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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 28 (Wednesday 18 September 2002)
The Second Eviction
Welcome to Eviction Night

"Welcome to the second Eviction Night of this the second series of 'Sim Brother'. I am here in the Blue Room which is where the evictee comes with their friends and family after the interview to unwind. Who is it going to be tonight? David, Geri, George or Serena? The public have been voting all week and for quite a bit of it, voting has been really tight. The lead has changed several times. At one time it was too close to call between all four of them. However, there has to be an evictee and unless the voting changes in the next couple of minutes, their time is numbered. It has been a very tense and eventful week for the housemates. There has been a birthday party for Serena - who strangely didn't let on that it isn't her birthday until the 26th and not the 16th. Oh well, an excuse to have another party perhaps ... if she's still in! The four evictees are now waiting nervously to see who is staying and who is going."

"Before I contact the house and let them know who the second evictee is going to be, let us see what has been happening in the house today."

Early Up
4.20AM - Sam was the first one to wake up. He had slept on one of the recliners on the patio. He was the first one up and helped himself to a plate of leftovers.
6.20AM - Serena had also slept in the recliner on the patio and was the next one to get up. She looked uneasy and unsure of her fate.

Geri's Prediction
9.39AM - The three nominees on the Poor House were all awake and talking in the garden.

George - "If it is my time, I will accept it graciously. I have had too many recounts in my political life to get Sim Brother to count everything again. How are you going to take it if you are evicted tonight, Geri?"
Geri - "Don't be silly, George. There's absolutely no way I will be evicted. As most of us voted for Serena, the public will go along with that and Serena will go."
Serena - "Thanks for your vote of confidence, Geri."

Serena's Admission
10.45AM - Serena was called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (f) - "Hello, Serena. Do you have something that you'd like to tell us?"
Serena - "Such as?"
SB - "When is your birthday?"
Serena - "Er ... not until the 26th. What would have been Day 36."
SB - "Why didn't you tell us that it wasn't your birthday on Monday?"
Serena - "I wanted to have a party. I might be going tonight so I wanted to have a birthday party in the house. The house needed a party and I didn't want to let them down."
SB - "Well, our researchers made a mistake. You managed to hoodwink us. If you are still in on your real birthday, Sim Brother will get back to you nearer the time if we think you deserve one."
Serena - "Thankyou, Sim Brother."

In the Rich House
11.02AM - In the Rich House, everyone was awake. Lucy had been up for hours and after cleaning up had prepared breakfast. David was up and had helped himself to a plate but did not have much of an appetite. He looked very nervous. Nicole was also helping herself to breakfast. The pressure was not as high in the Rich House because of David's selections.

Late Lunch
2.30PM - The Poor House were having a late lunch. Samuel was quite cheerful but George & Geri did not appreciate his sense of humour.

Samuel - "It's a pity that all the beds on this side are the same as I'd ask if I could have the bed of whoever is leaving."
George - "You can laugh now, Samuel, but in a week's time, you might find that you are a nominee. The less people there are, the more housemates go up ... or something like that."

Philosophical David
6.36PM - David had tried relaxing during the afternoon with a soak in the hottub and a few games of darts. However, we was visibly worried and confided in Nicole about his worries.
David - "I don't really want to go. If my time is up, I will accept it. I reckon I might be up for the vote next week as well. That's the way it goes, I suppose."
Nicole - "I know you'll have people waiting for you, but I don't think you've done that badly while you have been here. The public might see that."

The Second Evictee will be ...
10.15PM - WW - "That was what happened earlier today. It's now time to go to the house."

"Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright."
All - "Hi there, Will."

WW - "All week long, the TSZ viewing public have been voting for which housemate they wish to see evicted from the Sim Brother house. The polls have now closed. The votes have been counted, checked and rechecked with an independent adjudicator. Receiving 39% of the votes cast, the second eviction from the Sim Brother II House will be ..."


Sim Brother - "Geri, please say your goodbyes to your housemates on the Poor Side. The gate to the Rich House will be shortly, where you can change your clothes if you wish, say your goodbyes to the housemates on the Rich Side before being evicted through the front door."
Geri was visibly shocked and uncharacteristically lost for words. George tried to cheer her up, but it did not appear to have much effect. She walked through to the Rich House through the gate in the garden, received a hug from David before changing into her "Famous" outfit that she entered the house in and passing through the line of housemates out of the open door.
Flanked by Sim Brother Security Guards, Geri exited the house to a mixed chorus of booing and cheering and started to experience what it was like to become the second evictee from the Sim Brother II house.

Geri's Interview
Will - "And here she is, our second eviction. Geri Halliwell." (equal applause and boos) "There's a certain warped irony in that the first two evictions from the Sim Brother house were Tom & Geri."
Geri - "Very drole, Will."
WW - "Geri, how does it feel to be out of the house?"
Geri - "It was getting a bit hot in there, but I am really stunned that I was voted out. I honestly can't see what I did wrong."
WW - "How do you feel about the crowd's reaction when you left the house?"
Geri - "Again, I was completely shocked. After all, I was only trying to liven things up and make a stand for housemates' rights."
WW - "Well, it somehow didn't come across as that."
Geri - "Who nominated me?"
WW - "Only two people nominated you for eviction. Nicole & Samuel."
Geri - "I'm not surprised about Nicole although I am surprised about Sam. And what about those who thought I should win?"
WW - "George, Lucy ... and Serena, who you thought deserved to be evicted."
Geri - "I thought David might have voted for me to win. Oh well, it shows I can't please everyone."
WW - "At the end of the day, who did you get on with the best in the house?"
Geri - "It had to be George. He is a man of great wisdom, intelligence and has a penetrating insight on reality."
WW - "Are you sure we're talking about the same person? Anyway, who did you get on with the least?"
Geri - "Nicole. She is a conniving witch but I don't think the other housemates have seen it yet."
WW - "What would you reckon was your best moment in the house?"
Geri - "I did have a few good times. It's hard to think which one was the best. My passionate moments were the most fun. George is a good snog and David is really fit, if you know what I mean. I know what Victoria sees in him. ;)"
WW - "You started off being quite close with David. What went wrong?"
Geri - "We are still quite close, but he became too obsessed with winning. After he was nominated for the first time, I talked him into staying. I now wish I hadn't bothered."
WW - "And what were your worst moments?"
Geri - "Until having to leave today, it was when I wet myself in the Diary Room."
WW - "It's interesting that you mentioned that. We were in touch with Alex from C4TV's "Big Brother" and he said that he would have nominated you. He said about you 'She urinated in the Diary Room and I find it disgusting'.""
Geri - "I suppose that's to be expected. He can go drown himself in Domestos."
WW - "You were in the Poor House for 12 nights and a lot of that time was spent trying to get one over on Sim Brother. Were your motives really for the good of the house?"
Geri - "I just hated being in the Poor House. The beds were hard and it was boring. The bar that arrived yesterday didn't help things much."
WW - "If you had still been in there, what would have been your strategy to get the divide down?"
Geri - "I would have kept on protesting. The threat of a nude protest was effective. I would have pushed it further."
WW - "Although that stood the risk of your being expelled."
Geri - "That would have been a risk worth taking. Nobody has been expelled from the Sim Brother house yet."
WW - "Now you are out of here, what are going to be your plans?"
Geri - "Hopefully, there will still be a place for me on the 'PopStars' Judge's bench."
WW - "Geri, you've been good entertainment in your 4 weeks in the house. Thankyou very much."


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