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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 32 (Sunday 22 September 2002)
Goodbye, David
When all the scores were tallied up from adding their times in the TV Marathon and their score in the Exam, David had the best individual score and was rewarded with a telephone call home lasting three quarters of an hour. After the call was over, David told Sim Brother he wanted to go home as he viewed his victory of the year was his son and would not be equalled or bettered by winning Sim Brother.

A Housemate Walks
12.00PM - The Rich House gather by the Divide in the Living Room so David could say goodbye to them all.

David - "I have really enjoyed myself in here. I have made some good friends and I hope they will last. I thought I would stay in the game until the public sent me off. It wasn't as easy as I thought. I came in here to win, but my victory this year will not be in this house. It is out there and he's called Romeo."

... and with that, flanked by a Sim Brother Security Guard, David left the Sim Brother House.

Afternoon in the House
4.48PM - The House had been very quiet since David had left. Samuel had kept himself busy doing the gardening. George was dancing away to "In the Navy" on the Jukebox. Lucy had been doing the washing up in the Poor House and Nicole had come to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "Hello, Nicole. How are you?"
Nicole - "It's kinda hard to say. I got very close to David and it is difficult to believe that it is all over. I suppose it was unfair to expect that a relationship inside the goldfish bowl could last on the outside. All I hope is that the friendship underneath the love we shared can last on the outside."
SB - "How are you finding being in the Poor House again?"
Nicole - "It will be a bit harder to bear without David. He was funny. He was friendly. We miss him."

Rewards & Rhubarb
9.17PM - George and Serena were talking about the rewards of being in the house.
Serena - "I reckon the prize money from the show would go nicely."
George - "I can't spend the Federal Reserve so prize money would also help me. The only other guy in here is out to win. I don't trust him."
Serena - "But Samuel is my friend. I don't know how you can come to that conclusion. He's only in here for the Sim Brother experience -"
George - "Horseradish!"
Serena - "I think the word you are looking for is rhubarb."
George - "Whatever. It comes out of the garden and tastes vile."

Silent Worries
11.38PM - Nicole and Lucy sat silently roasting marshmallows in the garden. Words could not say how much the David's departure had affected them.
In the Rich House, George had just got out of the bath and got dressed. He looked worried. With one less person to be nominated this week, he realised he could again be at risk.

And that is where we must leave the house on what has been a sad and quiet day

... but stay tuned.

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    As well as the usual daily report tomorrow, you can also see the touching reunion of David with Victoria, Brooklyn and Romeo and find out what he had to say to Will about what it was like being the Household Casanova.


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