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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 35 (Wednesday 25 September 2002)
Nominations & The Reluctant Housemate
George's stay in the Rich House came to a premature end when he surprisingly losing the 3rd Duel of Minds on the subject of Politics. Lucy won the Duel and took George's place in the Rich House where she was reunited for the first time in three weeks with her old friend Samuel. However, things cannot stay the same for long as today, the housemates have to make their third nominations and prepare for the arrival of the new housemate.

Late Arising
10.28PM - Both houses were late getting up. In the Poor House, George & Nicole were speculating over Nominations.
George - "Who do you think will be up for it?"
Nicole - "Not sure. Any of us, I reckon."
The Rich House spent their morning in the hottub that Samuel had fixed.

The 3rd Nominations
3.00PM - From psychological assessment of the housemates, Nominations was the time that they hated the most. Even those who had been in the Poor House found that more tolerable than being evicted. The time came as expected and they were called in order to make their choices, firstly of the two they would want to see out of the house and secondly for the person they thought was most deserving to win.
Nicole - "My first nomination is again for Serena. I don't know what it is about her but I don't think she fits. My second nomination is George. He's too opinionated and needs advisors and staff. If he forgot about the outside world a bit more, he might be more likeable. As it is, he isn't."
"Since David left, Lucy is the one in here who I am closest to. Therefore, I reckon she deserves to win."
Lucy - "A new one to start off with. George (2) is the biggest moaner I have ever heard. Get him out. Serena (2) still hasn't clicked with me. Now I'm back over in the Rich House, I reckon she thinks I am after Samuel. She's right. I am. Therefore, I could do without the competition."
"Nicole needs the cash so I think she should win."
George - "I normanite Samuel again. He doesn't respect my position as his President. Therefore, the house should be no place for him and he should be shown the door. The other one I think should go is Nicole. She's Austrian and that is a good enough reason for me. This means she doesn't have to show me respect, so she should be shown the door as well. "
"I think Serena should win. I know I nomanited her last time but I've changed my mind again. She's an All American girl. Thankyou."
At just past this half-way stage, George and Serena both have two votes. Nicole and Samuel have one vote each.
Serena - "I am nominating George (3) again and Nicole (2). George can't relax. He thinks he should be in charge and calling all of the shots. With Nicole, I think she is working her way around the guys. That's a bit slutty in my book."
"Samuel is the one who I think deserves to win. He's such a funny guy."
George on 3 votes will definitely be facing the public vote. Serena and Nicole both have two votes. There is no decisive choice for the most popular housemate. It all depends on Samuel.
Samuel - "Nominee Number One is George (4). He still thinks he's the President. He isn't in here. If he still wants to be, he knows where the door is. Nominee Number Two is Nicole (3). We haven't been on the same side for ages so I don't really know her. I can't think of any better reason."
"I think Lucy deserves to win. She's one foxy lady."

Sim Brother (rl) - "This week's nominations for eviction are ... in alphabetical order ...

George ... and Nicole

"The most popular housemate who will receive §1,000 when leaving the house is Lucy"

4.15PM - George and Nicole were both rather stunned. Neither knew that they had nominated each other.
George - "I don't know who the newcomer is going to be but I hope they've got a sense of style."
Nicole - "I'm not really bothered who it is ... apart from my 'ex'."
George - "It's a bit of a pain in the ankle about being normanited."
Nicole - "It is a bit strange. It's like a Rich v Poor split."
In the Rich House, Serena came to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (rl) - "How are you, Serena?"
Serena - "Really pleased that I'm not up again. I can relax a bit more and be myself until the next nominations in two weeks time."
SB - "How are you going to relax?"
Serena - "In whatever way I can. By the way, I know this is a cheeky question but am I having another party tomorrow?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you. Thankyou, Serena."

"Welcome to the House - There is No Escape"
11.02PM - A dazed chatshow host woke up in an unfamiliar location.

David L - "This isn't my dressing room. Where am I?"
Sim Brother (jej) - "In the Battlezones."
David L - "You mean I am in that waste of space called Sim Brother? What do you want?!!"
SB - "Entertainment."
David L - "Whose side are you on? NBC, CBS, ABC, Public Access Cable?"
SB - "That would be telling. We want Entertainment."
David L - "You're pulling my leg. I'm supposed to be doing a late show tonight."
SB - "Not for the next three weeks at least."
David - "Well you're not getting any entertainment from me. I'll escape from here and there is nothing you can do about it."
SB - "For you, the rules have changed. If you try and escape, we'll bring you back."
David - "Who are you?"
SB - "I am Sim Brother - "
David - "Hey, I am here against my will! You know that! Anyway, what have I done to deserve to come here?"
SB - "Sim Brother sees everything. You were too nice to 'Survivor' and very condescending to 'Big Brother 3'. This way, you get to see what it is like from a different perspective."
David - "If I'm not out there, Oprah and Jay's shows will get better ratings than mine. I must get out."
SB - "You will leave here ... eventually, and not until the public votes you out, David. Accept it. You won't be going anywhere for a while."
David - "Are you working for Oprah? C'mon, you've had your fun. Where's the way out of here?"
SB - "Just follow the path around and go through the open doorway."
David - "That's more like it. You'll be hearing from my lawyers."

"Noooo !!! This can't be happening!" he exclaimed as the door shut behind him, leaving him in the Poor House.

And what is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • How will the new Dave find life on the inside of the Sim Brother house?
  • How will the housemates react to their new resident?

    Tune in tomorrow


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