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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 40 (Monday 30 September 2002)
Recrimination & Romance
Exhausted by the Assault Course, the housemates had all had an early night. The Rich Team had won. The Poor Team had lost and Nicole's collapsing from exhaustion during the course had been noticed by her other team mates.

Will they remember about it today and will they forget about by tomorrow?

Recrimination & Relief
8.09AM - Nicole was still half-asleep when Dave started on her.

Dave - "What kind of captain are you for falling asleep on the Assault Course?"
Nicole - "A tired one ... and I'm still tired, Dave. Let me wake up."
Dave - "You should have been awake yesterday and we might have stood a chance."
9.07AM - Samjax is in the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (rl) - "How are you this morning, Samuel?"
Samuel - "I'm feeling pretty good. We did okay on the Assault Course yesterday and we're still here for a bit longer."
SB - "How do you feel your are being seen by the public?"
Samuel - (laughs) "An easy-going guy who's not very good with technical things. I don't know when my time will come, but I'll take eviction when it comes."

Challenge of Command
11.00AM - Dave would not give up on complaining about yesterday's events.
Dave - "I expect the best from people I am with and you didn't give it. As you are the Captain, I am appalled with such a lack of effort."
Nicole - "Hey, I was exhausted. We all were - "
Dave - "It's not good enough. I think the President should be in charge of this house"
George - "I'm keeping out of it. Let Nicole keep the job. We lost. Big deal. Where's my Marigolds?"
Dave - "Sir, I am disappointed."
Nicole - "That looks like I am still Captain. Accept it. "

Unsubtle Samuel
11.17AM - The Rich House were all in their Hot Tub and they were talking about relationships.
Samuel - "I've got a lady on the outside. Married for so long I've forgotten, but I didn't rule out romance when I came in here."
Serena - "So you want to enjoy the Sim Brother experience to the full?"
Samuel - "I don't see why not."
Lucy - "So who have you got your eye on?"
Samuel - "That would be telling." ;)

Over Lunch
1.06PM - Nicole hugged George.
Nicole - "Thanks for standing by me. I'm sorry I collapsed."
George - "No worries. One of us is going in a few days. What would a few days over there matter? Anyway, I've got the White House to go back to."
1.21PM - Over in the Rich House, yesterday's Assault Course was on their mind.
Samuel - "I really enjoyed it. I like winning and we've got this place for another few days at least."
Lucy - "What makes you so sure? Sim Brother could throw something at us today meaning that we are fighting the other house again and we could be sleeping on those hard bunks again."

Serena and Sam
3.29PM - Samuel's remarks that he might be open for romance did not go unnoticed by Serena.
Serena - "Am I the one you've got your eye on?"
Samuel - "I'm not saying one way or the other"
Serena - "I'll just have to see what I can do to make your mind up."
Samuel - "Well, I do find you quite the lady, my lady."
Serena - "Well, thankyou, kind sir."
Samuel - "I don't think too much of Dave. He's sucking up to the Prez.."
Serena - "I'd noticed that too. I just wonder what effort he will make next week to improve things with the rest of us."
Samuel - "As long as he's over there, none at all with us."
Serena - "Anyway, less about him. More about us." as she gave Samuel a romantic kiss.


5.13PM - With little else to do in the Poor House, George was having a drink. Dave did not appear to be impressed.
Dave - "Mr. President, do you think it is wise to drink this early during the day?"
George - "Just stop calling me that! I'm not the Preznit in here. I'm just George and I'm having a drink because I darn well feel like it."
Dave - "Sir, drinking will not improve your chances of staying in the house from tomorrow."
George - "I DON'T GIVE A FLYING F*** ABOUT THAT, LETTERBOX! Just suck up to someone else! I'm going back to the White House on Thursday and that is me out of here!"

Calm down, George
6.37PM - George was called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "How are you getting on with Dave, George?"
George - "He's nothing but a crawler. Yeah, it might be respect but it's getting on my nerves! If I wasn't leaving here on Thursday, I'd give him an uppercut."
Sim Brother - "What makes you think that you are leaving?"
George - "I want to leave. I want to get back to work and go and kick some country instead of kicking Letterbox or Mailman or whatever he calls himself."

Bedtime for the House
9.51PM - George had made supper (salad funnily enough). The atmosphere in the Poor House was calmer and quieter.
Dave - "I'm off to bed. Goodnight, Nicole. Goodnight, Mr. ... George."
10.29PM - All of the Poor House were going to bed. The atmosphere was still a bit tense.
11.15PM - Samuel & Serena's relationship was becoming quite passionate as could be seen by their embrace following a skinny dip in the tub. It was not surprising that they shared the same bed.

Lucy's Thoughts
11.12PM - Being the last one up, Lucy was called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "Hello, Lucy. How are you?"
Lucy - "Quite good, I suppose. Pleased to be staying on this side of the house for another night or so. I'll be interested in seeing who goes on Wednesday Night."
Sim Brother (sc) - "How do you feel about Samuel & Serena becoming closer?"
Lucy - "It won't last. He's after a bit of fun. I can give him more fun than that mole of yours. I like her, but I don't trust her. Before long, she'll know about it."

And that is where we must leave it.

  • What does Lucy have in mind?
  • How secure is Samuel & Serena's relationship?
  • Will George & Dave iron out their differences?

    Tune in tomorrow


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