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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 34 (Tuesday 24 September 2002)
The 3rd Duel of Minds
In less than a week, two housemates have left the Sim Brother house and radically changed the group dynamics. With nominations still a day away, another duel is due to keep them on their toes. With Serena and Nicole as the new captains of the Rich & Poor Houses, who will they consider to be the best contenders to take on the duel?

"You're the Boss"
8.43AM - George was the first up in the Rich House. He prepared breakfast and was joined shortly after by Serena.
George - "I don't know if you want the job but Samuel and I think you should be the Captain."
Serena - "And if I don't?"
George - "I'd be happy doing it."
Serena - "I'll do it, George. You carry on the way you are."

Captains' Call
10.15AM - Sim Brother (ar) - "The Captains will immediately come to the Diary Room." Once they were seated, Sim Brother continued. "This afternoon at 3PM, the 3rd Duel of the Minds will have five questions on politics. Nicole, as you only have one other housemate in your house, Lucy is automatically selected. Serena, which of your house do you select?"
Serena - "George. He keeps reminding us that he's the President so I reckon he should know something about it."
SB - "Next to the chair, you will each find a copy of a political magazine. This is to help the selected housemates brush up on their knowledge (... if they have any knowledge to brush up on in the first place)."
Both George and Lucy got down to work reading up on politics. Lucy had no prior knowledge of politics, which meant that she had about the same level of knowledge as George. Both of them quickly got engrossed in their reading. Lucy found out about the Bill of Rights and George found that the Congress met in the Capitol Building - "... and I thought it just looked pretty".

The 3rd Duel of Minds
3.00PM - George and Lucy were both called to the diary rooms. Once seated, the Duel began.
Sim Brother (ar) - "Welcome to the 3rd Duel of Minds. Neither of you can hear the other's reply, although the rest of the house can. The Winner will gain a place in the Rich House. The Loser will gain a place in the Poor House. Let's start the Duel of Minds."

"Question 1 - In what year was the Simerican Declaration of Independence?"
Both housemates correctly answered "1776".
"Question 2 - The Dail is the parliament of which Euopean country?"
Both housemates correctly answered "Eire" or "The Republic of Ireland"
"Question 3 - How many senators does each Simerican state send to the Senate?"
Both housemates correctly answered "Two". George originally thought it was "Three" but changed his mind in time.
"Question 4 - Who is the President of the SimCity Chamber of Commerce?"
Serena - "Prunella Penny"
George - "Maria Montoya"
SB - "The correct answer is Prunella Penny"
"Question 5 - What is the political body immediately above the City Council?"
Lucy - "State Assembly"
George - "Congress"
SB - "The correct answer is the State Assembly."
"That concludes this Duel of Minds.
"Lucy, you scored 5 points. George, you scored a measly 3 points.
"Lucy, you are the winner and will proceed to the Rich House through the gate in the garden.
"George, you are today's weaker Sim and will go the the Poor House the same way. Goodbye."

Back in the Ghetto
4.15PM - George returned to the Poor House and joined Nicole who was sat around the campfire.
Nicole - "Hi, George. What brings you over here?"
George - "That captain of mine selected me for a duel on politics of all things. Heck, that's what my advisors and staff are for. My job is to look as though I know what I'm doing as a world statesman and give a few orders for good measure."
Nicole - "Err.... riiight. Are you sure that's all the job involves?"

Return to Paradise
8.52PM - Samuel - "It's been ages since we've been on the same side. You don't know how much I've missed you."
Serena was not that pleased with Samuel's open display of affection to his old friend However, after a couple of hours, all three of them were laughing and joking like old friends who were catching up on lost time.

On the Night
11.32PM - George sat by the Divide, looking longingly into the Rich House. He had only been there a couple of days but because his political knowledge was lacking, he was back again in the Poor House.

Nicole came to the Diary Room.
"I am pleased that Lucy won the Duel of Minds but I am sorry to see her go. I now have the chance to know George but I don't know if the short time before I have to choose who I want out of here tomorrow afternoon will change my perceptions of him. I am not looking forward to it."

This point is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • How will the nominations go tomorrow afternoon?
  • Will George ever be in the Rich House again?
  • Who is going to be the new housemate?

    Tune in tomorrow

  • Behind the Camera
  • We approached Sim Brother to try and find out what was in the House Rule Book that Serena was reading yesterday. The official statement was that it related to livestock that were abandoned at the last minute. However, an "unidentified source" did say "There might be something involving animals or livestock during the series, but it hasn't been decided for certain"
  • So far, there have only been two entries in the Series One Competition. There are still three days to submit an entry for you to have a chance of winning a piece of "Sim Brother II" History.
  • The latest rumours from the White House are that a change of staff and leadership could be imminent. Stay tuned.


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