in the wall. David, you are today's weaker Sim and will go the the Poor House through that route. Goodbye."
Serena - "Don't I get to take anyone with me?"
SB - "No"

5.00PM - Before he passed through the gap, Nicole kissed David goodbye - "I hope you are back over here soon." Once he had crossed into the Poor House, Serena replaced him and brought a burger with her.

Getting Settled
7.08PM - The small consolation that David had was his pinball machine that came with him. This made him an hit with Geri, who immediately wanted to have a game. David was trying to be sociable with the Poor House. Lucy told him - "I was thinking of walking but I'm not so sure now. I think it will do me good to stay around a bit longer and see how things pan out."
David - "I thought of walking, but I want to stay until the end."
8.15PM - Serena was quickly relaxing in the Rich House and after having had a chat with Nicole over the dinner table about the latest designs, she had a chat with Sam about his sporting interests.
Samuel - "I keep track of soccer, but my biggest love is golf."
Serena - "I play a little bit of tennis, knocking a ball about a bit and such" ;)

Captain's Regret
9.20PM - Nicole is called to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (sc) - "How are you, Nicole?"
Nicole - "I feel a bit bad losing Dave. I was just getting close to him. I know he has got Victoria on the outside, but inside here, everybody needs somebody."
SB - "How are you getting on with Serena?"
Nicole - "She's coming out of her shell a bit. She's a quiet girl, but I think she has a lot of potential in the house."

Close Down
11.48PM - Serena was fast asleep on the couch. Everyone else was asleep in their beds and that seems the most sensible place to leave them.
Tomorrow, they all have to make their decisions.
  • Who will they decide is the most popular?
  • Who do the house want to see leave?
  • Will the exchanged housemates be accepted?

  • You can find out the big news tomorrow


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