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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 21 (Wednesday 11 September 2002)
The 2nd Nomination Day
Under advice from the psychologists, things were made a little bit easier for the Poor House. David and Nicole were getting closer but she chose him to represent the Rich House in the second Duel of Minds, delivered by the new Sim Brother. It went to a Tie Breaker, and David lost. He was exchanged with Serena, but with nominations looming, whose future in the house is secure?

Early Rising
4.45AM - Serena was the first housemate awake and was cleaning the bathroom.
5.27AM - George was the first housemate awake over the divide and he was preparing a "Hilton Salad" for the Poor House's breakfast.
6.49AM - George had been joined by Geri and they were making the most of David's pinball machine.
Geri - "I wonder if he'll start talking about his cars now he's over here."
George - "The way he goes on, it makes it sound like he owns General Motors."
7.46AM - David was the last housemate up in the Poor House and was tucking into a plate of salad.

Morning Moaning
11.30AM - Geri was talking to David about Samuel - "What did he do to Servo?"
David - "We wanted pizza and he managed to program it to make them ... and it went wrong."
Geri - "That was crazy. At least we got some pizza from your supply, which was a small consolation."
12.02PM - Lucy - "I'm getting impatient. When are the nominations?"
David - "When Sim Brother feels like it. We are kept on our toes because of it."

Remembering 9-11
1.46PM - Following a pre-arranged signal from Sim Brother, at what would have been 8.46AM EST, all of the housemates stopped what they were doing. Either standing or seated, they were silent for a few minutes. All of the housemates remembered the tragic events from the year before and their thoughts went out to the bereaved.

3.00PM - Just over an hour later, the housemates had to begin the process of nomination and were called individually to their respective Diary Rooms. Sim Brother started with the Captains.
Geri - "I firstly nominate Nicole because I don't get on with her very well. My second nomination is for Serena. I cannot quite relate to her and I feel she would be happier on the outside.
"The person I feel most deserves to win is David."
Nicole - "My first nomination is for Serena (2). She doesn't appear to be settling in that well. My second nomination is Geri. I didn't like her dogmatic style of leadership and I don't know if she'd use it again.
"David (2) is the one I feel most deserves to win."
David - "I'd like to nominate Serena (3). She's even quieter than I am and I find it unsettling. My second nominee is Lucy, because I think she has a hidden agenda and is too sly for her own good.
"I think Nicole deserves to win."
Samuel - "Nominee Number One is Geri (2). She's too pushy and I don't like that. Nominee Number Two is George. I don't think he really knows what is going on in here.
"Lucy is my favourite person and I think she should win."
George - "I normanise Samuel. I don't think he likes me and therefore, I don't like him. The other one I think should go is Serena (4). She's a lovely girl, but she's not quite one of the team.
"I think Geri should win. She's fiery, passionate and is a natural leader."

Serena will definitely be facing the public vote this week.

Serena - "Hello. I think David really wants to see Romeo so I am putting him as my first nomination. My second nomination is George (2), as I think he is missing his comfy chair in the Oval Office.
"My favourite person is Geri (2) and she deserves to win."
Lucy - "He's a nice guy but David (2) has to go. Serena (5) is nice as well, but as she didn't go through the selection process, I still don't trust her."
"Geri (3) has done a good job and I think she should win."

Sim Brother (f) - "This week's nominations for eviction are ... in alphabetical order ...

"David ... and George ... and Geri ... and Serena "

"The most popular housemate who will receive §1,000 when leaving the house is Geri"

How do you feel now?
4.30PM - All of those who would be facing the public vote were called in by Sim Brother and asked about how they felt.
David - "I've faced it before, I can face it again. It's no big deal. If I go, great. If I stay, even better. I'd like to see Victoria, Brooklyn and Romeo but I can't just walk off during a match if I feel like it. I want to see this game through to the end rather than get an early shower."

George - "My fellow Simericans, I come to you as a numb nation for emission. I have a lot to offer this house but if you would rather have me back in the White House rather than stay in the Sim Brother house, vote me out of here."

Geri - "I'm pleased to have been voted the person who most deserves to win. I'm also not surprised to be up for eviction. I feel I've still got a lot to offer this house. I am entertaining. I am charming. I am a good laugh. Vote someone else out .... please."

Serena - "I am not very surprised to be up for eviction. I haven't really mingled with everyone as much as I could have. Over the next week, I will try and get to know everyone who I meet. If I go, I can say that I have had a good time in the house. If I stay, I have more time to develop relationships and play the game."

Exterminator Sam
5.30PM - Since Servo became a casualty of the Sim Brother series, the Rich House's state of cleanliness had deteriorated. It was so bad that it had brought on an infestation of cockroaches that had even got into the bathroom. Samuel took them on.
Samuel - "Why does this happen to houses like this? Die, you filthy scumbuckets!"

Silent Reflection
6.15PM - On the other side of the fence, George, Geri and Lucy were all sat around the campfire. Geri was strumming away at the guitar. All of them had nothing to say. Whether they were in quiet contemplation about today's anniversary or thinking about nominations, Sim Brother could not tell.

Aftershow Advertising
9.10PM - The Rich House were all in the hottub talking about advertising.

Nicole - "When I leave here, I was thinking of advertising sunglasses."
Samuel - "Hey, I've been wearing these caps for years and I get no nothing from Golkan. I've given them publicity, I don't keep it a secret that I wear Golkan caps but do Golkan thank me or even put me in their website? Do they f -"
Serena - "Is this water getting cold?"

Awake and Poor
10.45PM - Nicole had gone to bed at 9.51PM. She was the last of the Rich House to go to bed.

In the Poor House, the only one in bed was Lucy. Geri was being quite friendly to David and they were discussing exercising.
David - "If I don't get training, I'll waste away. Sir Alex and Mr. Ericcson will drop me if I've gone soft."
Geri - "I agree wholeheartedly. I need an exercise program or I'll become all flabby."

Last Man Up
11.15PM - The last one awake in the entire house was George. As earlier in the day, he appeared to be lost in silent reflection. Also as before, Sim Brother could not ascertain the cause.

However, as he turned to go to bed, he quietly said something under his breath. It was thought that he had quietly said "God Bless America".
That is where we are leaving the house. The four nominees have handled the pressure of eviction quite well, but will the bravado last through the night?
Tune in tomorrow

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