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Sim Brother Series 1, Special Article
Sim Brother Superfan Competition Results
Welcome to the Results
Although the amount of entries was low, the quality of these entries was extremely high and extremely close. Because of this, Sim Brother has been marking more strictly than an A-Level Examiner.

— For those who entered the housemates’ outside names, you have not been penalised.
— For those who have made spelling errors, you have not been penalised either.
— For the three entries submitted from the same person using different email addresses, you have not been penalised either (nice try but I rumbled you)

The Answers
  • 1. Sim Castle United
    Yes, I know the real Tony Blair supports Newcastle United but Tony in Sim Brother supported Simcastle United
  • 2. Anna
  • 3. “The Poseidon Adventure”
  • 4, Mr. Flopsy
  • 5. MNM
    The question read, “Who was the first housemate to visit the Diary Room?” I did not ask for the second housemate and for those who hedged their bets and included Anna in their answer, you have been marked as wrong.
  • 6. Jerry
  • 7. Anne
  • 8. Anna by Anne (65)
    This is a two-part question and requires both parts to be answered correctly to get the point.
  • 9. 10AM, 3PM
  • 10. Maxis Career Evaluation Service (79)
  • 11. Simmenham Hotspur (62)
    Please note that Davina only said Simsville Wanderers looked like they were "going places". She did not say that she supported them, therefore anyone who put Simsville Wanderers or said Davina supported two teams was marked as wrong.
  • 12. Tony
  • 13. Davina & Anna (76)
  • 14. Dustin Hoffman
  • 15. Leopard at "SimCity Zoo" (27)
    Most of you got this one right. For the one who got it wrong, now you know.
  • 16. Anna
  • 17. The Producer of TSZ Livestream (and “ChEeTaH” (out of show))
    For those of you who only put ChEeTaH in your answer, you were marked as wrong. His birthday was only mentioned "out of show" and he was not named to the housemates.
  • 18. Tom, Anna & Anne
  • 19. Jennifer
  • 20. 'Tough luck. Ha ha ha'
    I wanted the full quote so for those who missed a “ha” out, you have missed a point.
  • 21. SimCity Explosive Gnome Accreditation Standard
  • 22. MNM
  • 23. Jennifer
  • 24. Jerry
  • 25. Tom
  • 26. Will
  • 27. Anne
  • 28. Davina
  • 29. Tony
  • 30. Anna
    Although the last nine questions were quite easy, mistakes were made by carelessness and would have put someone else in 2nd place.

  • The Runners Up
  • 2nd Place with 25 points Josh Adams

  • 3rd Place with 25 points Adam Gates

  • And the Sim Brother Superfan is ...
    1st Place with 27 points - Mark Sellick

    Congratulations, Mark. Your prize is already in the post.

    Sim Brother's decision is final and no further communication will be entered into on this matter.


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