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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 44 (Friday 4 October 2002)
All Present And Correct - Plus One
George's eviction was forgotten as Dave's disappearance was the talking point for the housemates. It was the first time TSZ had some reporting restrictions as certain tapes were "unavailable". However, a small cage-like building in the battlezones caught our attention.

Apart from Dave's disappearance, the other four had to tell Sim Brother about their feelings at Half Way. Sim Brother threw them a shocker when they had a chance of bringing the divide down if all of them could sink a basket. They failed. Samuel & Serena did not, and ended up in the poor house. Nicole and Lucy succeeded and ended up in the rich house.

What happened to Dave
Following our discovery of the cage in the Battlezones and revealing our evidence last night, Sim Brother lifted all reporting restrictions and agreed to explain what happened to Dave - "Dave knew when he came to the house that he could not leave through breaking the rules or through lack of cooperation. We sent two security guards into the house to escort Dave out after he refused to come to the Diary Room. He has been put in a Confinement Cage in the battlezone which your aerial photograph revealed."
"Dave is there until he cools down and agrees to return. We think that a night of solitary confinement in a draughty cell with no entertainment, sink or toilet will make him come to his senses and agree to play the game. If he resists for another day, he will be allowed to leave the house and the series. However, we doubt it will come to that. We will be asking him at about lunchtime. Don't miss it."

On the Morning
It was a relatively uneventful morning in the Sim Brother house. Serena and Samuel were up first and the subject of the missing Dave was at the front of their minds. Neither of them had any theories. There was a small fire in the Poor Garden ignited by something from the campfire. Samuel grabbed an extinguisher and put it out.

Dave's Choice
1.06PM - Dave appeared haggard and worse for wear.
Sim Brother (jej) - "How are you feeling, Dave?"
Dave - "I'm exhausted. I haven't been able to sleep properly. The food is cold and there is one awful draught through those bars."
SB - "Would you like to rejoin the house?"
Dave - "I'd rather go home."
SB - "You can only go home from the front door of the house. You can only go home via eviction. If you break the rules again, you will be returned to this cell."
Dave - "You can't do this! My lawyers will have something to say."
SB - "SBS's lawyers have been consulted on this matter. Regretfully, your lawyers have completely agreed with our arrangements. and have made alternative arrangements to fill your slot with re-runs of 'Happy Days'."
Dave - "I don't suppose I have much choice in the matter. Either I stay here and die of pneumonia or I return, try to obey the rules and join in."
Dave - "That's the spirit, Dave. You will be escorted back to the house to shoot one basket. Good luck."

A Missed Opportunity
1.27PM - Dave's return was noticed by Lucy & Nicole who were playing darts.

Lucy - "Hi, stranger. Nice break?"
Dave - "Er ... it was illuminating. I've been called back to play basketball."
Dave took his shot, but missed the basket. Sim Brother immediately informed him of his fate

Sim Brother - "Because you have missed the basket, you will be remaining in the Poor House with Samuel & Serena."
Dave - "Great. I'm really excited." :-/

An Unexpected Arrival
3.20PM - Dave was looking around the back yard for firelighters when he found an unexpected visitor.
Dave - "How the heck did this get in here?"
Samuel - "Beats me. Could it have followed you back?"
Dave - "That's possible. It must have scaled the wall."
2.51PM - Dave came to the Diary Room.
Dave - "You know what we've found. We'd like to keep it. I'm agreeing to play the game with you. Just meet me half way and I'll be more likely to want to play it. A feeder and some cat food would be a good start."
SB - (pause) "Sim Brother agrees. A feeder and food will be provided for as long as the cat is here."
Sim Brother was good to its word.
4.02PM - Serena got acquainted with the 10th Housemate.
Serena - "And what do they call you, baby?"
Dave - "It looks like a stray. I don't know what its called."
Serena - "Then we're going to have to give you a name. We can't call you pusspuss all the time."

Some people have all of the fun ...
4.22PM - Lucy and Nicole were at the fence.
Nicole - "That's not fair. You've got a pet and we haven't."
Dave - "If you want a cat as a pet, why not ask Sim Brother if you can come and join us?"
Samuel - "It's all part of the game. Perhaps this is one of our perks to cheer us up."
7.44PM - For once, it looked like the Rich House were not having the most fun. All Lucy could do was drink punch and all Nicole could do was finish off leftovers from the day before.

What will happen to "puss puss?"
11.51PM - Serena and Samuel were the last ones up and were playing with the cat.
Serena - "Perhaps being over here is not such a bad thing at all. This cat has made it all worthwhile."
Samuel - "Perhaps, but I'm sure Sim Brother could do something to mess all of this up."
And this is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • Does Sim Brother have anything prepared as Sam predicts?
  • Will the cat stay with the Poor House?
  • If so, who will be in the Poor House tomorrow night?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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