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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 38 (Saturday 28 September 2002)
A Change of Pace
Dave appeared to be settling in although he did have a two problems with authority - Nicole as his House Captain and Sim Brother.

Could today sort them out?

Good Morning, Housemates
6.49AM - Quite a few of the house were getting up. Dave had already been up for 30 minutes and was preparing breakfast. Despite his original resistance to Sim Brother and reluctance to being in the house, he did appear to be making an effort and becoming involved in the running of the house. However, whether this was a facade for the cameras was something that could not be conclusively ascertained.
9.29AM - After breakfast, the Poor Housemates gathered around the campfire to roast marshmallows. Nicole appeared to have taken Sim Brother's advice and was making an effort to try and get back into the group by making conversation and asked Dave if he was a football fan.
Dave - "Although I prefer baseball, yes, I do have an interest. Simcastle United are quite good, Simsville Wanderers are going places, Simmenham Hotspur are overrated but I'm a supporter of Simchester Rovers. In fact, I actually saw Davina supporting Simmenham Hotspur when they were last playing us at home."
11.19AM - Serena was the last one of the housemates to get up. Something she had eaten - or drunk - the day before had not agreed with her digestion and she dashed to the toilet to be sick.

SB - Serves her right!

Sim Brother hears everything
2.12PM - The lack of activity had got Nicole & George's attention.
George - "We need more sporting battles. Ok, so we got to play volleyball once, but I think there should be a chance for the team members to do better things. There's no training, no practicing. Everything is something to do with the mind. We either know something or we don't. Yes, there's some tension but not a lot else."
Nicole - "I'll tell Sim Brother, although I'm pretty sure he'll know all about it anyway. By the way, George, are you interested in being the Captain?"
George - "Thanks, Nicole, but I'm just not bothered any more. When I leave here, which could be in a couple of days, I will be back as the President. When that happens, I will look back at my days in here and being a House Captain won't be such a big deal."
4.15PM - Sim Brother must have heard their concerns about the lack of activity. A couple of hours later, all of the housemates were called inside and Sim Brother delivered four benchpresses, two for each side.

Sim Brother (sc) - "Your battle for tomorrow is a test of timing, agility and stamina. In order to improve yourselves, these benchpresses will be available until the task begins. "

A Change of Heart?
5.58PM - George has come to the Diary Room. Even though he may have said he was expecting to leave, what he had to say was quite the contrary.
George - "I know I have appeared at times as a major league ******* but I honestly don't want to leave. I know I complain. I know I am a bit slow at times. Now Dave has arrived, I feel that I have got someone I can talk to. Although I would miss Nicole, she is the only other person you can vote for. Let me stay in, please."
6.35PM - Nicole and Dave were already practicing hard on the benchpresses. Dave appeared to be having a change of heart.

Dave - "I think I ... might have ... misjudged this show and anything similar ... 'Survivor' looked tough but I think this ... (pants) ... is tougher"
Nicole - "So do you want to stay?"
Dave - "I didn't say ... that (gasp)"

Early to Bed
7.18PM - Nicole had tired herself out on the benchpress and was going to bed early.
Less than half an hour later, her "training partner" Dave was fast asleep on the recliner.
8.22PM - Samuel was busy repairing the hottub ... again. He had been reading the handbook on it all afternoon and had not had the opportunity to train on the benchpresses.
10.44PM - Serena was the last one to go to bed. She had been busy training on the benchpresses and was exhausted, although she had been up less than 12 hours. The effects of the last few days appeared to have caught up with her.

And that is where we are going to leave it.

  • What is the battle that they are preparing for?
  • Will it be as demanding as the housemates are expecting?
  • Is Dave settling in, or is it all a façade?

    Tune in tomorrow.


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