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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 25 (Sunday 15 September 2002)
Rebellion & Romance
David was the Last Man Standing and chose Nicole and Lucy to share the Rich House with him. There was a lot of disquiet among those who were left in the Poor House who felt unfairly treated, but how far will their complaints go?

Read on and find out.

Lucy's Choice
8.11AM - Lucy is awake and comes to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (ar) - "Hello, Lucy."
Lucy - "Hello, Sim Brother. I just called in to say I'm glad to be back over here."
SB - "Good for you."
Lucy - "I like the comforts over on this side of the house, but I will miss the friendships I made in the Poor House."
SB - "If you miss them so much, ask to go back over."
Lucy - "Er ... I don't miss them that much."
SB - "Then go and make the most of it. Goodbye."

Continuing Complaining
9.11AM - George was still annoyed about the previous day and voiced his complaints to Geri.
George - "Conditions are appalling. As you the captain, I DEMAND that you get things improved!!"
Geri - "OK OK, I hear you. There's no need to shout! I'll sort it."
Their argument attracted a lot of attention. Serena had stopped having a shower just to hear better.

Nicole's Complaint
1.50PM - It was not only the Poor House that had complaints. Nicole came to the Diary Room.
Nicole - "I'm getting a rash from these pajamas. You've done nothing about it."
Sim Brother (ar) - "So?"
Nicole - "Oh no, not you again. Would you rather I walked around naked?"
SB - "Up to you, Nicole. It might give the viewers a laugh."
Nicole - "I'll come back later."
SB - "Goodbye."

Geri's Plan
2.11PM - It was not just Nicole who was thinking of being naked. Serena had not bothered to get dressed, which had given Geri an idea.
Geri - "As Sim Brother doesn't appear to be paying attention to our need for entertainment, hunger strikes are potentially fatal and the weather is nice, I suggest we have a nude protest."
Serena - "I don't mind. It's quite liberating being like this."
Samuel - "Count me in. Sounds like fun."
George - "Er ... excuse me, I'm a world statesmen. Sodom Insane from that Arab country I don't like that much would have an even bigger grin on his face than usual if he sees my congressional member."
Geri - "We all need to be in this protest for it to work. I'll just see if I can get the Rich House to help. I doubt it. After that, I'll see Sim Brother. If they broadcast us at all, they might be selective on the editing, George."

Support & Demands
2.45PM - Geri talks to Nicole about it.
Geri - "The Poor House are starting a Naked Protest tomorrow. I don't suppose you'd be interested - "
Nicole - "Count me in! I have my own gripes against her in there. I think I can bring David and Lucy out in support."
Geri - "That's great! It begins tomorrow and will last until Sim Brother gives in."
Nicole - "TSZ won't like it at all."
Geri - "So they should give in pretty quickly. I'll see her now."
3.15PM - Geri - "Both houses have complaints that you aren't listening to. You're not giving us entertainment so we're having a Naked Protest. I know that isn't against the rules and as TSZ TV doesn't really like broadcasting it, you'll probably not show any of it."
Sim Brother (ar) - "Your protest will be displayed if it is considered tasteful."
Geri - "Well, just don't show anything of George from the front. Even better, give in to our demands."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you ... whenever. Goodbye."

Another breakage for Sam
4.57PM - When doing the washing up in the sink in the backyard, Samuel somehow managed to break one of the taps off. Within a minute, the backyard was flooded.

Samuel immediately got down to repairing it, which was something he found very frustrating, and Serena helped him by mopping up.
Geri and George were looking on.

Geri - "I'm grabbing a mop, should I get you one?"
George - "I'm quite happy on this occasion to be an observer."

6.12PM - Geri joined in with the mopping and with three of the Poor House assisting, it was quickly sorted out.

David & Nicole
9.45PM - David walked into the bathroom, without realising that Nicole was having a bath.

Nicole - "Hi there. Do you like what you see?"
David - "Oh sorry, Nicole. I didn't know you here."
Nicole - "Where are you going? You can help me by scrubbing my back."
David - "Er ... ok. Where's the loufer?"
11.15PM - David and Nicole were now in the bedroom. Both of them appeared to have started the Protest early.
David - "People might hear us."
Nicole - "David, people are watching us let alone hearing us. Remember that what goes on in here will more than likely not continue on the outside. Enjoy the moment" and with that, she gave him a passionate kiss.

There was no saying where it would go from here.

Serena's Summoning
11.33PM - Serena was tired and had been sat around the campfire with Geri.
Geri - "I hope this protest of ours doesn't mess up your birthday. Has there been any word from SimBro about it?"
Serena - "Nothing yet."
Geri - "I hope you get a party or something."
Serena - "I never thought I'd be spending my 22nd birthday in here."
Sim Brother - "Could Serena please come to the Diary Room?"
Serena - "Talk of the devil."
Serena - "Hello, Sim Brother."
Sim Brother - "Hello, Serena. As you should know, Serena, tomorrow is your birthday. Sim Brother would like to do something for you. However certain developments have cast a certain doubt over events ..."

And that is where we have to leave it.

  • Will Sim Brother give in to the housemates' demands?
  • Will Serena's birthday celebrations be cancelled?
  • Will the housemates' rebellion be quashed?

    Tune in tomorrow


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