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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 42 (Wednesday 2 October 2002)
Half Way Party & Eviction No. 3
Welcome to Eviction Night

"Welcome to our third Eviction Night and the Half Way Celebrations. The housemates have been enjoying themselves today. The divide his temporarily come down in order to allow them to celebrate the series just passing Half Way mark. As always, there are a lot of unanswered questions. How is Samuel feeling the day after Lucy's attentions to him of yesterday? How is George getting on with Dave? Let's go and see what they have been up to today."

On the Morning
6.35AM - George and Nicole were the first ones up in the house. Eviction was on their minds.
George - "This is probably going to be my last day in here."
Nicole - "It might not be. It might be mine."
George - "You've done a good job in here. You're popular."
Nicole - "And what says that you are not?"
George - "The voters always go for someone attractive. I'm not exactly Leonardo Da Vinci."
Nicole - "Er ... I think I know who you mean, George."
8.06AM - The Poor House were sat having salad for breakfast which Dave had prepared. It was a quiet affair. They realised that this would be the last breakfast where all of them would be present.
8.12AM - Lucy was having a bath. She had slept alone in the other double-bed after having turned down Sam's offer. Serena was brushing her teeth. She still appeared unaware of Lucy's ploys.

It's Half Way, Housemates!
11.13AM - The Rich House were sat in the Lounge. The Poor House were sat around the Campfire where Nicole was asking Dave about the latest football scores.

Dave - "The score in West Simwich Albion's latest ... "
Sim Brother (rl) - "This is Sim Brother. The Halfway Mark has just been passed. This evening, there will be a party to celebrate this and also to help you relax during tonight's evictions. The divide will be opened up. Rules will be relaxed. The party will continue until tomorrow. In the meantime, would Dave please come to the Diary Room?"

Strike One, Dave!
Sim Brother - "Dave, only a couple of minutes ago, you were going to divulge information from the outside."
Dave - "I told you I would."
SB - "In light of this and your disclosures of last night, Sim Brother issues you with your first warning."
Dave - "Thankyou, Sim Brother. Now I'll go out and do it all again. You'll have no alternative but to let me leave."

Desperate Sam
3.40PM - Nicole and David had gone to bed (seperately) to be well rested for the party. In the Rich Garden, Samuel was telling Lucy about how much he admired her. Samuel - "Why didn't you want to join me last night?"
Lucy - "I'm taking it slow. Anyway, you're seeing Serena."
Samuel - "Why can't I see both of you?"
Lucy - "If you really want me, ditch her."
5.18PM - Sam came to the Diary Room. He had something on his mind.
Samuel - "I don't know whether I am coming or going with Lucy. He's all kisses and cuddles one minute and then she's brushing me off the next. What does that girl want?!"
Sim Brother (rl) - "Sorry, Sam, but Sim Brother cannot tell you what to do or what is happening. Have you thought of talking it through with her?"
Samuel - "I don't know what to do. I'll just have to see how it goes, I suppose."

Welcome to the Party
8.10PM - The Party had been underway for the last two hours. The housemates had chosen a toga theme and had been provided with a buffet table and the punchbowl. It gave the housemates was an opportunity to mingle and relax.
George - "I would have thought with it being the halfway party that Sim Brother might have laid on some more."
Samuel - "Don't knock it, George. Any party is better than no party at all. We get to chat with you. You get to see us. We don't have to cook either."
George - "I would have thought the others might have joined us."
Lucy was over in the Poor Garden playing basketball. She had been playing ever since she had put on her toga. Her scoring was quite average, but she seemed to be improving with practice.

The only one completely out of the party spirit was Dave. He had not changed into a toga and was napping on a recliner.

The Jealous Jedi
9.08PM - Serena was being affectionate to George.
Serena - "I don't know if I'll get the chance to do this later but if you go, I'll miss you. You've been a good friend to me and I don't want to see you go."
However, Samuel had seen it and his response was swift and he slapped George right across the face.
George - "Hey, what did you do that for?"
Samuel - "Serena is my girl, plus I always wanted to slap a President and this gave me the perfect opportunity."

Back to the Party
9.30PM - Serena came to the Diary Room
Serena - "It's a great party and I'm surprised to still be here, although I think Sam is a bit jealous of anyone I'm friendly to."

11.14PM - Serena & Nicole were later found chatting about the film industry.
Serena - "How difficult is it to get into movies, Nicole?"
Nicole - "The stereotypical way is to start as a waitress and hope you get a break. I'd rather be playing tennis than being a filmstar."

Eviction Time
WW - "That is what happened earlier. Let us go straight to the house. The housemates have all gathered in the Living Room. I'll go and speak to them."

"Good evening, Sim Brother house."
All - "Good evening, Will."
WW - "This last week, the public have been voting for either Nicole or George. The polls have now closed and the votes have been counted, checked, rechecked and verified by an independent assessor. With 67% of the votes, the third eviction and fourth person to leave the Sim Brother II House will be ... "


"Tune in after the Break to find out what George had to say to me and how he responded to some rather bad news."


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