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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 36 (Thursday 26 September 2002)
The Party and the Newbie
Lucy was voted as the person who most deserved to win by the housemates, but George & Nicole were facing the public vote. Even though they knew someone was joining them, nobody could be bothered to wait for whoever it was.

Dave has not come onto the series of his own volition. This talkshow host had belittled "Big Brother", so "Sim Brother" took it on itself to show him what it was like from another perspective. For the 9th Housemate, the only way that he will be allowed to leave is if he is voted out. Perhaps his first full day might change his mind. Perhaps not.

This cannot be happening to me!
12.15AM - Finding the house to be silent and both Nicole and George to be asleep, Dave was not feeling up to waking them up and showing them he had arrived. Instead he looked around and talked to nobody in particular - "This isn't fair. I'm not supposed to be in here. It's not right."
1.02AM - This got no response. He shot a few hoops to try and keep himself busy and vent his frustration. He came to the Diary Room. "Okay, you jerk. You've had your fun. Now open that gate up and let me out of here. I'll say nice things about the place. Just let me out."
Sim Brother (ar) - "This is Sim Brother. This is not Sim Sucker. You saying we're a good show after only having been in here one hour? That's better than one of your jokes. Goodbye." 2.13AM - With taking that as a dismissal, Dave filled in his time tidying up and then tried to get some sleep on one of the recliners.

I'm your biggest fan!
3.55AM - Dave's snoring had woken Nicole up who decided to grill some burgers as an early breakfast.
5.34AM - George and Dave had both got up at the smell of burgers. George introduced himself to a bleary-eyed Dave.
George - "Hi, Dave. I'm a great fan of your show. It's good to have you in here. Did you get here alright?"
Dave - "Hello, Mr.President. Apparently not. I was just waiting to watch my show, see if they had got me from the best angles and I fell asleep in my dressing room. The next thing I knew was that I was in the Battlezones. I'd hoped I'd wake up and find myself back there. I'll be talking to my lawyers when I get out of here."
7.13AM - George took it on himself to tell Dave the way things were. George - "I've been in the Poor House for over three weeks. It's not a bed of pansies. I don't know what it looks like on the outside. The diet over in this part is just burgers and salads. Is that one alright, by the way?"
Dave - "Err ... yes. It's quite ... appetising. (I've eaten better from the bottom of an ashtray in the NBC bar)"
10.08AM - Dave helped himself to a drink. Nicole is not too impressed with the new arrival.
Nicole - "He's not David. I don't think he'll fit in here."
George - "From what I've found out, he didn't have much of a choice. Unlike us, he didn't volunteer for this show. He can't leave until he's voted out by the public."
Nicole - "Hmph. Perhaps he's not so bad after all."

An Event is Announced
10.13AM - Serena was called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (jej) - "Sim Brother would like to wish you ... for the second time ... a very happy birthday. It is your birthday isn't it, Serena."
Serena - "Yes, it is, Sim Brother."
SB - "In view of the fact that there is a new arrival in the house who needs to be made to feel welcome and part of the Sim Brother experience, Sim Brother has agreed to give you a Disco."
Serena - "Thankyou, Sim Brother."
SB - "Both sides of the house will be opened up for the day. Costumes, buffet and dance floor will be provided."

Serena's Party - Take 2
11.27PM - Nicole took the first slot as DJ and Sam immediately got around to strutting his stuff.

Samuel - "This is what a party should be about. I'm feeling funky!"
Nicole - "Whatever."
With having an opportunity to go into the Rich House, Dave had got into the party spirit had dressed up suitably. He grabbed a plate of bacon & eggs that was left over from breakfast that Lucy had prepared. "It might not be so bad I'll give it another day." he had muttered to himself.
12.04PM - Sim Brother had also provided the buffet table and a punchbowl. After Nicole had prepared the table and Serena had filled the punchbowl, it was not long before they got stuck in.

Nicole - "Happy Birthday, Serena ... again."
Serena - (laughing) "Thankyou, Nicole. I don't think I'll be having any more while I am in here."
Nicole - "Pity. I like parties. We need parties. I just hope that this is a great party. We need one."
Serena - "I'll do my best to make it that way."

Psychological Insight
1.31PM - The Psychologists were watching Dave visiting the bathroom and going into the garden to listen to Lucy on the decks.
"Dave is like an animal. He marks his territory and gets to know everyone. Although he may be smiling a lot, he is weighing up who is an ally and who is an enemy. This will be useful to him in the coming days."

Later Afternoon
5.00PM - Dave took a shower and came out with everything on display - "Are there any towels in this place?". Fortunately for the viewers, there was a fault with the camera focus. This might be fixed shortly.
6.16PM - Samuel was back on the Dancefloor, still dancing alone but really in the swing of things.

Serena lets rip!
9.46PM - After having had a couple of glasses of punch, Serena spoke her mind about airline security - "I could smuggle a knife on board inside the handle of my tennis racket"
Samuel - "You'd be more deadly using your racket as a weapon, Serena."
10.18PM - Serena then got in the cage screaming - "# I am the Champion, I am the Champion #"
11.04PM - Nicole was awake and drinking off some of the punch - "If it's made Serena go ape, I'm having some of what she's had"
Dave was also awake and chatting with Serena - "How would you like to come on my show after this is over?"
Serena - "I'd like that. Has anyone told you that you are a really sexy guy?"
Dave - "There have been quite a few people, actually ... but nobody lately."
Serena - "You're kinda cute (hic)"
Dave - "Err ... that's very nice of you.

Goodnight, Rich House

11.59PM - The Poor Housemates returned to their part of the house just before midnight. Even Dave did not seem to be complaining. Was he adapting to the house?

Unfortunately, that is where we are going to have to leave it and you will have to tune in tomorrow to find out what has happened.

Out in the Real World

Sorry for the late issue, folks. I dozed off after my dinner. Oops.


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