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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 30 (Friday 20 September 2002)
Let the Marathon Begin !!
Yesterday was a quiet day in the house. All that has kept them on their toes is that a battle is coming ... but Sim Brother didn't say when.

The Battle Begins
4.16AM - The housemates are about to get a rude awakening.


"All housemates will proceed to the Battlezones through the doorways in the North part of the house to the specially built TV theatre. You are allowed to talk to each other, but any intimidatory remarks will result in your immediate disqualification."

4.29AM - When the housemates had all assembled, Sim Brother continued.

"You will be shown the entire first series of Sim Brother in an endless loop. Each loop lasts 4 hours. You can stop watching at any time and return to the house. However, you are being scored. For every minute you remain in the theatre, you score 1 point. If you collapse, fall asleep or your bladder fails you, your part is over and you must leave the theatre. Pay attention to the series as you will be asked questions on it tomorrow afternoon. You are being scored as teams and as individuals. Coffee and toilet facilities are available to help you last longer. Enjoy the show."

From the Designers ...
The Battle commenced at this time to catch the housemates unawares and at their weakest. David and Lucy had not had time to get dressed, but were well rested. Some of the others were just about to go to bed when the klaxon sounded and as the battle involved a level of endurance, they could have been at a disadvantage.

The Sim Brother Planners were feeling rather malicious when they designed the TV Theatre. Plateglass windows and a large skylight (from Yakko Glass of Japan) allowed plenty of light into the theatre and create a hotbox atmosphere when it was daytime, further adding to their discomfort. To show they were not completely evil, Sim Brother had provided coffee and a toilet in each half to keep the housemates going.

A Lapse of Concentration
9.00AM - In what was a concentration lapse, after going to the toilet, Nicole walked out of the door of the TV Theatre, not thinking about the ruling. She only realised once she had got outside - "Oh s*** !!" Her part in the battle was over and her clock had stopped at 4hrs 30 minutes, giving her and the Rich House only 270 points.

"If you can't stand the heat ..."
1.16PM - It was almost 10 hours from the start of the Marathon. The remaining five housemates were feeling quite restless. With it being the hottest part of the day, the heat being radiated through the skylight and the windows was becoming unbearable.

2.44PM - George was hungry, hot and tired. He was already into the third looping of the series - "I've seen what I need to" and he walked out of the door after 10hrs 14 minutes giving 614 points to the Poor Team.

Chat & Collapse
3.15PM - Making the most of the fact that they were allowed to speak during the show, Samuel, David & Lucy were trying and keep their spirits up by having a chat.
David - "I tried to watch this every night. I don't think I missed a single show."
Lucy - "Well, you've definitely seen all of it now."
Samuel - "Almost three times in a row. Quite a catchy theme tune."
David - "I never thought I'd say this but that ****** music is driving me insane."
4.34PM - Samuel's stamina was not as high as he thought. Just after the twelve hours, he was getting up to get a cup of coffee but wobbled, pirouetted and collapsed unconscious on the floor. His part was now over. With an endurance of 12hrs 4 minutes, he had racked up another 724 points for the Poor Team.

The Poor Team were two men down and had a combined score of 1,338 points. It all depended how well Serena did and how she would outlast the other two.

Why are they still there?
LUCY enjoys the luxuries of being on the rich side. She does not want to lose them and with Nicole being such an early exit, she needs to make up for the time that she lost them.
DAVID does not want to lose. Being the Captain of the Rich House, he has got pride in his position and wants his team to have an advantage at the end of the first half.
SERENA does not want to lose. Although she knows this is only the first part and she has seen the entire series five times, she is now determined to outlast the other two on coffee alone.

Two More Fall
9.58PM - Lucy fell asleep on her feet. Her part in the game was over. She had lasted 17hrs 28 minutes adding 1,048 points to the Rich Team Score.
10.20PM - David did not last much longer. On 17hrs 50 minutes, another 1,070 points were added.

To be sure of giving the Poor Team an edge for the second half, Serena needed to last another six hours. Could she do it?

Outside Interest
11.52PM - Back in the Poor Yard, Samuel & George are talking.
Samuel - "The others are all back. I saw them come through the door."
George - "So Serena is still there? She must be exhausted."
Samuel - "It depends how long that pot of coffee lasts. I hope she makes it."

Still in there, Serena can smell her perspiration and is exhausted ... and that is where we must leave it.

Can she see through 6 complete loopings of "Sim Brother Uncut (De Luxe Edition)"?

Tune in tomorrow

The folding chairs in the TV Theatre come from "Coasters", which can now be found at Sim Lane.


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