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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 43 (Thursday 3 October 2002)
Careless Talk & Back to the Battle
George was the third eviction and fourth person to leave the Sim Brother house. The housemates are completely unaware of what surprise he received from Will Wright when he got out there.

However, Sim Brother has a couple of surprises for the housemates today. Read on!

You've said too much!
3.47AM - Samuel & Serena have already gone to bed. Lucy had made supper for herself, Lucy and Dave who were still up. The subject of leaving came up.
Lucy - "Well, he's back outside. Lucky guy."
Dave - "I'm sure the President will be immediately back to work."
Nicole - "Will you just pack in that Presidential garbage? He was just George when he was in here."
Dave - "On the outside he was very highly respected. I just -"
Sim Brother (ar) - "Will Dave immediately come to the Diary Room?"
Dave - "No way. You're going to have to come and get me!"
SB (ar) - "As you wish. Will Nicole & Lucy go to the main bedroom?"
Lucy - "On our way, Sim Brother. See you later, Dave."

Halfway Thoughts from Lucy
8.41AM - Lucy came to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother - "Hello, Lucy. You have just passed half way. As well as having a two day party, in return Sim Brother would like to find out how you are feeling about life in the house, life with the housemates and the Sim Brother experience in general?"
Lucy - "Being in the Rich House is alright. I wasn't too happy when I was in the Poor House. I think the divide should come down, by the way. It has been up almost from the start. I get on very well with Lucy and Samuel. Not so sure about Serena. I think she is a spy. And I don't know Dave at all. I thought I was just coming in for the experience. I'd like to win."

One of our housemates is missing ...
12.20PM - Lucy and Serena were sat around the campfire.
Lucy - "Have you seen Dave today?"
Serena - "No, I haven't. He's probably still in bed."

Halfway - Samuel
1.33PM - It was Sam's turn to come to the Diary Room.
Samuel - "I am really enjoying the experience. It's fun. I don't mind whether I am in the Rich House or the Poor House. I like everyone in here. I just wish the divide was down so we'd all be together it the same time. I want to see it through to the end. I hope I do."

Halfway - Serena
3.18PM - It was Serena's turn to come to the Diary Room.
Serena - "I think I am getting on alright with everyone. This party has been a good way to get to know the people I didn't otherwise know. I want to win and I hope that I do. I think I stand a good chance. I'm not happy with the divide, but I suppose it will come down when you choose."

Halfway - Nicole
5.41PM - It was Nicole's turn to come to the Diary Room.
Nicole - "I've been in the Poor House for a bit. It's not too bad. I am glad to be in the Rich House for today. I know I'll be going back. It's been great the last few days. I'd like to see it to the end. I'd like to win. We'll just have to see how far I get."

Hunting High & Low
7.03PM - Lucy is still curious about Dave's whereabouts.
Lucy - "Have you seen Dave at all today?"
Nicole - "Funny you should say that. I haven't seen him since we went to bed this morning. I'll check the bedroom."
Nicole found the Poor Bedroom to be empty and immediately informed Lucy of the fact.
Lucy - "If he's left the house, I would have expected Sim Brother to have told us by now."

Back to the Battle, Housemates!
9.30PM - "This is Sim Brother. The Party is over. However, you have a chance to bring the Divide down. All housemates will assemble in the Poor Garden. Each of you has one shot at the basketball hoop. If you score, you pass back to the Rich House. If you miss the basket, you stay in the Poor House. If all of you score, the Divide comes down permanently."
  • Nicole was first up and scored!
  • Serena was second, but her ball ricocheted off the hoop.
  • Lucy was third and her ball went smoothly into the basket.
  • Samuel went last ... and missed.

  • I want to know!
    11.45PM - Samuel came to the Poor Diary Room.
    Samuel - "I accept my fate. I should've played a bit better. What I would like to know is what has happened to Dave. Where has he been all day? If he's coming back, which side is he going to be on?"
    Sim Brother - "Sim Brother will get back to you."

    And that is where we are leaving it. Samuel has asked all the questions that is on people's minds.

    Tune in tomorrow.

    Exclusive - Whatever happened to Dave
    TSZ has been searching all day to find some evidence of what has happened to Dave. The SB crew were unavailable for comment but with some aerial surveillance, a lot of simoleons changing hands, we have managed to get a grainy still of an incident in the Living Room and an aerial photograph of what looks like a cage in the battlezones. We will keep you informed of our findings.


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