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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 41 (Tuesday 1 October 2002)
Covert Embrace & Overt Indignance
It has been quite tense in the Poor House. Dave demanded Nicole be replaced by George as House Captain, but he would hear nothing of it. Also, George took offence at Dave's insistence of calling him "Mr President". In the Rich House, Samuel & Serena have rekindled their relationship into a more passionate and romantic affair. However, Lucy does not quite see it that way and might have plans about Samuel herself.

However, how will things develop today?

Covert Kiss
7.55AM - Samuel & Serena both got up at about the same time and had showers together. It was while Serena was getting dried off that Lucy came over and gave Samuel a big hug, that he did not seem to mind. When she then gave him a passionate kiss, he did not object either. In fact, both of them seemed quite excited by their clandestine embraces.

Uneasy Silences
11.43AM - Samuel was reading the House Rulebook. Lucy and Serena had brunch, Serena completely oblivious to the earlier goings-on.
Over in the Poor House, the atmosphere was still quite tense. George & Dave were still not talking. Nicole broke the sillence.
Nicole - "Whichever one of you guys leaves the seat up, pack it in !!"

An Afternoon in the Love Triangle
3.19PM - Serena came to the Diary Room for a chat.

Serena - "Hi, Sim Brother. I know this might sound odd but I just can't seem to figure Lucy out. She's being really nice to me. I don't mind it, but I thought she didn't trust me. I'll just have to see how it pans out. Can you tell me what's going on?" (silence) "I thought not. Thanks anyway, Sim Brother. I just thought I'd let you know."
Despite any suspicions that she had, Serena and Lucy danced along to a couple of rock numbers on the jukebox and then had a chat about fashions - Lucy even offered Serena some of her Alpha Taurus outfits to wear - and then found that they both shared the same opinion that Dave wasn't properly settling in.
5.11PM - Sam sat in the garden alone. He was not completely oblivious to what was going on but he was unaware of how things could explode in his face if he didn't handle things properly.

Until now, relationships had not really developed beyond friendship. Although he had shared a brief crush on Serena, the level that these had advanced to was not completely within his control ... and he didn't know it.

Dave snaps!
8.36PM - In the Poor House, Nicole & George were both asleep on the recliners in the garden.

Dave did not look as though he was getting any job satisfaction from tidying up. Upon discovering his fellow housemates napping, he looked even more annoyed and came straight to the Diary Room.
Dave - "The President can't take any responsibility and drinks his days away. Nicole is not a team player and what's even crazier is that she's Team Captain. I'm not happy and I want to go."
Sim Brother (ar) - "Oh really? And what do you intend to do when you are reminded that you only leave here by eviction or in a coffin?"
Dave - "I'll just let them know everything that is going on out there. I'll get warned. I'll do it again. You'll have no option but to kick me out."
SB - "OK. Do it your way, Dave. You can see if it works out, but you obviously don't have the sense to realise that it will not."

Indecent Proposal
11.47PM - Samuel had not really spoken to Lucy since their covert kiss of earlier in the day. The rest of the day, he had feigned disinterest but he was about to make a move. Serena had gone to sleep in the single bed and Samuel was in the Vibrating bed.

Samuel (whispered) - "Lucy, do you want to join me and have a bit of fun?"
Lucy (whispered) - "What kind of girl do you take me for? No thanks."
And that is where we have to leave it.

  • Why did Lucy turn him down?
  • Who will be leaving tomorrow night?
  • Will the housemates be having a Halfway Party?

    Tune in tomorrow.


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