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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 27 (Tuesday 17 September 2002)
The Party Is Over
Serena's 22nd Birthday was celebrated with a party. The divide was opened and all the house got into the party atmosphere ... bar one. Will Geri's plans for more protests continue or was it all a ploy to get attention?

Well, this is what happened today.

The Morning After
8.52AM - It was the morning after Serena's birthday party.
The Rich House was in a mess, littered with half-empty plates. Lucy was the first one up and took it upon herself to start tidying up.
Over in the Poor House, the yard had been restored to its usual austere look.

Morning Sidechat
10.04AM - George and Samuel were talking about calming things down.

George - "We need to restore peaceful relations. A lot was said and done yesterday. Not all of it was good. We must work together to try and get things back to an even keel."
Samuel - "That's fine by me, Georgie."
10.29AM - Over in the Rich House, David was talking to Nicole.

David - "Geri went too far. I don't trust her any more. Forget any good will or group interest. She's making these protests for her own political end."
Nicole - "If she had joined in yesterday, I may have disagreed with you and had more time for her."

Return and Reward
12.26PM - Serena had returned to the Poor House. She had slept well and had two plates of a cooked breakfast that Lucy had prepared before she returned. In the Poor House, she found that Sim Brother was good to its word and to help improve the Poor House's morale, a fully stocked bar had been provided. Sam mixed up what he called a "Braincell Liquidator" and poured out six shots.

George the Mediator
2.05PM - George was still concerned about Geri and spoke to Serena about her.
George - "We must try and talk her out of protests. If she continues, she could be out of here tomorrow night."
Serena - "I'm not talking her out of anything. If she's got enough rope, she can hang herself. She didn't join in yesterday and that hurt."
George - "But the house would be completely different without her."
Serena - "Haven't you forgotten that we are being voted for as well? The house will change when anyone goes. It's what they call group dynamics."
George - "Wow. I'll have to remember that phrase. It sounds cool."
3.18PM - George's attempts to talk Geri out of her protests failed.
Geri - "I'm going to do what I ****** well want! It's for the best for this house and I am not going to stop until I get over to the Rich House or the divide comes down."
George - "But what about the viewers?"
Geri - "They know the house would be quiet without me. They would vote for someone else!! They could even be voting for you."

Lucy's Eviction Prediction
4.01PM - Over in the Rich House, Nicole was chatting to Lucy.

Nicole - "Do you think David will be going tomorrow?"
Lucy - "I can't really say. I think he's an alright guy. I have a prediction who will go, though."
Nicole - "Go on, tell me more."
Lucy - "I predict that it won't be me. It won't be you or Sam. It will be one of the others."
Nicole - "Wowee."

A Hot Night in the Poor House
5.27PM - Things had calmed down a bit. Geri, Samuel and George were sat singing an acoustic version of "It's Raining Men" but Serena was busy tidying up. The others hadn't made much of an effort to tidying up the effects of the party.
8.33PM - Geri managed to cause a fire when she was making a plate of burgers, but fortunately it was quickly extinguished.
9.05PM - However, things had heated up on a verbal level in the Poor House. Once again, the subject was eviction. Yet again, Geri was involved in it. This time the victim was Serena.
Geri - "What have you done for this house? You've only just started tidying up. You are just playing to the viewers, hoping they won't vote you out. You are boring. Why don't you just walk out of here and leave us alone?"
Serena - "Please, Geri, I'm just being myself."
Samuel - "Steady on, Geri, this is not the way to sort things out."
Geri - "So what are you going to do about it to calm it down? Use the Force?"

Geri's Advice from Sim Brother
11.42PM - Geri was called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (sc) - "Although you have not been involved in a fight, your behaviour has been viewed as quite aggressive and provocative. You are not being expelled from the house or receiving a warning. Instead, take this advice that similar behaviour will not be tolerated any more. Do you understand?" Geri nodded "That will be all for now, Geri. Goodnight."
And that is where we will leave it.

With only 24 hours to go before one of the housemates becomes the second evictee and seven become six, will peace be restored as George hopes or will the antagonistic environment prevail in this tense household?

Tune in tomorrow


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