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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 33 (Monday 23 September 2002)
Leaders and Secrets
David has left the house, leaving it in a state of shock and concern. With one less person to nominate, nobody believed that they were safe. With Geri having left as well, both houses were without Captains. What different methods would each team use to resolve this?

Forlorn Nicole
8.58AM - Nicole made all of the beds in the Poor Bedroom, while Lucy made salad for breakfast.
Lucy - "How are you today?"
Nicole - "A bit bored. It's quiet without David."
Lucy - "Get a grip, Nic! The show will be over in just under seven weeks. You'll see him then ... or before."

Black Puddings & Fitness
10.29AM - The Rich House were awake and Samuel was looking in the fridge - "Now what's this here? Black pudding? Sounds delicious. I'll throw that into the fry-up."" Over breakfast, Samuel brought up the subject of exercising and sports.
Samuel - "I pumped weights when I was younger. It gave me good upper body strength. That is why I like playing golf."
George - "I don't like exercise that much. It sounds too much like hard work."
Serena - "We need a fitness regime in here. We'll go to waste."

"Should I be reading this?"
12.02PM - Serena was in the lounge reading the Sim Brother houserules.
Serena - "Hey guys, did you know that as well as instructions on how to run the barbecue, how to program servo, what to do in the event of a fire and how to roast marshmallows, there is a section on looking after animals."
Samuel - "Now that's something I don't think that Sim Brother intended us to find out ... just yet. However, if we read up on it, we might get an edge - "
Sim Brother (f) - "Will Samuel please bring the Rich House's copy of the House Rules to the Diary Room?" Sam reluctantly did what he was asked.

Choosing a Captain
2.45PM - Nicole and Lucy were chatting around around the fire.

Nicole - "Things look bleak now but I think that our lifestyle might improve. I've got a good feeling."
Lucy - "It can't get any worse. We've done it before. We can do it again."
Nicole - "With there only being two of us, which one of us is the leader?"
Lucy - "I think I know a way to decide this quickly!"
Nicole - "Paper!"
Lucy - "Paper! That's tied. Let's go again. 1..2..3.. - "
Nicole - "Rock!"
Lucy - "Scissors! Rock blunts Scissors. Damn! You're the captain again."

Questioned Leadership
3.15PM - Leadership was also an issue in the Rich House.
George had come to the Diary Room - "As appointed Captain of the Rich House -" only to be interrupted by Samuel who had followed him in.
Samuel - "Hey, I didn't say I wanted you as Captain."
George - "I am your Commander in Chief."
Samuel - "Outside you are, yeah, but not in here. We'll talk over this with Serena. Sorry to have troubled you, Simbro."

Lucy's Concerns
7.44PM - Lucy comes to the Diary Room

Sim Brother (f) - "Hello, Lucy. How are you?"
Lucy (sighs) - "OK, I suppose. Did anybody tell you that you sound like Ricki Lake?" (silence) "I'm not the Captain but that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is not being in the Rich House. I miss the comforts. I am also not looking forward to Wednesday as it is becoming a lot harder in having to nominate people I can get on with."

While the Tub was fixed
8.05PM - Samuel was trying to fix the hot tub. His muttering and cursing could be heard around the house.
Serena - "Here! Sim Brother has given us a new book on House Rules."
Samuel - "Anything about pets in it?"
Serena - "That page has been removed, but there is still a section on how to fix the hottub."
Samuel - "Well you can tell me what to do. My hands are full!"
9.16PM - While Sam was fixing the hottub, George came back to the Diary Room. He looked annoyed.
Sim Brother (rl) - "Hello, George. How are you?"
George - "Ticked off! I'm the President out there. I'm the Commander in Chief. Do I get appreciated? Do I get the respect? Do I heckaslike!"
SB - "What do you intend to do about it, George?"
George - "That's why I have come to you. You know who I am. You should appoint me as the Captain."
SB - "Sim Brother cannot influence Group Politics."
George - "Oh yes you can. It's just that you won't!" (silence) "Well, if things go on like this, I might even think of walking. I'm appreciated out there. People respect me. They agree with my every decision." (silence) "Why won't you answer? Get me the Captaincy!"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
10.31PM - Sam had almost fixed the hot tub when George joined him and again brought up the subject of Captaincy.
George - "Samuel, as a fellow Simerican, why don't you want me to be the Captain?"
Samuel - "Because you're not the best man for the job, Georgie."
George - "And you think you are?"
Samuel - "I think Serena could do a good job."
George - (sighs) "Yes, I'll go with that. If I can't be the Captain, she can be the Captain."
The housemates went to bed shortly after this and unless snoring interests viewers, that is where we chose to leave it.

  • With new captains selected, what will be their first decisions?
  • How much did Serena learn from the book she wasn't supposed to have read?
  • With nominations looming, will everybody be nice to each other?

    Tune in tomorrow


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