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Sim Brother Series 1, Special Article
Are you the Sim Brother Superfan?
If you want to prepare for this quiz in a manner similar to the housemates, turn off the air conditioner (if you've got one), turn up the heating, look through all of the daily reports for the first series of Sim Brother and then without referring to them, answer all of the following 30 questions.

You'll find it is tougher than it seems.

The Questions
1 - Which football team did Tony support?

2 - Who painted the portrait of Will?

3 - What film had put Davina off sailing?

4 - What was the name of Anne's cuddly toy?

5 - Who was the first housemate to visit the Diary Room?

6 - Who was the first housemate to have a birthday party?

7 - Which housemate upon eviction received as a prize a trip to the Alpine Escape Ski Lodge?

8 - Who was described as "Princess Cute" and by whom?

9 - On the day it rained, what time did the rain start and what time did it finish?

10 - What is MCES an acronym for?

11 - What football team did Davina support?

12 - Who played Bass Guitar when they performed "The Sim Brother Rap"?

13 - Who were talking about taking a skiing trip together to Sim Moritz?

14 - Who did Tom think should play Tony in the film of the series?

15 - What type of animal was named after MNM?

16 - Who kept getting blown up by pipebombs in the Diary Room?

17 - Whose birthday was on Day 32?

18 - Who was the only one of the female housemates who did not sleep with Tony?

19 - Who were the winning team members of "The Sims Online Racketball Challenge?"

20 - Upon his eviction, what message had been left for Tom by Nicole X?

21 - What is SCEGAS an acronym for?

22-30 - In what order did housemates leave the house?

Rules & Rewards
So how do I enter?

  • Send your answers in an email to Sim Brother with the subject line "Series 1 Quiz" giving your name so you can be announced, if you win.
  • Only one entry per email address.
  • If Sim Brother receives a completely correct entry, the competition will be closed, the winner will be announced, sent their prize and the competition will be closed.
  • If a completely correct entry is not received by 6pm (British Time) on Friday, the highest scoring entry will be determined the winner.
  • In the event of a tie, the earliest received entry will be determined the winner.

    So what is the prize?

  • The Winner and two Runners Up are announced on the site.
  • The Winner also receives Nicole's Cleaning Rota, which caused a lot of arguments in the first week of the show.
  • This exclusive object will never be made available for download.


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