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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 22 (Thursday 12 September 2002)
A New Look & A Bad Hair Day
The main point of yesterday was the nominations. The four nominees took it quite well, and appeared confident in themselves. At the beginning of their fourth week, how many of them will be wondering if they will be there at the beginning of the next week?

Something about George
8.46AM - The Poor House were all awake. George had got up before the others and had already prepared one his Hilton Salads for breakfast.

Geri - "You look different today, George, but I can't put my finger on it, though."
George - "I'd say it's quite plain to see."
Geri - "The salad tastes different. Better, I'd say."

A Messy Problem
9.03AM - Nicole was having a frustrating morning. She had been busy tidying up since 7AM but the more rubbish she tidied up, the more rubbish she found. She was especially frustrated as some of the rubbish had not been there when she started. As the only other member of the Rich House awake was Serena, Nicole confronted her about it.
Nicole - "I've been going crazy tidying up in here. You've been up for almost as long as me and you're not helping out at all."
Serena - "So what do you expect me to do?"
Nicole - "I've seen you make yourself breakfast, have a packet of crisps (USE: chips) and just drop the empty packet on the floor."
Serena - "The trash can was full."
Nicole - "So why didn't you empty it!"
Serena - "What's the point? I'll be gone in a week. You all think I'm a plant and have shut me out. I'm fed up with it all."
Nicole - "If you're not one, stop acting like one! Get off your lazy backside and do something useful!"

Instead of taking Nicole's advice, Serena got dressed and ran herself a bath.

We want a Party
11.40AM - In the Poor House, Lucy and David had been tidying up. During their work, they stopped and talked about parties.
Lucy - "I don't know about you but we could do with one to cheer us up."
David - "There hasn't been one since I was told about Romeo and that didn't turn out to be much. I think Sly Serena has a birthday coming up this week."
Lucy - "If she has a party, it would cheer me up."
David - "If the divide is lowered for the party, I could have a good sit in one of their chairs. The beds over here are awful.

Narked Nicole
12.06AM - Nicole came to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (f) - "Hello, Nicole, how are you today?"
Nicole - "Narked off with Serena for starters. She's doing next to nothing and goes on about us all thinking she's a plant. Is she?" (silence) "I knew you wouldn't answer that. Anyway, the way she's behaving, it looks more likely she is. As she's up for nomination, she's sure she's going. I just wish she'd walk and give us some peace. I'm sorry to go on about her like that, but I am fed up doing everything myself. Sam is still in bed and that also annoys me, the lazy beggar."
SB - "Is there anything else on your mind?"
Nicole - "There is, actually. I'm still wearing these prison pyjamas. Other housemates have their own. I know they were given out when they were in the Rich House, but I'm in the Rich House now. I'm getting a bit of a rash."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you on that one, Nicole. While you are here, you can spread the word that the rules have been relaxed. All housemates can now visit the diary room without being asked."
Nicole - "Hmmph. Pity you didn't drop that rule earlier. Geri and Serena wouldn't have got a strike for doing it."
SB - "Sim Brother reminds you that the rules can be changed at any time, but existing judgements still stand."

More about George
2.29PM - David had overheard Nicole talking about the rules change and came to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (f) - "Hello, David, how are you?"
David - "Not so bad, really. I'm up again for eviction. Woo hoo. If I'm benched, I don't really care. I don't want to be though. I do have a small point, though, that is on my brain."
SB - "What is it, David?"
David - "A spongy mass in my head that supposedly controls my thinking but that's not important right now. Something seems different about George. He's acting the same but he looks different. He seems to be a new man,"
George was in the garden with Geri who was telling him about her political aims
Geri - "You know I'm a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN. I think I'll go into politics for real when I leave."
George - "I don't know that much about politics, but I do know you wouldn't be taken seriously. However, I am. Out there, I have the world to protect, a country to run, the people to address and instead I'm stuck in here."
Geri - "Wow, George. You seem really different. Give us a hug!" and with that, she threw herself into his arms, which he did not seem to mind. After he had put her down, he gave her a kiss on the lips that apparently pleased her a lot.

Serving & Skyving
2.19PM - Samuel had finally got up. Serena appeared to have cottoned on to what Nicole was thinking about or was wondering what she had said to Sim Brother. Serena had prepared a late lunch of roast beef, cabbage and carrots. However, this industrious streak did not last for long.
4.51PM - Samuel had two servings of dinner and then cleared the dishes from the table and put them into the dishwasher. Nicole went outside and was busy in the garden, replanting and watering the flowers. This had been one area where Servo had been deficient and a lot of the flowers needed replanting. Instead of helping around the house, Serena was having a relaxing soak in the hottub.

Sam Suggestions to Serena
6.16PM - Samuel joined Serena in the hottub and tried to give her some advice.
Samuel - "If you put blinkers on, it doesn't mean the problem will go away. You've got to help out more and integrate."
Serena - "But I'll probably be going next Wednesday."
Samuel - "Whoopee-do! Next time it could be me. It's all part of the game."
Serena - "It's not fair."
Samuel - "Yup. Life's a beach. You either get buried in it or you're king of the sandcastle. Your call."

No Amnesty
6.41PM - Geri came to the Diary Room and asked Sim Brother - "What's this about a rule being relaxed?"
Sim Brother (ar) - "All housemates can now come to the Diary Room without being summoned and without penalty. They didn't consult me about it."
Geri - "Does my warning get erased?"
SB - "It was still a rule when you broke it. No."
Geri - "Aww, c'mon, SB. Have a heart (although yours is probably made of granite)."
SB - "That will be all, Geri -"
Geri - "Hey, I'm not finished. George seems different today. He seems to be the same guy inside, but he's been looking differently all day."
SB - "Is he ill?"
Geri - "No, I don't think so."
SB - "Then a doctor isn't needed. Goodbye."

Time for Bed
11.40PM - In the Poor House, George had gone first followed by Geri and then Lucy who was napping on the recliner in the garden. David was the last one who went to bed. In the Rich House, Serena had gone to bed about an hour ago.

Nicole's day had been quite frustrating. There was still a lot of work to be done. This exhaustion caught up on her and she fell asleep on the couch in the lounge.

There was one person left awake, but we will to catch up on him tomorrow.

  • What has happened to George?
  • Will Serena pull her socks up?
  • Does Sim Brother have anything prepared?

    You can find out tomorrow.

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