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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 13 (Wednesday 30 January 2002)
Caught Unawares
Turned Down
When Anna tried to give Jerry a hug, he refused. When she offered him a dance instead, he categorically declined. She did not understand and thought Jerry did not like her. He replied, "You're a lovely girl, Anna, but this is not appropriate." She could not see why.


"This is Sim Brother. Could Jerry please come to the Diary Room to make his Nominations?"

The housemates were all shocked with this advancing of the timetable as they were not expecting to make their nominations until tomorrow.

His first nomination was MNM because "I find him overbearing and abusive". His second nomination was ANNE because "I do not like the way she has insulted other people over the last few days. Until next time, Sim Brother, take care of yourself ... and each other."
Her first "Weakest Link" was TONY because "he is a cabinet short of a government and is better off not playing his toy politics with us any more".
She then nominated MNM because "he does not know when to stop bothering people. Goodbye ;-)"
His first nomination was ANNA because "she doesn't have a competitive edge and is better off out of something that she cannot win". His second nomination was JERRY because "I don't want to be material in his next series so the shorter he is here, the less chance he has."
Anna said she did not really want to make nominations and was only doing it because it was in the rules. Her first nomination was JENNIFER because "I think she would be happier on the outside". Her second nomination was for TONY because "I think he would be happier with his friends outside sorting out the world's problems."

Half way through the nominations, MNM and TONY had two nominations each.
ANNE, ANNA, JENNIFER and JERRY had one nomination each
Despite their relationship affecting the whole house, DAVINA and TOM had not received any nominations.
MNM quickly came to the Diary Room from the garden, sat down and delivered his nominations and reasons in under four seconds. With that, he walked back into the garden.
"DAVINA's not to stay, I hate her ways; JERRY must go, I hate his show."
Her first nomination for eviction was ANNA because "I think she'll be better off out of here away from this bickering and jealousy". Her second nomination was for DAVINA because "I thought she was OK, but I'm not sure now. She has let me down and I don't want to be in here with people I cannot trust."
Tony commented "this is worse than a Cabinet Reshuffle." He first nominated ANNE because "Her manner is rude and abusive. It might work on her show, but not with real people in an situation like this." He then nominated ANNA because "she is too naive for this cut-throat environment and will be safer outside."

With DAVINA being the only one left to make her nominations, there are six people already up for eviction.
ANNA has three votes
ANNE, DAVINA, JERRY, MNM and TONY all have two nominations each.
DAVINA's votes will be decisive.

Her first nomination was for MNM, because "he is too bossy by far".
Her second nomination was ANNE because "She has been downright nasty to everyone in here. She has thrown her weight around too much and the house will be better off without her."

"This is Sim Brother. You have all made your nominations and following the results of your task tomorrow, you will be informed of the results."
Three of the housemates received three nominations each.

ANNA, ANNE and MNM will be up for the public vote. The viewers are free to vote now.

All of the other housemates received two nominations each except TOM, who did not receive a single nomination. This makes him the most popular person in the house.

Fear and Flirting
During the afternoon, Jennifer and MNM were on Fire Watch. MNM had not made any more romantic moves. However, this might have been a tactical move rather than a lack of interest.

She told him that she afraid of the results tomorrow and was not looking forward to finding out. Also, she was worried what were Tom's feelings towards her. MNM gave her a hug and told her "First, it's a game so enjoy it. Second, forget him." However, nobody can really tell whether she would take that advice or not.

At 04:00 PM, Tom was telling Annie how intelligent he thought she was. However, she was not in the mood for flattery. "There's no point you trying to work your way around me now. The votes have been cast" to which Tom replied that he was just being friendly.

Davina and Jerry made a late dinner and everyone enjoy it. However, while they were all sitting down to eat, something had been overlooked.

The Fire Went Out for the Third Time
Tony came outside after doing the washing up to find an unlit fire and nobody watching it. He immediately relit it, but did not know who had left it or how long it had been left. Either way, this was another chance that they could fail a challenge that only had twelve hours to go.

The Public Vote
The decision is now up to you.

The new poll on the right sidebar allows you to register your vote for which of the three housemates you want evicted first from the Sim Brother house. The poll will close next Thursday, all the votes will be tallied and you will find out who is going to leave in the report for next Friday (Day 22).


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