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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 37 (Friday 27 September 2002)
The Day After Serena's Party - Again
Yesterday's Second Birthday Party for Serena went down very well ... although Serena might have been the worse for wear from drinking too much punch. Dave was getting used to the house and finding his bearings. However, is this just a passing phase or is the 9th Housemate really settling in?

Can today's events can clarify this?

9.12AM - It is the morning after Serena's party. Lucy was up first again and cleaning around the Rich House. Samuel was the next one to get up and made straight for the coffee - "Whatever was in that punch was lethal"
Over in the Poor House, Dave was the first one up and had prepared a Cucumber Salad -"It's like what I have in the SBS Canteen".
After his breakfast, he he spoke to George while he looked through the divide into the Rich Living Area.
Dave - "When does this next open up?"
George (<--) - "When someone crosses over. Someone could go over there today, tomorrow, Sunday. It could even be Monday. Sim Brother doesn't give us a timetable of what we can expect."

Hair of the Dog
12.21PM - Samuel was doing the gardening. Serena was awake. Although the buffet table had been cleared, there was still some punch left and she was indulging in "hair of the dog"

Samuel - "Do you know what you're doing, girl?"
Serena - "All I know is that I've got a stonker of a headache and helps me get rid of it. Did I insult anyone last night?"
Samuel - "You really laid into George criticised airline security and then declared that you were a Tennisist."
Serena - "Oh my. I'd better apologise to him at the first chance that I get. Can it get worse?"
Samuel - "Yes. I think you made a pass at Dave."
Serena - "Riighht. I think I'll only have the one, then."
Samuel - "Probably wise."

Who is Sim Brother?

1.36PM - Nicole and George were telling Dave about who they thought the different voices of Sim Brother were.
George - "We think there are four of them. There's one who we think is James Earl Jones. He is stern and official. Sean Connery is not so bad."
Nicole - "There are two women. We've just identified Ricki Lake. She's nice. You don't mess with Anne Robinson. If she's on duty, stay away."
Dave - "I've already met Anne while I've been here. Not a pleasant experience."

Denial & Despair
2.38PM - The punch was gone.

Serena - "Well that's the last of that. Very lethal."
Lucy - "You did make a bit of a fool of yourself last night.
Serena - "I can't have been that stupid."
Samuel - "Put it like this. You were."
3.04PM - As well as preparing breakfast, Dave had prepared lunch too. Somehow, George's cooking from the day before had not appealed to him. However, George was appreciative and gave Dave a hug to show how pleased he was to have an ally in the house.

Nicole noticed and came straight to the Diary Room.
Nicole - "I know Dave is not David but I'm uncomfortable with him around. I now feel left out on this side of the house. I don't know where to turn. Even if I get the team over to the Rich House, there are two people over there that I don't really see eye to eye with."
Sim Brother (sc) - "Have you thought of trying to get to know Dave better. See if you have common interests."
Nicole - "I suppose there's no harm in trying."

Watery Problems
5.31PM - While George was washing some dishes, there was a minor disaster and the yard was flooded. He got to work repairing it and Dave helped by starting to mop up.

George - "This is so darned frustrating! This suit will be ruined."
Dave - "I know the feeling, Mr. President. Our SBS technicians always make goofs. They nearly dropped a light on my head, but they know their job."
George - "Perhaps they should be in here. They could fix this sink instead."

7.31PM - The sink was fixed and the flood was mopped up. With Dave around, George appeared more motivated and had helped with the mopping up, unlike when Sam had blocked the sink. The group dynamics had changed. Nicole was visibly uncomfortable.

Trouble with Authority
8.21PM - Nicole asked Dave if he was happy being the cook for the Poor House. However, this brought her authority into question.

Dave - "I don't mind doing it, but why is it you who is doing the asking? I'd rather it was the President who asking me."
Dave continued - "What you've got to consider is how people on the outside are viewing things. Who would they rather see as a captain? You or The President? Take Lucy, for instance. She's not as popular on the outside as she is in here - "
Sim Brother (ar) - "Will Dave immediately come to the Diary Room?"
8.53PM - "Dave, bringing news from the outside world into the house is against the rules."
Dave - "That's the first I've heard. Kick me out. See if I care."
SB - "Take it as advice. Don't do it again."
Dave - "Wow. Am I now supposed to be all apologetic?"
SB - "Goodbye, Dave."

Serena the Cleaner

11.58PM - Serena was up late doing the cleaning. She prepared herself a late supper and that was where we had to leave it.

  • Will Dave divulge more outside information?
  • Will George become Poor Captain?
  • Does Sim Brother have any plans for the housemates?

    Tune in tomorrow to find out.


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