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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 31 (Saturday 21 September 2002)
A Winner, A Call, A Decision
For the housemates who were missing outside comforts like television, the battle that Sim Brother threw at the housemates was a mixture of a blessing and a curse. In a specially created greenhouse that Sim Brother called a "TV Theatre", the housemates had to watch the first series of Sim Brother, as broadcast on SC4. Being awarded one point per minute, Nicole, George, Samuel, Lucy & David had all collapsed from exhaustion or given up. Serena was the only one left inside the theatre at midnight, but how long would she last before she called it a day?

Last One Home
4.36AM - The series lasted 4 hours. In 24 hours, Serena had seen the endless loop six times. The secret to her endurance was frequent cups of coffee followed by trips to the toilet. She was smelly, she was tired, after 24 hours she called it a night. With 24 hours and 6 minutes, over 6 hours more than David, Serena had scored 1,446 points.

Half Time Score
Rich Team
  • Nicole - 270
  • Lucy - 1,048
  • David - 1,070

    Total - 2,388
  • Poor Team
  • George - 614
  • Samuel - 724
  • Serena - 1,446

    Total - 2,784

  • If the Rich Team answered four more correct answers than the Poor Team, they would get to keep their luxurious domain.

    For the individual with the highest score from both halves, they would get a telephone call to the outside. The second half would prove who knew the most about the first series.

    Book Learning
    11.08AM - Lucy and Nicole were talking about the forthcoming quiz in the afternoon.
    Lucy - "Do you think you learnt enough from the short time you were in there?"
    Nicole - "I think so. It was just starting its second cycle. Well, I hope so."
    Lucy - "We need to do a lot better than them. David might be our secret weapon as he always said he watched the first series."
    Nicole - "We can't leave it all to him, though."
    Sim Brother must have heard what Nicole was saying. "For those housemates who wish to continue their studies of the previous series, a copy of the book 'Sim Brother - The Inside Story' is available in the bookcases. For today, bookshelves are also available in the Poor House."

    Let the Exam begin !
    2.00PM - "This is Sim Brother. All housemates will proceed to the Theatre in the Battlezones. There are thirty questions in a exam on what you saw yesterday. All of you will enter your answers on PCs that have been provided. Once you have completed your answers, you are free to return to the house. When everyone has finished, the most successful individual will be announced."

  • Nicole answered only 8 questions correctly (1,070)
  • Lucy was no better and had only 8 correct answers (1,848)
  • David was the best one of the team and answered 17 questions correctly (2,770)

  • George answered 10 questions correctly (1,614)
  • Serena answered 13 questions correctly (2,746)
  • Samuel was the worst of them all and only answered 7 questions correctly (1,424)

  • 3.58PM - The housemates had returned to the parts of the house that they came from.
    "This is Sim Brother. Congratulations, David. You have the highest individual score and you are allowed a telephone calls lasting 46 minutes and 10 seconds. Please proceed to the Diary Room."

    A Phonecall Home
    4.46PM - In the interests of privacy, the phonecall was not broadcast but David was visibly upset. When the call was over, he stayed in the Diary Room.
    Sim Brother - "Is there anything wrong, David?"
    David - "I want to go home and see my baby son."
    SB - "Are you quite sure about this?"
    David - "I am leaving tomorrow. Nothing this year can beat becoming a father again. So far, he hasn't had a father and it is my time to be with him."
    SB - "The back door will be opened for you tomorrow at 1PM."
    David called Nicole and Lucy into the Diary Room.
    Nicole - "How was your phonecall?"
    David - "It's going to change a few things for me. I also don't know how this will affect things in here, though. It's been great being in here. I heard Romeo crying and I've decided that I'm going to leave. I wanted to tell you two before the others knew. Let's now go and see whether I see my last day in luxury or poverty"
    Lucy - "With being the best, it means we have a good chance."

    Final Results
    5.00PM - The housemates were all gathered together in their respective houses.

    "This is Sim Brother. David has received his individual award, but the team who scored the highest collectively with an extra 96 points are ..."

    ... George, Samuel & Serena.

    "The gates in the garden are now open. Please exchange positions immediately."

    6.45PM - Lucy came to the Diary Room

    Sim Brother - "Hello, Lucy. How are you?"
    Lucy - "Well, I'm not pleased to be back over here. I just hope you give us a chance pretty quickly to claw our way back. I'm also not pleased about David leaving. I get on quite well with him and I will be sad to see him go."
    Lucy was not the only one who had regrets about David leaving. Nicole was talking with David in the yard.

    Nicole - "I suppose this means it's the end of our fling in here."
    David - "Yes. I've got to focus myself properly on Victoria, Brooklyn & Romeo. I am leaving tomorrow lunchtime. I would have rather left from the other side, but it can't be helped."
    Nicole - "This might sound strange but I thought you would be happier outside. I didn't want to say anything in case it swung your decision to go. I am sorry to see you go. It's been fun."
    David - "I won't forget it. I just hope Victoria has recorded it all. Perhaps next year, someone can watch what we got up to."

    "David is a Cowboy?"
    8.58PM - Nicole had gone to bed. Lucy had a dinner of Simoan Salad.

    Lucy - "When are you going?"
    David - "Lunchtime. I'm out of the back door through the battlezone, I think."
    Lucy - "Are you going to tell the others?"
    David - "I think word might leak out."
    9.28PM - David was correct. His plans were not a secret, although typically misheard by George.

    George - "I don't believe it. Because of a cowboy attraction he goes to, he's leaving."
    Serena - "David a cowboy? Are you sure?"
    George - "Yes. He said he's missing his rodeo."
    Serena (sighs) - "Romeo. That's his son."

    Alone with his thoughts ...
    11.28PM - The other housemates were all in bed. David was sat outside looking around the garden on what could be the last night in the Sim Brother house.

    Like George a few weeks before, he murmured something which was partly inaudible. However, it was believed to be "Daddy's coming home".
    With this quiet scene, we will leave the house.

  • How will David spend his last hours in the house?
  • Will Nicole & Lucy survive being in the Poor House?
  • How well would the viewers have done in the Quiz?

    Tune in tomorrow


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