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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 24 (Saturday 14 September 2002)
You Can't Please Everyone
Serena was pulling her weight and her relationship with the others in the Rich house were improving. Over in the Poor House, George's new look was becoming accepted. It looked as though the day would end without event until Sim Brother directed everyone into the battlezones, told them the Rich/Poor house occupancy was being completely reset and the last man standing will be the new captain of the Rich House. So far, three have fallen. Four remain. The battle goes on ... but who will be the last man standing?

Read on and find out.

The Battle Continues
12.44AM - Lucy started to show her tiredness.
1.26AM - Nicole was next to fall.
1.49AM - Samuel started faltering.
1.58AM - David looked uncomfortable.
2.01AM - Sam gestured that he was hungry.
2.39AM - Lucy collapsed leaving only Samuel and David as competitors.
2.56AM - George woke up and was immediately instructed by Sim Brother "George, please return to the Poor House."

4.34AM - Serena, Geri and George all returned as instructed to the Poor House.
5.20AM - David was noticing his BO.
6.09AM - Sam collapsed from exhaustion and simultaneously wet himself.

Sim Brother (f) - "David, you are the Last Man Standing. Name the two housemates who you would like to share the Rich House with you."
David - "I choose Nicole and Lucy. Can I go to bed now?"
SB - "Lucy and Nicole, please proceed to the Rich House

Bitterness Over Breakfast
7.48AM - David and his girls are all asleep. Over in the Poor House, those who were not selected are not pleased.

Samuel - "His decision was political. None of his choices are up for eviction. All of you are. He might be thinking that one of you will be leaving and returning to the luxurious life sooner."
Geri - "I thought David was my mate. I also thought he would have shown solidarity with his fellow nominees."
George - "The public will decide. David's choice might backfire. He might be going on Wednesday night after all."
Serena - "I'm really annoyed with Sim Brother. With it being sprung on us, we didn't have a chance."

1.16PM - Even later, Serena was still bitter about being back in the Poor House.

Serena - "When that conniving soccer player leaves will not be a day too soon."

Back In Paradise
2.41PM - The Rich House had woken up. Lucy and Nicole were enjoying the Beach Collection on the Jukebox and had a dance together. In a cheery mood, their conversation soon turned to parties.
Nicole - "Doesn't Serena have a birthday coming up?"
Lucy - "It's on Monday. Everyone could do with a party."
Nicole - "It would be great if the divide was opened, similar to what happened for David's party."
Lucy - "Even though I like Geri, though, she would would want to take everything over. She's a bit too bossy for her own good."
Nicole - "I can deal with her, but I haven't been on the same side as her for a long time."
Lucy - "She can be a real pain, believe me."

Depression & Guilt
6.05PM - The Rich House had their dinner in the garden. As the Poor House did not want to be depressed by having to watch, they had their dinner indoors. It was not such a happy occasion.

The Poor House was untidy and dirty and none of the housemates were really talking to each other. It was not because of argument but more because of the frustration of being in relative poverty.
Samuel - "I'm having a shower. Then I'm going to bed. There's nothing else to do over here."
Serena - "I'll call it a night as well."
George - "I'm going to the Residency, if you can call the cold, uncomfortable dormitory that."
Another reason for the Poor House to feel more frustrated than usual was that their preferred entertainment - David's pinball table - had travelled with him to the Rich house.
7.12PM - David had overheard what Sam had said and told Nicole.
David - "They are really low over there. Sam's really upset about not being picked."
Nicole - "You can't please all of the people all of the time."
David - "I wish I could please all of the people some of the time, though."

End of the Day
11.47PM - The Poor House were all in bed. They had not had a good day. The Rich House were living it up in the hottub.
Nicole - "At least you've stopped talking about your cars, Dave."
David - "What is on the outside cannot be allowed to affect how things are in this inclusive world."
Lucy - "That's very profound for this time of night."
David - "I think being in here has changed me. I'm going to enjoy myself."
Nicole - "That's interesting to know." ;)

And that is where we have to leave it.

  • Has David really forgotten about the outside world?
  • Are the Poor House as frustrated as they are making out?
  • Who has been in the Poor House for the most days?

    Tune in tomorrow


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