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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 29 (Thursday 19 September 2002)
And now there are Six
Although the housemates' choice of Serena was up for eviction, it was Geri who received the largest proportion of the public vote and became the second eviction from the house. Whether it was her overconfidence or her anatagonism towards Sim Brother that caused her exit will not be known. It is the day after, but how will the remaining housemates have taken the loss of one of their number?

Why am I still here?
7.47AM - It was morning after Geri's eviction. Most of the house had been up quite late. Samuel was the first housemate awake and prepared breakfast for the Poor House. By the time he had finished his breakfast, nobody else was awake and he washed his salad down with a shot of his own cocktail called the "Braincell Liquidator"
9.43AM - Serena was the second housemate who was awake. She did not understand why she had not been evicted.

Serena - "I don't get it. Why am I still here?"
Samuel - "Accept it. You're here. The public didn't want you out."
Serena - "Hey, does that mean I'll win?"
Samuel - "Let me clarify. The public didn't want you out ... yet."

Rich and Bewildered
1.14PM - The Rich House did not get up until early afternoon. David prepared lunch and as they ate, they talked about their recently departed housemate and the events of the previous day.
Lucy - "I'm surprised that Geri went."
David - "Same here. I'm very surprised I'm still here ... again. Geri must have done something to upset the viewers."
Nicole - "All in the edit, I suppose. Too bossy perhaps. Hard to tell."
Lucy - "I wonder if we'll ever find out how close the vote was."

George's Frustrations
1.27PM - George had only just got up. He had not slept too well. He had been the closest friend of Geri in the house. How close was unconfirmed.

He did not look very happy with events and was keeping himself busy by washing the dirty dishes ... and some of the clean ones as well.
3.22PM - George and Serena talked in the garden.
Serena - "I'm pleased to still be in here. I am really surprised Geri left, though. I think Geri was as well."
George - "Yup. I was pretty sure she'd win. How wrong can a guy be?"
Serena - "I wonder when we'll next have a chance to try and fight back to get into the Rich House."
George - "It's been quite a while. I've lost count of the amount of days I've been over this side. Also, I think I look a bit stupid wearing this outfit."

Prepare for the Battle
9.00PM - Sam was having a nap on the recliner in the yard.

George was teaching Serena how to do the foxtrot.
Nicole & Lucy were playing pinball. Although Lucy was improving, Nicole was still the better player.

David was eating a packet of crisps.
"This is Sim Brother. Sometime tomorrow, your body and minds will be challenged. You will be competing as houses and also as individuals. This battle will continue on Day 31 when the winners will be decided. The winning team will win occupancy of the Rich House. The winning individual will be able to contact home. The length of the communication is determined on how much the housemate scores in tomorrow's battle. Be prepared. You will not be told when the battle will begin."

Thoughts about the Outside
9.38PM - George & Serena were very surprised about the announcement.
Serena - "I never thought I could have had a chance to contact home."
George - "Nor me. I heard a rumour about BBUK3 doing it. I don't know I would contact. My wife and daughters or the Vice President to make sure he hasn't sent the troops into the United Nations."
Serena - "I wonder what sort of challenge it will be."
George - "I've got no idea at all. All I do know is that it is going to be tough."

Nicole's Dilemma
11.46PM - Nicole comes to the Diary Room.

Nicole - "It has been strange not hearing Geri's voice around the house. I was surprised that she went. I really thought Serena would go."
Sim Brother - "How are you getting on with the other housemates?"
Nicole - "I am getting to know Lucy very well. David and I are also really close ... but I am worried."
SB - "Why is that, Nicole?"
Nicole - "I don't think David should be here. I know he wants to win and I don't blame him, but I really think he should be with Victoria."
SB - "Have you spoken to David about what you feel?"
Nicole - "No. If I did, he might be influenced to voluntarily leave the house and I would get the blame. That is a risk I don't want to take. I think he would not have minded going, but I don't know how well he will take being in here for another two weeks."

And that is where we have to leave it.

  • When will the battle begin, and will the housemates be prepared?
  • Will Nicole tell David what she thinks, and if she does, how will he take it?

    You'll just have to tune in tomorrow and see.


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