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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 42 (Wednesday 2 October 2002)
Eviction Night Special: When Will met George
Goodbye ... and God Bless Simerica
George - "I knew it would be me. I'm not leaving wearing this darned toggle, though."
George changed into a suit and walked through the Guard of Honour, hugging Nicole goodbye and then left the Sim Brother house to cheers and applause.

The George W Bush Interview

Will - "And here he is, the third eviction from the Sim Brother house. George W Bush. George, how does it feel to be out?"
George - "Although I would have liked to have won, I am glad to be out and eager to get back to work."
Will - "Er ... yes. What were your best and worst moments while you were in there?"
George - "Being in the Poor House for over 4 weeks all told was a pain, but I got used to it at the end. The thing I disliked the most was having to unclog the toilet. I liked cooking, though. I think my Hilton Salads came out quite well. I also liked having a couple of drinks from the bar, although Dave 'Sourpuss' Mailbox didn't approve. I made some good friends, but I think the bit I found to be most exhilerating was the assault course ... even though we lost."
Will - "Who did you get on with the best while you were in there?"
George - "That would be Geri. She was tough and feisty. I like that in a woman. I don't know why she was voted out. I don't really know why I have been voted out, but that's all part of the game, I suppose. As long as I haven't been voted out of office, eh?"
Will - "Er ... yes. Towards the end, you seemed to have a bit of trouble with Dave. I thought he was being quite polite about things. What went wrong?"
George - "He kept calling me Mr. President while we were in there. I am not the President in there. I was just George. I am Mr President now I am "
Will - "Yes, George. What are you -"
George - "Excuse me, Will. Why aren't you addressing me by my proper title as Mr. President?"
Will - "Errmm ... because you're not any more."
George - "What!!?"
Will - "Put it like this. The West Wing are now in the West Wing."
George - "That is impossible! I am going to sort this out right now."

Will - "You've got a job here if you want one, sir ..... Well, that was a quick end to the interview, viewers. TSZ will keep you informed of what George is going to do and of course what is happening in the Sim Brother House and in the West Wing of the White House."

"Tune in tomorrow."


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