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Sim Brother Series 2, Special Article
The Beckhams' Reunion
The Reunion
"To avoid David waiting any longer than necessary, we had Victoria, Brooklyn and Romeo brought to the Blue Room to wait for him. To say that he was delighted to see them was an understatement. He first gave Victoria a warm hug while Brooklyn was telling me "I've got a dead slug in my pocket. Do you want to see it?".

The person that David wanted to see the most was Romeo, who he held and gazed at lovingly. Words cannot quite describe how touching this reunion was. After a few minutes and Romeo had gone back to sleep, David and Victoria sat down on the couch to tell me the story that everyone was waiting for.

David's Story
WW - "David, you said that you didn't want to leave the house. What changed your mind?"
David - "It was when I got the telephone call as a prize. When I heard Romeo crying in the background, I realised that I should be there with him and not in the house any more."
WW - "Victoria, how does it feel to have him back?"
Victoria - "He's only been gone a month, but it does feel like a lot longer. We're all really pleased to have him back. Aren't we, Brooklyn."
Brooklyn - "I'm bored, mummy. I want to go home."
Victoria - "Ssshh!"
WW - "What did you think of his ... how can I describe it ... 'romantic dalliances' while he was inside the house?"
Victoria - "I wasn't too pleased, but it was only a game. David was playing it to win. I knew he would be back for me once it was over, weren't you, babe."
David - "Yes, Victoria."
WW - "David, do you have any regrets about what you did considering you had such a beautiful wife waiting for you?"
David - "It was a game. I want to stay friends with Nicole. I'd like Nicole to be a friend of Victoria too, but nothing more than that."
Victoria - "We'll be inviting her to Beckingham Palace when the show is "
WW - "You have been great entertainment to us while you have been in the house. What would you say were your best moments?"
David - "Too many of them to count. Beating Tom at darts, winning a Pinball machine and being the Last Man Standing."
WW - "What was your opinion of the Divide?"
David - "It promoted competition. It made you protect what you had It made you fight to get what you hadn't. It's time it came down, though."
Brooklyn - "Daddy, I want some sweeties."
Victoria - "Ssshh, Brooklyn! Daddy's talking to Mr. Wright."
WW - "If you hadn't won the telephone call, do you think you would have stayed?"
David - "Probably, yes. Sorry, Victoria."
Victoria - "(Hmmph. Charming)"
WW - "David, what are you going to do now you've got out?"
David - "I'll make up for lost time with my family, perhaps buy a new car and then see I'll go and see Mr. Ericcson and Sir Alex and see if they'll let me have a game of football. If they do, I'll help get United to win the treble again."
WW - "I wish you the very best of luck. (You'll need it)."

That was earlier
"That was what David, Victoria and Brooklyn had to say earlier. It is still early days to assess what effect David's leaving the house will have on the other housemates. There are now only five housemates remaining, but after they have made their nominations on Wednesday, a new housemate will be joining them. Who is it? Even he doesn't know he's going in yet. You'll just have to keep watching to find out who it is."


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