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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 12 (Tuesday 29 January 2002)
New Admirers, Kisses and a Slap!
Mixed Emotions
During the night,Davina & Tom were on Fire Watch. Davina said she thought Jennifer was upset about them being a couple to which Tom said J-Lo would have to get used to it. When Davina suggested she would go and have a word with her, Tom said "That's up to you. I'm keeping out of it."

In the house, MNM was talking to Tony about J-Lo and admitted that he had some feelings for her, but found it hard getting through to her. Tony thought that J-Lo was now no longer happy in the house.

At 02:16 AM, MNM went to the Diary Room to vent some of his feelings - "I'm p*ssed with the way people are in here. I don't know who is honest and isn't."

At 02:45 AM, Davina came to the Diary Room where told Sim Brother how she felt about Tom and how she felt others saw her "I'm sure I have upset people through this relationship."

The Fire Goes Out
At 03:10 AM, Davina was in the garden asking Jerry about his favourite food. She wanted to know in order to prepare for his party on Friday. Neither of them, however, noticed that the fire had gone out. When they did, Jerry immediately got to work and had it relit by 03:45 AM, but they did not know whether they had done it in sufficient time and that they would have to wait until Thursday to find out.

The Relationship Roundabout
At 05:41 AM, Tony was in the garden and saw Tom and Davina fooling around. He was getting rather fed up of it. Not knowing it was picked up by Sim Brother's sensitive microphone, Tony muttered under his breath "I wish I could wipe that cheesy grin off his face"

At 06:53 AM, over breakfast, Tom was telling Anna did he did not want trouble "Let's just be happy here."

By Noon, everyone was up and most of the housemates were gathered around the fire listening to Anne playing 'Cavatina' on the classical guitar. Jennifer appeared to be in a more positive mood and said "I suppose things can improve" to which MNM agreed. With half of the housemates gathering around the fire and Jennifer getting an intimate hug from MNM, things looked like they were getting better. The housemates were also very surprised to see MNM give Jennifer a suave kiss.

Jennifer - "Between you and me, I think Tom is just a flirt who uses his charm to get his own way"
MNM - "That is his way of playing the game. He's a real ***** for not paying attention to you" ;)
Jennifer - "You tease, you're just saying that." :D

At 02:38 PM, Anne came to the Diary Room. She was not pleased with the relationships in the house and described them as "Games within a game with emotions as the playing pieces."

At 03:25 PM, Anne found the opportunity to give Davina a piece of her mind.

Anne - "Who's a few emotions short of being a human being, then?"
Davina - "Hey, I'm not out to cause any harm."
Anne - "The only person you're going to harm in the long run is yourself."

The Fire Goes Out Again
At 04:24 PM, MNM had been napping by the fire and woke up for find himself on his own and that the fire had gone out. He immediately relit it but he did not know how long has it been out?

Relationship Foiled
Knowing that he could not change anything about the fire task, he got on with making moves on Jennifer. He gave her a backrub and then a kiss, but then she had a change of heart. When he tried to become more intimate, he was pushed back.

Melting Ice with Fire
At 07:36 PM, the atmosphere in the main room turned chilly when Tom turned up and had a chat with Anne. Jennifer was icy towards him.

By 08:17 PM, Tom came over chat with her by the fire and melted her ice very quickly.

Tom - "I hope I haven't upset you, Jennifer. You know you are the prettiest one in this house."
Jennifer - "Tom, really" (giggles)

When Tom gave her a hug, neither of them apparently noticed Davina walking past, who immediately stormed over to them.

Davina - "Tom's now with me, you b*tch!" (slap)
Jennifer - "B..b..but ... Tom, please tell her about us"
Tom - "I'm keeping out of this."

At 09:26 PM, MNM came to the Diary Room. His concerns were about Tom, who he viewed as a "buddy" but did not know how to tell him to "smarten up his act." Sim Brother could not give him any advice.

Affairs of the Heart
At 11:00 PM, Davina and Tony were on Fire Watch and she told him that she thought Jennifer was still interested in Tom. Tony advised her to get all the facts before reaching a conclusion. She had to agree, was flattered when he kissed her hand and thought perhaps there might be someone else she could be close with while in the house.

At the same time in the Dining Area, Tom was talking with Jennifer.

Tom - "Davina took our friendship too seriously. I cannot get through to her, which was why I didn't say anything at the time. I'm sorry she slapped you."
Jennifer - "It hurt. I am really surprised she did it."

However, with Davina taking an interest in Tony and MNM taking an interest in Jennifer, is Tom's position as Alpha Male as secure as he believes?


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