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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 26 (Monday 16 September 2002)
Serena's Party
The Poor House's feud with Sim Brother over their quality of living had reached new heights. Geri knew that a Naked Protest (weather permitting) would annoy the broadcasters. She had got the support of the Rich House who had a feud about not being able to wear their own choice of pyjamas. The Protest was going to begin on the day of Serena's birthday. Serena had been called to the Diary Room where Sim Brother had something to tell her.

Sim Brother's Decision
"The Sim Brother house is not a factory and any protest should be ignored. Explicit nudity is something that should not be broadcast. Putting on a party does cost money, but none of it could be broadcast because of the protest. We have thought of cancelling a party because of this and not meeting the housemates' demands."
"However, the Series Producer was consulted and he viewed that as your birthday is the only one during the run of this series, it had to be broadcast. The demands that all housemates will receive their own choice of nightwear and swimwear will be met. Before the entertainment item is decided upon, Sim Brother would like to know the theme of your party or whether you'd rather receive §1,000 when you leave here."
Serena - "I might be going on Wednesday. The money isn't really that important to me. Friendship is. I'd rather leave here knowing that I am not the most hated person in the house so I'll go for the party. As I'm a tennis player, I'd like a Sports & Fitness theme."
Sim Brother - "Because it is your birthday, the Cinderella Rule will not apply to you. You can sleep in the Rich House if you choose and not be penalised. All housemates will receive their own nightwear and swimwear from Wednesday night and the Poor House will receive an entertainment item on Tuesday."
Serena - "Thankyou, Sim Brother."

Welcome to the Party
Sim Brother worked silently during the night to prepare for Serena's Party. Sim Brother had smartened up the Poor Garden and provided a Mechanical Bull for the day. A buffet table was also provided and the divide was been opened for the day. With a Sports & Fitness Theme, costumes were available in the wardrobes in the Rich Bedroom for the housemates to dress up appropriately.
9.31AM - The first housemates were getting up. George & Samuel had gone along with the Sporting Theme of the party. George was dressed as one of the Sim City Llamas and Samuel was more casually dressed. They were all enjoying breakfast before starting on the buffet table. David had chosen to dress as a boxer but commented "I don't think this is really me, guys".
10.30AM - Geri was the last one to get up and was not quite in the Party Spirit.
Geri - "Sim Brother had better realise this is a temporary reprieve. We'll protest again if we don't like the way things are going."
David - "Geri, can't you accept that this is a game and Sim Brother sets the rules?"
Geri - "I don't like rules. I intend to bend them as far as possible."
David - "You know they are voting out there. They might not like a smart alec."
Geri - "They might not like someone who forgets all about his wife, either."

Blowing out the Candles
11.32AM - With all of the housemates up, Serena blew out the candles on her cake and everyone sung Happy Birthday - even Geri. Nobody knew what Serena wished for ... and Serena wasn't telling.

Afternoon Enjoyment
1.20PM - Serena was making the most of the Mechanical Bull that Sim Brother had given the house for the day.

George and Geri were playing basketball. During the game, George asked Geri why she wasn't joining in the party.
Geri - "George, I can't be bothered. I just want to get today over with so I can plan another way to get one over on Sim Brother."
George - "I'm not that political, Geri, but do you really think the public want to see us all in our birthday suits?"
Geri - "I'm banking on Sim Brother giving in with the mere threat of "
George - "Sim Brother can only be pushed so far. Also, think of the voters."
Geri - "I'm sure they are right behind me."

Sam & Serena
2.48PM - Smooth-talking Sam gives Serena a back rub as Serena was having doubts.
Serena - "I'm not sure everyone is enjoying themselves enough."
Samuel - "Don't let Geri put you off. It's your day. If she doesn't want to join in, that is her problem. Not yours. I'm having a great time and I enjoy being with you."
Serena - "Oh, Sam, you old smoothee" and with that, they kissed.

Geri Under Attack
5.09PM - Nicole was tired of Geri's stubborn behaviour and told her off.

Nicole - "You just couldn't get in the party spirit, could you. We're all getting our own pyjamas after the eviction. You are getting something to cheer your side up. Your protest wasn't necessary, but you still had to stand out and divert attention from Serena. How selfish can you be?"
Geri didn't reply.
6.12PM - Even Serena has been upset by Geri's refusal to get in the party mood - "Why did you have to try and throw your weight around today, Geri? Couldn't you have waited?"
Geri - "Every day is a day to make a protest to Sim Brother."
Serena - "Couldn't you have made an exception and tried to join in? We've got our demands."
Geri - "But we're not over here all of the time. The protests continue."

All About Football
7.15PM - Geri who was involved in another argument but this time, she was breaking it up. George and David were arguing about football.

George - "Soccer is a wimp's game! It doesn't have the rough contact of what we call football."
David - "Ha! What you call football is only rugby but with padding. Rugby players over here don't need padding and helmets. Your football is a wimp's game!!"
George - "How dare you insult the American game. If I was in charge here, I'd have you arrested for treasonable behaviour. You'd never get out."
David - "But you're not, so there."

Making the most of it
10.15PM - George and David had apparently reconciled their differences as the time of the end of the party drew nearer. They were soaking in the hottub with Nicole and Lucy.
Samuel & Geri were playing darts. They were not really talking about anything else. They were just scoring the game.
Serena was the first one to go to bed. She had chosen her right to go to bed in the Rich House.

Her 22nd Birthday had been eventful in ways she hadn't expected but her sleepiness showed the exhaustion that the stressful encounters had caused.

Geri -v- David
11.50PM - George and Samuel had already gone back over to the Poor House. Lucy and Nicole had also gone to bed. Geri and David were left awake and were in the Rich Bathroom. Geri taunted David. Geri - "You've completely lost the plot, David. You should be gone on Wednesday."
David - "I don't really care what you think any more, Geri. You're going around people like they are playthings. Yes, have your fun but don't stop other people having their's. You're back in the Poor House tonight. I'm still over here. You're not."

And that is where we have to leave it.
  • Is Geri correct in assuming the voters are behind her?
  • Is David's position equally secure?
  • Will the arguments stop on their last day together or will they continue?

    Tune in tomorrow


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