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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 14 (Thursday 31 January 2002)
Finding Out
Confidence and Apprehension
Tom and Jerry were on Fire Watch and told Jerry his thoughts about the nominations.
Tom - "I have good a good feeling about things and I am pretty sure neither of us will be one of those being on the list to be evicted today."
Jerry - "You can't tell, Tom."
Tom - "Hey, we're popular guys. Nobody would vote us out."

At 07:20 AM, Tony came to the Diary Room. He was strangely apprehensive about the results and told Sim Brother that he was more nervous than he had been before his last General Election. Sim Brother told him "everyone will know when it is time".

The Results
At 12:00 PM when the task was due to end, Sim Brother had instructed everyone to be gathered around the fire.

"This is Sim Brother. The Fire Watch task is now closed. Here is the result."

"At 4:10pm on Day 12 (Tuesday), the fire had been out for a complete hour. You have failed your task. Next week, you will have a weekly budget of §560."

The housemates were visibly upset.

"Here are the results of this week's nominations."

"Three people will face the public vote. These are in alphabetical order ...

Anna ... Anne ... and MNM."

Tony tried to give Anne a consolatory hug, but she pushed him away.

Anna did not mind the same treatment, but she was upset later when Tom took her aside and said - "Don't tell anyone, but I am sure Davina nominated you."

The three nominees took the news that they were up to the public vote in different ways. MNM watered the garden, Anna repaired the shower and Anne did the washing up.

To give them a distraction and help put their mind off things, Sim Brother had provided the house with magazines for them to read.

The housemates had a lot on their minds and thought things over privately. Some of them did not know whether they would be here in a week's time. Others of them were thinking about how they could live on only half of their budget, and the rest of them were thinking about the §1000 that they had to spend on luxury items and what they were going to buy.

Magazines became part of The Sims with the Hot Date Expansion and were only available to buy Downtown. However, Shaun E. Goodyear managed to make these available to buy from home and these magazines are used in the Sim Brother house with his kind permission. These can be downloaded from The Sims Resource

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