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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 39 (Sunday 29 September 2002)
The Assault Course
Sim Brother gave the houses benchpresses to get them training for a test of agility, timing and stamina. Today is when they can put everything to the test. It will drive some of them to exhaustion, demoralise others and cheer up the rest. This is the day of their toughest battle yet.

Dave to the rescue!
3.55AM - Nicole was the first one awake and took the opportunity to have a cold shower.
After dressing and the Poor House Cook still asleep, she grilled up a plate of burgers but all did not go according to plan.
Dave was woken up by the smell of the smoke and recliner sprang into action, grabbing the extinguisher and turning it on the fire.

I remember Anna
7.23AM - Over the campfire, Dave appeared to be opening up.

Dave - "I was over at Sim Moritz earlier in the year and who should I bump into but Davina and Anna from the first series of your show."
Nicole - "It's OUR show now, Dave. Whether you like it or not, you're part of it."
Dave - "I suppose it is. I'm still not quite used to being here. It's not as exotic as Pulau Tiga or Panama, however."
Nicole - "Tell me about it."
Dave - "Anyhow, they were there enjoying the sports and the sunshine and the only thing I was missing was a film crew. I am sure that if I had been filming, Anna would have been stripping off in front of me. She seems to like stripping off for the cameras."
Nicole - "I had noticed that she played up to the cameras a lot. Perhaps I should do that more often."
Dave - "It couldn't hurt."

Welcome to the Assault Course
4.45PM - George & Samuel had been busy pumping iron for most of the day on the benchpresses. Their exercise regime was interrupted when ...

Sim Brother (sc) - "This is Sim Brother. You will shortly be entering the Assault Course. You will all start on the red line. This is a relay race. Each team mate, finishing with the captain, will go through the Funinator, dash along to the back fence and back zig zagging back over the hills and stop in the green square. Once a team member is in the Green square, the next one will begin. When the captain arrives in the Green square, she fires the rocket. The first side to fire their rocket wins. You will all assemble in the battlezones."

5.00PM - The Housemates were all assembled. Samuel would go first for the Rich Side. George would be going first for the Poor Side.

George and Sam set off at the same time. George found going through the Funinator to be quite easy. Sam, on the other hand, was not as comfortable and finding the pole to be quite tricky - "I think I can now say I know how firemen feel"
Dave was the second one to go for the Poor Team and although he had quite a lead over the Rich House, he wasn't as quick around the course as he could have been. By the beginning of the Last Leg, the gap had been closed and Serena was nudging ahead but Nicole looked as though she could be struggling. Nicole was held up in the Funinator and Serena managed to get ahead.

The Rocket went up ... but it was the Rich House who were doing the launching. Nicole had been struggling through the Funinator ... and collapsed from exhaustion.
"This is Sim Brother. The first rocket was launched by Serena's Team. Therefore, theirs is the victory. They retain the Rich House. Nicole's team will return to the Poor House."

Early to Bed
8.34PM - George was the last one on the Poor House to bed. The task had completely exhausted the housemates. There was no "post mortem". That would come tomorrow.

Samuel was the last one in the Rich House to go to bed. Although they had won, everyone was too exhausted to celebrate. Perhaps that might come tomorrow.
And despite it being so early, that is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • How will the Poor Team react to Nicole's collapse?
  • How will the Rich Team celebrate their victory?
  • Do any of them realise that they have just passed halfway?

    Tune in tomorrow


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